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Comprehensive Analysis of "Partial Printing" in Advanced Numerology

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Partial print, some books are also called 枭 神, but if all partial prints are called 枭 God, this is a wrong view. The partial print called 枭 God is called the god of food in eight characters. For 枭 (also known as wounding, retreating, swallowing and killing), the god of food is called 枭, such as Ba Zi, Ding 字, Xin Hai, Ji 卯, Ding 卯. This partial print can be called 枭.
If no god of food appears in the eight characters, the partial print is called partial print. On the Ten Deities, the most headache and emotions are "partial printing" and "partial wealth." The biased personality is too witty, too reserved for people, dual personality, can change the business at any time, thus losing a lot of opportunities, and finally had to be aloof. Partial wealth has a bold personality and generous friendships, which has led to many "holes", so that he can talk about face, and finally has to "negative and negative."
The tadpole is a very filial bird. After the mother raised it, he killed his mother in turn (also known as forbidding for food) and killed his biological mother, which was beheaded in ancient times. Publicity. The head that was cut off and hung on a wooden post was also called a "head". I wonder if you have heard of it? There are many records in ancient books. The hoe was hung on a stake to show the public, so he was very angry.
For the Japanese "I", partial printing is a kind of behavior that repels me, which means to adopt non-peaceful means and an act that I do not want to accept. Its representative significance can be withdrawn, unwilling to accept, religion, stepmother, vulgar, no expression, no fluency, no outward betting, no change, no novelty, strict and involuntary.
Character: Refers to stepmother, elder, adoptive mother, babysitter, grandfather, monk, astrological family, scholar, doctor, male grandfather and grandson.
In terms of things: refers to loss of well-being, loss of life, disease, loss of power, bankruptcy, female keratome, color disaster, thinness, critical crisis, hidden disease, genetic disease, loneliness, separation, well-being, adoption, poverty, disaster, talent, design, Creation, academic research.
Material: Refers to partial employment, medical industry, house, disliked food, stationery, contract, check.
Geographical aspects: refers to temples, hospitals, barber shops, schools.
Mind: Refers to comprehension, wit, self, toil, loneliness, beginning and end, mindfulness, shrewdness, less talk, less movement, quietness, dislike of business, introversion, delusion, extreme love and hate, coldness, weird thoughts and behaviors, self-closure , Study without precision, partial eclipse, unreasonable, use of magic to hurt people, timidity and guilty conscience, the good aspects are high perception, strong sense of creativity, superior creativity, extraordinary thinking, keen sense of sensitivity, high alertness, unauthorized Long strange tricks, good at observation, meticulous thoughts, are born five talents. Being able to give a sense of security to the opposite sex is its advantage.
Partial printing is more spiritually focused than Zhengyin. It has mysterious ability, prophets and foresight, and often has a unique inner world. Sometimes it can detect other people's privacy or distant things, or it can see through the human world, and it becomes more and more extraordinary. Zhengyin represents academics, while partial printing represents emphasis on planning and originality or design. The positive Indian nature is indifferent, and does not pay attention to fame and wealth, while the partial Indian nature is lonely and lonely.
If the people who are partial to India are weak, they are mostly introverted, do not believe in others, and have serious doubts. Not very good looking, short, thin, timid, what to lose. Killing six relatives, hurting his mother when he was a child, and hurting his wife when he was a child. If the husband and wife are in a good relationship, the wife is sick or has an armour. However, if the life of the Lord is strong, and there are wounded officials or fortunes in the eight characters, then the Lord is a blessed person. Although the marriage is not too ideal, the wealth is abundant. What we want to emphasize here is that women's lives are partial, and if they encounter an injured official again, Koff will be lost. The people of partial India are happy to be home to wealth.
Partial printing is the same-sex relationship, and it has the same helping effect for the Japanese Lord and Zhengyin, but the person with partial printing can push and push the views of things. It ca n’t just cope with it on the surface. Help, so we must pay attention when dealing with people who have too many partial prints (one partial print on the earth branch, two or more partial prints or strong partial prints that have strong roots).
Although Pian Yin is the same as fierce money robbers and wounded officials, they are very different in essence. They have too many robberies of money-wicked wives, wicked fathers, and loss of money. If you have too many wounded officers, you will consider yourself very high. You will use your strengths to others' weaknesses. But too much partial printing is just an introverted personality, do not like to talk more, and do things with caution. He likes to close himself in a place of "drowsiness", to appreciate the pain of the vertebral heart alone, and to study esoteric knowledge such as religion, art, and philosophy.
People with partial Indians (with strong roots) never see the wind to make the rudder and speak nicely. No matter what the Japanese Lord is, only knowing that he is willful, because black and white people (officials are baidao, killing gangsters) can work. Official killing can cause partial printing.
People who are partial to India never consider for others, regardless of the Lord ’s preferences, do not have a sense of doing things (functions), and do not know how to advance and retreat. What they want to give you, you have to have what you want, do n’t do it, because the Lord is getting stronger, The more he likes to help the Lord. "It's a blessing to meet this person".
When in love, I ca n’t wait to pull the Japanese Lord into an adult, so close and numb. When I hate, I ca n’t wait to kill the Japanese Lord suddenly, or even chop. This is killing (triad) sages, sacrifice and killing Very dense sake.
People with partial Indians are calm and decent when they have money, and when they do n’t have money, they just want to go crazy. So I am happy to make a fortune.
It's good for you, you can't accept the favor of other people, neither can your biological mother, so if the seals in the pillars overlap, it's not good for you. As long as you accept its benefits, you ca n’t empathize with others and be good to your own children, so if you see God in the column, God will come to grab it. If God meets such an old man, he will be discouraged , Broken cans broken. People who are partial to Indians like the two-person world and don't like the environment of extended families.
People with partial Indians are selfish and self-serving, regardless of others' lives. For example, if the Japanese Lord has seven kills to overcome the body, and the god of food to kill and rescue the mother, because the seven kills can help to support the partial Indians, the God of God ignores the Japanese madness to grab food Let the Lord sit and wait.
The bully who is weak and powerful, the Japanese Lord is prosperous, prosperous and has officials. It can help the Japanese Lord as a blessing. If it is dry and weak, there are many poor children in the family, and there is no wealth and no civilians. It knows When the Lord is dragged down by a girl and her body is weak and her life is difficult, she can drag your child over and fall to death, regardless of your beloved son. This is the situation where God eats food. Not only that, it can even encourage the underworld people (seven kills) to put you to death. Because the god of food was taken away, his mother lost the protection of his children, and the seven killers had no control to overcome himself.
I was born and scolded me—medicine, disliked food, disliked elders, partial employment, disliked house, loneliness, paranoia.
The talent of partial printing is more focused on planning and originality or design. The life of Zhengyin is comfortable and indifferent. Partial Indian nature is lonely. Those with a pattern of partial printing have partial education, even if their knowledge is not rich, they can use their wisdom to do more with less. People with partial lives in India have a high sensitivity to affairs, so they are better at investigating, investigating, and intelligence. Because of their wit and adventurous change, they are admirable.
People who are partial to Inge have original and outstanding talents, but they often overestimate themselves and get out of touch with others, but if they can reflect on these shortcomings and use the special and unrestrained talents given by God, they may also A great success and great cause in your life journey. The God of Eater has a partial print, which is prone to disaster, and his character will become ruthless. There are too many partial prints during the day and time. It should be noted that in old age, it is easy to fall into loneliness.
If the female life is too heavy, it will still be missed by the child. In serious cases, there is still punishment. Because female life takes food wounds as a reproductive function and expresses interest, this phenomenon also depends on the pattern of the situation. If the situation is appropriate, there is no need to worry about it.
The characteristics of partial printing are as follows: one is that they like to develop into partial industries (such as religion, mysticism, spirituality, special skills, etc.), and it is easy to obtain achievements. Second, there is often a phenomenon of right and wrong, and it is difficult to argue. Third, there are often things that you don't want to undertake or do, you are forced, and you have to do it yourself. Fourth, there are troubles that are difficult to cope with.
Partial Indian printing is close to longevity, and the relationship between the master and the main mother is thin; Partial printing is near the bath, and the main occupation is changeable; Partial printing is near the crown, or the official officer, or Diwang, and the main relationship between the main mother and the mother is thin. The crown belt, or the official officer, or the emperor, has a weak relationship between the master and the mother, and has achieved success in the development of sideline business. The tiger's head and tail are like endless, the partial printing is near the place of birth, and it is often worse than the mother. Nianzhu's partial printing is jealous. It breaks the ancestral industry and damages the name of the family. Moon column's partial printing is suitable for the development of partial industries, such as medical industry, art industry, performing arts industry, free industry, service industry, beauty industry, etc .; Partial imprints are forbidden by God, and the Lord is rarely a good partner; Shizhu partial imprints are forbidden by god, which is detrimental to children, and children are often disobedient.
Although it is said that Zhengyin was born to me, Zhengyin is willing to give you birth and to give. What about partial Yin? It is unwilling. Although there is a spirit of dedication, the reluctance of partial Indian dedication is printed with the heart of a loving mother. Partial Indian is like a little witch with a bit of cunning and shrewdness. If a person's eight characters are printed with positive prints (all positive prints are present), they have a lot of eyes.
On the surface, people who are partial to India are very educated and polite, but in fact they are of poor quality and unreasonable. They are selfish and disregarding others, and they are mostly introverts. They have few friends (with or without consciousness), do not believe in people, and have suspicion. weight. When you are weak and strong, your body is thin, ugly, timid and guilty. It hurts six relatives, hurts your mother when you are young, and hurts your wife when you are strong. When you are injured when you are wealthy, you have good financial resources and a wide heart, but no matter how big you are, Wealth is savvy, saves money and is fussy about money. When dealing with people, I am always afraid that others will spend their own money, just like some beggars, who have ten million yuan in their homes and still live as beggars. However, sometimes I also get a hot head (note that there is a purpose) and make a contribution to the charity, but looking at the money that is taken out often has the pain of cutting meat. This is the characteristic of partial Indians.
The use of partial printing to suppress the other ten gods
· Partial Indian Food God: Missed from the Six Relatives, disaster, thinness, picky eaters, no food, poor, short-lived. Female life is difficult to give birth to Ke Zi, not tender, can not be played, delusion.
Partial Indian food gods: economically forced, as if there is no end to work, many failures, often be forced to do what you do not want to do, marry a woman you do not like as a wife, how much money is broken, how much is female There will be disasters in the area of labor and death, and mother and child will die.
· Hidden print and hedging with good fortune: do not like sports, talk less, introvert, do not like to make money, have no lust, poor job, have dark illness, genetic disease, loneliness, loneliness, adopted children, poor, poor money, men have pornography disaster.
· Partial Yinxianzhengguan: Female life refers to her husband's poor health or weak body, loss of consciousness, loss of authority, right and wrong, and deliberate thinking.
· Partial Indians are on par: It is helpful to others who are selfish and to their siblings. Will secretly give them money.
Partial Indian saying of the ten gods
Partial print sits shoulder to shoulder: The noble person is dark and unclear. Most of them are adopted children or have stepmothers (partial prints are stepmothers, shoulders are adopted sons). They often encounter twists and turns in their life's hard work (more shoulders than shoulders, and partial Indias are more busy). Failure (partial printing is a sideline business, partial printing is more important than losing money and losing money), the Japanese will kill the enemy and fight against the good fortune, and they will get help from brothers and friends.
· Partial printing of money to seize money: The evil is unlucky and hard work (partial printing, money robbery represents hard work), both parties to the cooperation business have nothing to gain, and they independently run Fang Jia (the financial cooperation represents the cause of cooperation. Robbing money and robbing Zhengcai, so bad). Marriage between men and women is not always satisfactory (partially India is not good for marriage, and wealth robbing is not good for marriage).
· Partial Indian sitting on food god: must be subject to the constraints of the elders, and must not be free per se (partial Indian is the elder, the god of food plays for his own talents, due to restrictions), everything has a beginning and an end, and the end of the family property (partial Yin has a beginning and no end, because it defeats the god of food. Broken Lu, Lu called salary, is a blessing); if it is female life, there will be dystocia, and there will be life and death separation with children (food injury represents a woman's uterus or children).
· Positive Indian officials: poor economy and difficult livelihoods (partial Indians have broken their fortunes, although the injured officials have money-making minds but are controlled by partial Indians), families often have disasters, such as broken homes, and other disasters (partial Indians are bad shelters, representatives Uneasy at home, but also represents separation); if a woman's life is broken, there is also a horrible disaster (women's life hurts the officer and is restrained for the child, and the official leaks the official to break the relationship).
· Positive printing and partial wealth: Great fortune, partial printing is restrained by partial financing, partial printing represents disaster, and it is safe if it is overcome, but if you manipulate the sideline business, you will suffer losses (partial printing is paid, because you ca n’t play because you are sitting in the Jedi. ).
· Positive printing is good fortune: Ruji, nobles are obvious. If you work hard, you will be promoted by the elders or leaders, and develop rapidly (Pianyin represents the elders and leaders, because of the wealth of Zhengcai, the efforts and operations of Zhengcai itself, practice Ability, can overcome partial print, make the elders who do not like become the elders who like). If you engage in sideline business, you can earn a lot of profits (partial printing is partial work, sitting in wealth is a place of birth, so you can make a profit, sitting in partial money is sitting in the Jedi, the meaning is different), you can become famous in art (partial printing is in the art industry, sitting Zhengcai can become famous).
· Partial printing and partial government: Unfavorable (Partial printing will reject the killing power and the Seven Kills are powerless), and the expenditure is high, the income is small, and the income is not enough Hedging, don't like to make money), it is easy to be used by others, not only without power, but with damage (seven kills are villains, want to be born to me, want to be rejected, so reactive and harmful). If you want to fight against the leader, you will overcome yourself (partial officials do not like me to resist, if you resist, it is not good).
· Partial Indian sitting in the official position: half auspicious and half fierce, both appearance and power, but inner emptiness is insufficient (the official representative status, power, but because the official full strength to produce partial India and become prostrate). If it is a woman's life, she will betray her husband or be abandoned by her husband.
Partial printing: Partial printing is not good, life is not fixed (partial printing represents partial occupation or multiple occupations), and it is easy to recruit thieves (partial printing is full of financial and robbery, and robbery is a thief). Has the right to suffer a long-term dark illness (because of the wrongdoing of Zheng Xuanguan, he also loses power, and partial printing also represents drugs and dark diseases); if he is a female, he will bully his husband, and his offspring is weak , Grams of God God Star).
· Positive printing is positive: half good luck and fierce, there are two concurrent occupations or the image of managing two powers (positive printing represents business, partial printing represents sideline), it is confusing in all things, and easy to suffer losses. Zhengyin and Zhengcai hedge, easy to break the money).
Favorite printed in four columns
When using partial devotion as a god, his studies are more refined. Even if he is an expert, he can use his wisdom, comprehension, and more with less effort. He is very sensitive to things and has a strong ability to adapt to situations. He likes to develop into religion (religion). , Numerology, metaphysics, etc.), and easy to succeed in this area, good at ingenuity and planned students, but often too high evaluation of their own level, so that others are uncomfortable.
If there are too many partial prints in a person's eight characters, then the person's thinking is weird. Although they have unique views on things, they are incompatible with worldly prejudices and often do things that violate common sense, such as marrying (marrying) A man who is several decades older than himself or a person who is several decades younger than himself is a wife (husband). After a career failure, men are more likely to go out and make headlines, and women are more likely to follow suit.
People with strong partiality and strong partiality are often cynical, lonely, ignorant, unselfish, and self-serving, doing things for their own interests. They are close friends with six relatives, and have no conscientious friends. The relationship between husband and wife is also beautiful.
Partially printed in the year, his ancestors were unreliable, and he lacked tutoring since childhood. If the year-old is partial Indian, the month-long is partial wealth, and the two sit down and hurt the officer and the god of food, then this person will lose his father early and the family will be poor. Most of the people who were partial to India in the year did not develop in the place where their ancestors lived. It is advisable to go abroad for development.
People who are partial to the times, regardless of gender, are mostly gamblers.
There are partial prints and gods of food or partial prints in the eight characters. Most of the main families are poor homes, and their feet are a little sweaty. When they are lucky, even if they have a lot of money, they are also a toil and sickness. They are reluctant to spend money. The miser, who likes to save money, but does not like to spend money, is even more reluctant to eat and wear clothes, and some even live at home with millions of beggars. People with such characters are prone to digestion, stomach, ulcers, teeth, food poisoning and other diseases. When the Universiade encounters a jeopardy, he will take medicine.
In the character, the partial printed wounded officials go out to work together, his wife is stupid and sick.
Partial Indian Pro Tao, his father is usually romantic and affectionate, having an affair.
Six-parent relationship shown in four columns
The gods of heaven are partial to India. Most of the ancestors of the lord of life are mostly poor people. Even if there is a moment of glory, and the bankruptcy will lead to failure, the lord of lords will usually leave the place of birth and develop far away.
The heavenly stems for the year are partial Indians, the moon stems are partial money, and the earthly branches are wounded officials and god-eaters, "the father must die early and his family is poor."
The Chinese New Year's Eve is a time of punishment, and those who are weak and wealthy must be born in impoverished families.
The moon makes Tiangan a partial Indian, smart and capable, versatile, but his ideas change, and his temper is particularly weird. For example, in June, the day changes, and he is stubborn. He likes to be lonely and rewards himself. He is also very competitive, and people are very sensitive because he usually Unreasonable, so often secretly recruit enemies, secretly hurt.
Regardless of whether it is a day-to-day or earthly branch of the month, the partial prints will be strangely lazy.
When Yue Jian was killed by a partial Indian wounded officer, he was mostly born in a poor or troubled home or in a poor house. His ancestors were unreliable and his ancestors could not rely on him. In the future, people will be more radical and prone to life. extreme.
The weak character in the eight characters is partially printed, and it is usually born in the third room or the fourth or fourth child.
Tianqian partial prints, and his dry food gods are also dry, which will be detrimental to elders. If the Tiangan are all partial Indians, it can be judged that the marriage is not smooth, and he has no chance with his wife, and divorce and then marry.
Partial printing is on the moon, sitting down on the roots or partial printing on the sheep's blade. Although this person is savvy and versatile, he is domineering, bossy, and stubborn. His whole body gives people a kind of violent atmosphere. It is easy to recruit enemies and be hurt by others. This type of person is more suitable for doctors, hairdressers, pornography, actors, cafeteria waiters, teahouse waiters and so on.
The moon branch is a partial seal. When he sees that the god of food or the character of the eight characters is strong, his destiny will be suppressed by the elders. He must not take his own opinion for what to do. He must listen to the elders.
The Lord's Sunday branch was partial, and the man could not have a good wife and the woman could not be a good husband. Late marriage can be resolved, but the relationship between the couple is mostly poor, although it will not divorce but only maintain. There is an official right in his career. He can learn skills all his life, but he cannot learn more.
Sitting on the support of the Lord ’s Day, with partial prints and god-eating, is poor and plagued. Women are particularly unlucky, often abandoned by their husbands and children, and often face the phenomenon of special poverty in their lives. The female branch of the sun is a partial print, the moon branch is a weird personality, cold and hot, easy to go to extremes, and marriage is rare. When Nichichi was partial to India, he encountered a disaster of punishment. The lord of the Lord sat down on a branch with partial printing and partial wealth. He had a good spirit, was prosperous, and was rich. The Japanese branch meets the god of food for the Indian Grand Prix and guards against unexpected disasters.
The Lord's Day branch is partial Indian, and when he comes to fortune, he will make a fortune. The female destiny is a partial Indian, who will be abandoned by her family in her lifetime, her living environment will be poor, and her children will not be filial. The Japanese branch is an acumen who is quick-witted and savvy, but eventually has a tendency to be mean and bitter due to his indifferent personality.
Shigan is partial printing, the first child is a girl. The children born are not easy to raise, disobedient, strong rebellious, and ungrateful. If you sit on the sheep blade, the child is more sick and injured. When the birthday is dry, the wife is prone to dystocia. When the wife has a child, Most are caesarean sections. Most children are separated when they grow up.
The lunar column heavenly branches are all partial prints, fortune tellers and hexagrams. People with strong partial Indian prints like to take care of others. They are more self-motivated, prefer originality, learn more, learn less, and learn less, and change with emotional changes.
When you are weak, you need to worry about your injuries. When you are weak, you will see official killings. You will be more successful in your life. Fortune will be better when you see injured officials. Lazy, like to learn new things, but not good at learning.
Part of India's luck
Partial Indian favors the gods. When the official officer's lucky year, the official seal is born, and the Lord will have the opportunity to become an official, be blessed, and have real power, but the female will be divorced and abandoned by his family. The life of the Lord will cause diseases, even strange diseases, demotion, not being paid attention by superiors, framed by others, spit by others, privacy exposed, and other disasters.
Partial Indian favors the use of the gods during the Seven Killing Games, the Lord is more and more defeated, although he has power, but the pressure is high; in order to avoid God when the Seven Killing Games, the Lord's body will be sick, and even There will be weird diseases, demotions that do not get the attention of superior leaders, framed by others, deserted by others, privacy exposed, and other disasters.
Partial printing is a favorite for the use of God. It is mostly unlucky. The Lord will be constrained by older people to do things that he does not want to do. There are signs of being forced. Many people who are abducted by others suddenly are part of India. You will lose your freedom, you will have no beginning and end in everything you do, it will be easy to fail, and you will be in trouble; your life will be like dystocia, your children will not be obedient, and you will often encounter unexpected disasters. In order to avoid the gods, when they are lucky, they will be stubborn and unreasonable. Poor mindfulness, slow response, be victimized by being framed, deceived, deprived of help and understanding from friends, easy accidents, and weak health , Often see a doctor.
Partial Indian favors the use of gods. When the wounded officials are lucky, the fortune of the Lord is good, the clothes and food are rich, and the fortune of the weak is good. It is best to leave the development of the birth; In order to avoid gods being stubborn and unreasonable when they are injured, they have poor memory, slow response, beloved and disadvantaged, are deceived, their reputation is damaged, and they cannot get the help, understanding and support of friends. Accidents are prone to happen. If you are weak, you will often see a doctor. One of your parents will die.
Partial Indian favors the use of gods, and when he is lucky, he will get the help of his friends and brothers, and everything will be smooth and well-developed. In order to avoid gods, he will be rich, and his father will be in poor health.
Partial printing favors the use of wealth and wealth, and when the life of the owner is a sole proprietorship, it will succeed. If it is a joint venture, it may be ruined. No matter how unsatisfactory the marriage of men and women is, they will break their fortunes, their fathers are in poor health, and it is difficult to achieve things.
Partial Indian printing favors the use of Fengzhengcai's lucky year, and orders the owner Geely to make a fortune when prosperous.
Partial printing is used for the occasion of big money and luck. In the year of luck, the Lord was lucky and happy. The family is very happy, has unexpected financial resources, rich financial resources, and is rich in foreign countries.
Partial printing is used in favor of the Chinese New Year. During the years of the Great Fortune, the career is often ups and downs, many are destroyed, self-esteem is too strong, and it is easy to be disappointed.
Partial printing is a favorite. In the years of the Partial Printing Festival, Bohemian will move, no residence, no brothers, more lonely character, will encounter thieves, power and work will be taken away by others.

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