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Is it better to marry early or late? -The information code of marriage sooner or later

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Analyze the circumstances that led to the marriage.
1. When the spouse's house is synthesized by the spouse's spouse (financial and official), it is easy to get married early or be suitable for marriage.
2. In the fate, Taohua, Hung Hom, and Tianxi are easy to marry early when they join the spouse's palace;
3. When the spouse's house and the terrestrial branch are combined into a spouse star or financial bureau, it is easy to get married early or be suitable for marriage;
4. The spouse's palace is easy to marry or be suitable when sitting next to the spouse star (male life is positive wealth, female life is official);
5. The spouse's palace is used by Linxi, and those who are not punished by the punishment are likely to marry early.
6. The spouse's palace was tortured by his sentence and was not able to rescue him, and he got married late;
7. The spouse's palace died in the air, and there was no rescuer, and the marriage was late;
8. If the spouse's palace is sitting closer than the victim or the woman's life is sitting near the injured officer, the marriage will be late;
9. The spouse's palace and the terrestrial union are married later than the robbery (male life) or the injured palace (female life).
(1) Spouse star: The spouse star refers to the male star means fortune star (who is the wife), and the female star refers to the official star (the official star is the husband). The spouse star is a symbol that directly represents the couple, so their combination in life is extremely important for marriage. When inferring marriage sooner or later, the spouse's richness and the spouse's star should be combined, and each other should be consulted.
1. The spouse star appears on the date column, and those who are not punished by punishment, are married early or are suitable for marriage, and appear on the post when they are married late.
2. The spouse is a god of joy and marries early or is suitable for marriage when it appears in the fate.
3. If the spouse joins Japan or joins Japan branch, get married early.
4. If the year, month, and date are combined or transformed into a spouse, they will marry early.
5. Males who are prosperous and who are prosperous or who are weak but who suffer from trauma and make a fortune, are married early or are suitable for marriage, females who are prosperous and whose spouse is killed by officials are also prone to early marriage or marriage
6, male life Caicai more than weak people, late marriage. The female commander kills the strong and weak, and breaks early, and it is easy to marry early.
7, the female life is stronger than robbing one or hurting food and the spouse star officer kills the very weak late marriage, the male life is stronger than robbing and the spouse star is weak, and lack of food injury customs clearance, late marriage.
8. When the spouse star is not present, how late the marriage is.
9. The spouse star marries late in the spouse's palace or in the death tomb on the death tomb of the Jedi. When he is in a prosperous place, he marries early or is suitable for marriage.
10. Although the spouse star appeared in the year and month, when he was broken by the punishment or merged into another star and he was afraid of God, he married late.
11. If the spouse is near or died by air and has no rescuer, he will marry late.
(2) The Shensha mark has proven to be of great practical value through practice. The use of the Shensha to infer marriage information is obviously intuitive and highly accurate. I am afraid this has been confirmed and accepted by most Yi Xue peers. Here is a summary of some of the most popular and relevant information in daily predictions, which are more suitable for research and reference.
1. Hit the yin and yang errors on the day or year, month, day, and hour.
2. The Japanese branch of the sheep or the Japanese branch dies in air, and the spouse star dies in the sky, and it is easy to get married late.
3, Kui Yilin or Kui Yi heavy late marriage.
4, the day and time with lonely widows or those who are forbidden by life, marry late.
5. The four-pillared Chinese with a heavy cover or the Japanese branch with a close proximity to the Chinese cover will have a late marriage.
6. The red celestial celestial deceased person marries early, and Tian Xixing decrees the celestial lord engaged in early engagement, early love, but not necessarily early marriage. The ugly year is yin, the yin year is ugly ... such an example; Tian Xixing ’s investigation is: a hedger with a red star, such as a child born in the next year, the red bends in the sky, then the sky is in conflict, the sky is heaven ’s happiness star)
7. There are many peach blossoms and they are prosperous, or they may marry early. The water and wood are especially suitable for peach blossoms.
Second, according to the lunar new year, the specific marriage and the marriage period
When you are familiar with the marriage information inherent in the fate, you can know whether the lord is married early or late, and then combine the relevant information and rules of the year of the Yun to find out the specific time of marriage in the corresponding lucky year. .
The main messages leading to marriage during the New Year's Day are:
1. The luck of the spouse star. That is, if the man is fortune-seeking, or if he is in the financial year, if the woman is fortune-telling or for killing the officer, he should marry.
2, male life is more fragile, fortune is better than robbery; female life is too heavy to hurt officials, strong fortune or financial year, weak fortune or India is the time for marriage.
3. When the year-old athlete has been working with the original bureau for a long time, or when they are combined to become a god of the opposite sex, it should be Qin Jin.
5. The period of marriage when the fleeting years are combined with the Universiade, Sun Pillar or other heaven and earth.
6. The year-end sports and the Japanese branch form a triplet, and when there is a **** or Sanhui bureau, there is a chance to be connected.
7. When the Lord or spouse encounters bathing, peach blossoms, red lotus, or the birthday of Tianxi, or when the peach blossoms are rushing or meeting, the Lord Hongxiong is happy.
8. The original spouse's house or spouse's house will meet each other at the age of marriage; the original spouse's house or spouse will meet each other at the age of marriage, which should be the time of marriage.
9. The original spouse's spouse enters the tomb or transports the tomb of the financial officer. When the tomb is opened or the fleeting year, the financial officer appears, and Fengfeng and Mingming.
10. When the New Year's Eve is the god of life, or when waiting for customs clearance, marriage is expected.

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