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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The founder of Lu is the day of Yinyin A, the moon of the second day, and the position of five officials. The first uses gold as the official, and Jin is the best, and the earth is rich, and the disease is bad, and the body is too strong, and the financial officer is not allowed. Support, multi-owner poor, cheap, when appropriate to bring partial official, partial wealth or god of food, and even more exposed when the year exposed, if you see the financial officer, anti-fight. Where the fate of the moon orders Jianlu, it is difficult to recruit ancestors, the Lord will never see wealth in his life, but he will have less disease and long life. For example, the character inside and outside has a financial officer, attracting the land, and the official star is helpful. It is also expensive to transport the land of the official star, and it is also expensive. It is the life of wealth. If every time the treasury is transported to the wealthy village, the Lord will be rich in his old age. The financial officer is helpful in the year and will enjoy Zu Yin. If the four-pillar yuan has no financial officer, the place where the financial officer runs, it will be nothing more. Fate was no wealth official, and the year-old luck was comparable, and his life was poor. Fu Yun: The root is in the seedling first, but it is after the flowering. The words first have roots and then grow seedlings, and then flowers and bear fruit. If there is no wealth official when he is born, although he encounters the luck of the wealth official, he will not get much wealth.
If Jia Riyin and Yueyi have many words in the column, the Lord has no ancestors' wealth, overcomes his wife, is lonely and impoverished in life, and acts fraudulently and looks like a people's congress. The second month was born on the second day of the month, with the words Geng Xin 巳 酉 ugshen and Wuji 巳 wuchen 戌 on the column. Many financial officers are more expensive. Rengui Shenzi Chenhai ’s watermark is also very good. Same as before. The second month of Bingsheng, when the year was dry, the water and gold became the bureau, and the wealthy wealthy official was also the master of wealth. In the afternoon of Ding Sheng, the golden defeat was over, and the financial officials were all back. The wife was successfully transported and the third wife was transported against it. Mostly expensive, if only Jianlu, also the same as before. There is no water at the time of the sun and the moon, and the wife is overwhelmed by lords, no ancestors, and the sons are not bad. There are many officials in the column. If you see partial officials, the Lord is noble. If there are many fires and seals, although there are no financial officers , Lord Ji, Ruozhu implicitly showed Renguihai Shenzi Chenshui Bureau, the second son was one or two, there was Jiayin Yihaiwei Weimu Bureau, and it was also shipped to the wealth official Wangdi.
In the mid-month of his birth, he used Renshui as his wealth, and prisoner in May. He had no ancestors, overwhelmed his wife, and had few children. At the age of May, Jia was revealed as the official officer. B, it is wonderful to see officials, and partial wealth is also beautiful. Gengri applied for the moon, was born in the early part of the year, and had almost no money. Although the solar term is near the water, there are still three or four cents of the treasury for the blessings. Seeing good life, see Bing Ding 巳 Wuyin's Fire Bureau has officials, and the evil officials also are not clear, afraid of Renguihaizi, the official can not succeed. Xin Riyue, no ancestor wealth, there are many seizures in the column, orphaned and poor wife, or overcoming wife without wealth, if you bring wood fire to flourish, and become rich, formerly no wealth official, and live in a land, its calamity is particularly serious , Or see Xin Xi is a special Lu, even more wealthy God of India printed food and good luck every year, against the South is lucky, the North is smooth, nothing is impossible, if Xin Yan, Xin Weiri in their own wealth, Probably Yilu, Xinyou is expensive, Guanlu is also light. There are no ancestors in the sun and the moon, and there are no ancestors in the pillars. There is more fire and earth in the column. The Lord has established officials and officials. It is also said that: Jia Riyin Yueyi should be early, Jiyue Yiyue should be Xinji, Jiyue Yiyue should be Jihai Hai, Dingri Wuyue should be Gengzi, Jiyue Yiyue should be Jiayin, Jiyue Wuyue should be B When it's ugly, Gengri Shenyue should be Bingyi, Xinri's month should be Dingyi, Renri Haiyue should be Wushen, and Guili's day should be Jiyin. Seeing that it is expensive, but it should not be too much, and the old luck will meet the evil again, the master died. Such as a life: Ren Shennian, not Lu, Sui Yun Chong and hurt the official Sha also, Jian Lu used the financial officer to hurt Cinghuo, so I was embarrassed. "Single step" cloud: "Yue Lingjian Lu, there is no ancestor house, when you see the treasurer, you will naturally be blessed." And another cloud: "Jian Lusheng raises the moon, the treasurer is so happy that he should not be strong again, but Ximao Caiyuan. "" Mingtong Fu "cloud:" Jianlu, Zuolu or Julu, only meet the financial officer's seal, rich and rich forever. "According to Zhu Zhu, each of the sons discusses Jianlu and the ancients on Lu. Very different. Although Yu Zhunyang's blades, shoulders, losers, and Jianlu have different names, they are the same gods of the same spirit. They are the blades and blades of the earthly branch, and the scales and blades of the sky branch. After Jianlu succeeded Yang Jian, Jianlu was old and inexperienced, and it was also taken as a monthly branch, which was not desirable. If Tian Qian had wealthy officials, he would take Jianlu to compare and invent his ears.

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