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21 tips for writing articles and tips

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How to observe
Be smart when you observe. All five senses are used. Use your eyes first, take a closer look, look at them, and distinguish them. Touch the form, compare well, watch the color, and light and dark; look at the posture, and look for it statically. Listen to the sound and use your brain. Smell the scent, smell it more; have order, focus on the point; time changes, place change, and experience when observing; clever association, grasp the characteristics; good observation, you must use the brain; multiple senses, good combination.
How to collect materials
More materials, good articles; more reading, good sentences to find; diligent observation, good notes; more attentiveness, good thinking, diligent excerpts, more clippings. Separate notes and organize them well; easy to find when using;
How to review questions
Write the article and review the questions first. Know the scope, know the meaning of the title; deduct the eyes, highlight the key points; know the quantity, do not leave the topic; Write true feelings and come up with new ideas.
How to choose materials
Selection of materials must be deducted. Familiar materials, repeated comparison; choose novel, is the first; choose real, keep in mind; choose typical, interesting. There are many materials and careful consideration;
Fifth, how to conceive
Think first, write later; set the center, deduct the title. One article, one center; no more, no deviation. Think about the beginning, think about the sequence; clear the key points, specific description; clear clues, clear thinking; clever transition, will take care; time changes, in order; location changes, reasonable; start and end, be consistent;
How to outline the questions
Conceive well and outline the questions; set up a shelf and write well. Set the order and rationalize the thoughts; Begin and end, stick it.
How to start
Getting started is the key. Enter the question, the time and place; set suspense, see the fun; depict scenes, express emotions. Borrowing stories to attract people; good verses to introduce text; borrowing philosophies, clever discussion; to summarize first, then to be specific; to be successful, you must be novel; methods are flexible.
How to end
The ending is good and the taste is endless. Natural collection, self-contained; clever summary, bright center; good inspiration, stay lingering; praise, clever lyrical; talk about, highlight; symbolize the scene, infinite flavor;
How to transition
Clever transition, seamless text; continuity, clear thinking. Sentence transitions, words; clever paving, is fun. Segment transitions, good sentences; erection of bridges, clever connections. Chapter transition, using paragraphs; wonderful connection, many benefits. At the transition, be natural, avoid stiff and rigid; avoid jumping, and abrupt.
Ten, how to write specific
Write an article, be specific. The narrative, the process, and the details must be paid attention to. Write characters, verbs, and gods; portray them carefully, and be realistic; Characteristic, grasping characteristics, multiple descriptions, multiple modifications; good decomposition, good contrast. Write Jingwen, shape, careful drawing, bold thinking; static and dynamic, focus on memory. Write activities, pay attention to: from the whole, to the part; first scene, then focus. Write associations, many metaphors; exaggeration, comparison; strong interest, concrete.
How to paint a scene
Scenery, how to write? Write the shape, you must be specific; draw colors, shades should be appropriate; describe the form, write fun; more associations, more metaphors; write side by side, can be compared;
Twelve, what
Things to keep in mind: Choose the right things and get familiar with them first. Write plants, various flavors, branch and leaf flowers, beautiful fruit, anthropomorphic, and use metaphors; write growth, divide into four seasons, focus on characteristics, and focus on the key points. Write animals, describe shapes, and describe categories. Be specific; write habits, focus on features, combine life, complete details, and describe feelings. Be natural. Write the items, the origin, the outline, in order. Shape and color must be seen clearly. Write structure, know the purpose. Grasp the key points and describe them carefully. People and things, use cases; fun life, typical. Buildings, when viewed from a distance, focus on characteristics, have focus; layered writing, changing perspectives; multi-association, ancient and modern, and character love.
Thirteen, how to narrate
The narrative is called by someone; the six elements must be kept in mind; the current situation, the situation, and the Ming; the environment is clear, and there are characters; There are points and details; there are details and many changes; interesting life, character feelings, trivial things, and success.
14. How to remember people
Write characters and grasp characteristics; describe portraits with emphasis; remember dressing, not ordinary; words and deeds should be realistic, with details, and a little expression; check psychology, see spirit. Specific things, table characteristics.
15. How to modify
Good article, change it a hundred times. Read in the reform, and add and delete carefully; Use punctuation marks appropriately. Reconciliation, smooth text; hot processing, cold processing, mutual correction, mutual learning. Change Chinese writing and practice skills.
16. How to rewrite
Rewriting the text, there are references; changing the name, changing tone; changing genre, changing structure. Read through the text and make clear the requirements; compare carefully and find the differences. Add, delete, and scrutinize; more associations, be clever; more modifications, to achieve the goal.
17. How to expand
Expansion of the text, with focus; bright center, focus on the main points; good imagination, more description, add details, the same thing;
How to abbreviate
Abbreviated text, meaning unchanged. Organize ideas, make clear the main points, focus on the center, and stay on the trunk. Go to the branches and leaves and pay attention to deleting. There are beginnings and ends, there are points.
Nineteen, how to continue writing
Continue to write articles, we must associate; new people, new places, new people, new events. Change the cause, change the environment, change the story, change the person. New development, the results change. Reasonable and unexpected; the story is wonderful and the theme is good.
Twenty, how to write pictures
Seeing pictures and texts is innovation. Compare the figures and look carefully; one looks at the people, the other looks at the scene, the three looks at things, and they are divided into primary and secondary. Push forward the cause and think about the result; think more and think reasonably. Be fancy and seek innovation; be specific when writing an article.
Twenty-one, how to write application
Write a diary, formatted, smelled, you can remember. Write freely and remember at will; write every day and stick to it. Write letters, according to format, decent and hierarchical; centered, tell the true meaning. Press releases should be quick; new materials are selected, titles are cut; concise words, new style. Practical text, clear format, multi-practice, live application.
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