hg66836.com The letter of resignation of a foreign girl is hot! Linyi people have spread crazy!

The letter of resignation of a foreign girl is hot! Linyi people have spread crazy!

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One point of Linyi2017-04-17
The letter of resignation of a foreign girl is in flames
Dear boss:
When you see this letter
Sorry, I can't go back to work
Because I went to Linyi
Everything here is really impossible to give up
Linyi is so beautiful, I want to stay and see!
So sorry, I don't plan to go back ...
If you like, I can show you ...
District of Linyi
Parks in Linyi
? Linyi People's Square
? Wuhe Wetland Park
? Sunny Beach
? Linyi Cultural Park
? Shuangyue Lake Park
? Linyi International Sculpture Park
? Wuzhou Lake
Mountains of Linyi
Cangma Mountain
? Colorful Mountain
? Gu Gu Shan
? Nine top lotus
Lakes and reservoirs in Linyi
? Yunmeng Lake
? Wuzhou Lake
? Double Moon Lake
? Xujiaya Reservoir
The beautiful ancient village of Linyi
△ Dawa Guiguzi Village
△ Zhu Jialin
△ Lijia Shiwu Village
△ Pressure groove
△ Nine Room Shed
△ Zhuquan Village
△ Jinsanyu Village
△ Baiquan
Temples of Linyi
△ Baoquan Temple
△ Cong Baiyu
△ Lingfeng Temple
△ Wugu Temple
△ Puzhao Temple
Those "houses" in Linyi
△ Linyi City Museum
△ Linyi Science and Technology Museum
△ Linyi Art Museum
△ Linyi City Cultural Museum
△ Yimeng Revolution Memorial Hall
△ Linyi Planning Exhibition Hall
△ Linyi City Library
Alley in Linyi
Dongguan Street
Guandi Temple Lane
Well lane
Langya Lane
Wumiao Lane
Qingzhen Lane
Winery Front Street
Winery Backstreet
Jiangyuan Back Lane
Dongcheng Bend Lane
Specialties of Linyi
? Embroidered tiger shoes
Feixian Chestnut
莒 South donkey meat
? Folk print
? The only Zhai sauce garden
? Wutai Huangtao
? Tang Ya Gong Mi
Linyi's time-honored brand
Yimeng Renhetang
Qiu Xiang
? Lanling wine
? The only Zhai sauce garden
? Meng Yinbian home flavor
? Six sisters pancakes
Linyi Specialties
? Linyi Pancakes
? Yimeng Tofu Residue
? Meng Yin Single Baked Chicken
? Babao Beancurd
? Stuffed fish
of course
The least is
For Linyi people
When it comes to barbecue, the whole person is glowing
For Linyi people
Nothing can't be solved with a barbecue
If so, two meals
After reading these
I really want to stay in Linyi.
If you are in Linyi
There are people around you who don't know how good Linyi is
Throw this WeChat to him!
Linyi is very big
Linyi is beautiful
The above is just a small part of Linyi
Coming to Linyi
You can feel down to earth how charming she is
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