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The body's 11 magical "pain? Points" no longer need to take "painkillers"! !! !!

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The body's 11 magical "pain? Points" no longer need to take "painkillers"! !! !!
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When the pain comes on, do you put up with it, or do you take painkillers right away? In fact, for thousands of years, our ancients have come up with various methods to heal pain and heal, leaving behind a worthy experience for future generations.
They found that there are multiple acupoints in the human body that have magical analgesic effects, and proper massage can effectively relieve pain.
There are 8 acupoints on the crotch of the human body, that is, above the buttocks and below the waist, which are the left and right upper condyles, secondary condyles, middle condyles, and lower condyles, which are collectively referred to as "eight concubines."
According to Chinese medicine, dysmenorrhea is caused by the impaired operation of qi and blood in the uterus. According to the principle of "no pain in general rules", qi and blood need to be adjusted, and stasis and warming should be eliminated.
Taking the prone position, the family rubs this area with the root of the palm to reach the degree of heat penetration. It can adjust the cell's house from the outside to play the purpose of pain relief.
Headache-Yintang, Sun
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Yintang, on the forehead, the midpoint between the two brows. Temple, next to the brows.
When you have a headache, use your fingers to start from Yintang, push it up to the temples along the forehead, and go back and forth 3 to 4 times; then use the five-finger holding method, that is, use your thumb and the other four fingers to rhythmically lift on the acupuncture points, and from the top Go to the neck 4 to 5 times.
The head is called the "Zhuyang Meeting", which is where the marrow sea is. Only when the meridians are unobstructed and the blood supply is normal can the marrow sea be nourished. Massage these two acupoints can clear the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, so it can relieve pain.
Toothache-Hegu, Shimonoseki
Hegu is located at the highest point of the tiger's mouth with both hands, and the lower part is on the face, in front of the ear, and the depression under the cheekbones.
People who feel toothache can press the corresponding part of the face with their fingers or knuckles, and can press Hegu and Xiaguan points on the pain side for about 10 minutes.
The reason is that the vein of the hand Yangming enters the lower row of teeth, the vein of the foot Yangming enters the upper row of teeth, and Hegu and Xiaguan are both Yangming Meridian points. Massage can relieve pain.
Stomach pain-Zusanli
Zusanli is on the outside of the calf, and below the kneecap.
Inappropriate eating or mental stress, many people have experienced stomach pain. The treatment of stomach pain requires qi, Zusanli is the acupuncture point of the stomach meridian, which can clear the stomach qi and relieve pain by pressing.
The horizontal stripes on the wrist are about three fingers wide, which is the inner gate.
People with a bad heart experience sudden angina pectoris. In addition to nitroglycerin, they can also press Neiguan. Neiguan acupoints are the collateral points of the pericardial meridian, which can be used to point and press to activate blood circulation and collaterals, and play an analgesic role. It usually takes 5 minutes.
Abdominal pain-God
The oracle is the navel.
For patients with abdominal pain, rubbing Shenpi with palm root for 10 minutes can play a certain analgesic effect. Chinese medicine believes that the shrine is located between the middle and lower coke. Kneading and Moshen Acupoints can warm the blood veins, reconcile the middle and lower coke, clear the gastrointestinal qi, and achieve the purpose of pain relief.
Leg pain-bunny rabbit, knee eyes, Jie Xi
The rabbit is in the middle of the front of the thigh, a distance from the palm of the knee. The knee eyes are located in depressions on both sides of the kneecap. Xie Xi is located in the central depression at the junction of the calf and the instep.
After 30 years of age, the joints begin to degenerate, and waist and leg pain often plagues the elderly. By massaging 3 acupoints, a certain analgesic effect can be achieved.
During massage, on the one hand, pressing acupoints on the rabbit, knee eyes, and Jiexi, together with stretching and rotation exercises of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, can relax muscles, activate blood, and relieve pain.
It should be noted that although acupoint massage has a good analgesic effect, in order to completely treat it, it is necessary to find a specialist, further verify the cause, and differentiate the treatment.
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