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Hello, 84 military-level units! !!

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(Source / Three Musketeers; Text / Swordsman Fang)
This is another historical moment for the Chinese army!
Since then, 18 group armies have entered history; 84 army-level units have made their debut, like 84 iron fists spreading across the land of China.
Today, in Beijing, President Xi received the newly-adjusted and formed military-level unit chief to issue training orders to each unit.
This is a brand-new debut of 84 military-level units that are set off again!
This is a powerful symbol of the Chinese army. They are brand new. We applaud!
According to the press release, "The newly adjusted military-level unit is an important part of the new system, and it has a glorious mission and a great responsibility in safeguarding national sovereignty, security, and development interests."
Appeared this time: Army, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Army, Strategic Support Forces and military-level units of the Provincial Military Region System, that is to say the total military-level units of these units is 84.
Today's news release will not repeat them here, the key is to talk about the dry goods and release signals!
One of the release signals: this is a new lineup of the Chinese army
In fact, since the reform work meeting of the Central Military Commission was held in November 2015, our army has successively established the army's leading institutions, the rocket army, and the strategic support forces, changing the military commission organs from 4 headquarters to 15 functional departments, and reorganizing the 7 military regions. For the five major theaters, complete the reorganization of the Navy, Air Force, Rocket Army, and Armed Police Forces, and establish the Joint Military Support Force of the Central Military Commission.
These vigorous reforms have enabled our army to break through the long-established headquarters system, large military region system, and continental army system, and established a new pattern of military commission management, theater-based warfare, and military service-building. The problems that have not been solved very well have solved many problems that were thought impossible in the past and achieved a historic change in the organizational structure of the military.
Last year, from December 2 to 3, a working conference on the reform of the army's size structure and strength formation of the Central Military Commission was held in Beijing. Compared with the troops before the reform, the modular troops have the functions of "adaptive" and "self-coordination". They are usually grouped and trained together in peacetime, and they are randomly and flexibly combined in wartime according to combat missions, that is, ready-to-use, with clear compatibility , Flexibility and synthesis, multi-energy, etc., so that joint operations can be achieved at the tactical level.
"In the past, the standards of excellent infantry were big voices, iron feet, and cocoons; now, a combined infantry battalion has more than ten arms and dozens of specialties, and soldiers have to master a variety of skills."
Release signal two: abandon the thinking that the "land war is outdated" and the "continental army" inertia
An important part of this appearance is the Army Corps. In fact, the army has a long history. At the beginning of the 19th century, with the increase in the number of troops and the expansion of the battle scale, in order to improve the efficiency of combat command, the army of various countries began to form group army. In 1812, Napoleon attacked Russia, and the Russian and French armies formed a group army as an army battle corps.
In fact, the reputation of the Chinese Army is still outside. Marshal Montgomery has warned the Western world: Never fire on the ground with the Chinese army! During the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, our army suffered the biggest defeat in the history of the Army, and it also caused MacArthur, the so-called "God of War", to lose his first name.
But the Army is also known as the "Big Brother". There was a "Big Army Brother", which contained too many emotions and reveries.
The "old" of this "big brother", because the Army is the oldest unit in human history, mainly fighting on land; but the "big brother" also represents trust and trust, and it also means a heavy history and glorious blood.
We must abandon the misunderstanding that the "Army is outdated" and "Army is useless", and we must abandon the "Mainland Army" inertia thinking.
The important module forces of the combined army's combined operations must adhere to the idea that the advantage of the Army is not the destruction and destruction of firepower, but the continuous occupation and control, and the transformation of temporary advantages formed by sea and air operations into lasting advantages.
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Signal three released: How will the group army transform in the future?
After several reforms, the size of our army has been greatly streamlined, and "a new step has been taken towards the goals of moderate scale, reasonable structure, lean institutions, flexible command, and strong combat effectiveness."
Therefore, in order to meet the operational requirements, military powers represented by the United States and Russia have reduced their command levels. The U.S. Army adjusted the four levels of the "Trade Forces Army Command-Army-Division-Brigade" to the "Combat Command-Tactical Command-Brigade" three-level command system.
When the new group army was newly launched, a more streamlined and efficient command and management system had been formed.
In fact, to sum up, it is a sentence: let the quantity scale decrease moderately, the quality and efficiency become higher and higher, the traditional power is less and less, the new power is more and more, the strike distance is getting longer and the reaction speed is getting faster and faster. There are fewer and fewer boundaries, and the system is getting better and better.
Contrary to this requirement, traditional arms will not disappear, such as infantry, but they will be combined, transformed and improved; heavy firepower, mobile assault forces, armored forces, land aviation and special forces will definitely be strengthened.
The "Regional Army" transforms the Army as a core force on the ground, expands the strategic projection area, and enhances the maneuverability of the battlefield. It not only enables combat opponents to perceive actual threats, but also achieves combat objectives with continuous combat sharpness.
Release signal four: the development direction of different military services
Let's talk about the rocket army that has both nuclear and territorial warfare. The Rocket Army is the core force of China's strategic deterrence, the strategic support of China's great power status, and an important cornerstone for maintaining national security.
"All the officers and men of the Rocket Army should grasp the functional positioning and mission of the Rocket Army, strengthen the credible and reliable nuclear deterrence and nuclear counterattack capabilities in accordance with the strategic requirements of both nuclear regularity and global deterrence, strengthen the construction of mid- and long-range precision strike forces, and strengthen the strategy. Check and balance capabilities, and strive to build a powerful modern rocket army. "
From the "Second Artillery Force" to the "Rocket Army", it is not only a change of name, but also a change in status, mission, and combat method.
"Important Support for Joint Operations System" Strategic Support Force
The strategic support force is positioned as "a new type of combat force to maintain national security and an important support for our military's joint combat system." In the future battlefield, the new combat effectiveness is the "killer" of commanders on both sides of the war. It can be said that which party really uses these forces effectively is equal to who can better control the battle situation.
With the continuous breakthrough of new technologies and the development of new concept weapons into actual combat, the trend of remote precision, intelligence, stealth, and unmanned weaponry has become increasingly prominent. New types of combat areas such as cyber, space, and polar regions have become the battle of military powers. place.
With this reform, a new type of combat force is formed into a separate army, and the strategic support force will appear on the future battlefield as a mysterious strategic support force.
Let's talk about the navy.
People often use "yellow water", "green water" and "blue water" to refer to the near shore, offshore and distant seas. For a naval force, having an offshore and offshore combat capability does not mean that it has the ability to fight the ocean. In recent years, missions, training, and escort missions have been carried out one after another, and the pace of the People's Navy going out has become more frequent and more calm.
The navy navy has been formed.
Air Force, in a word: Strategic Air Force is taking shape!
Release signal five: When will the new number be announced?
In April 2013, the white paper "Diversified Use of the Chinese Armed Forces" for the first time revealed the names of all 18 Army groups. This historic approach of openness and transparency fully demonstrates the self-confidence of the Chinese army and has been widely praised by the outside world.
From "a certain army" to "the Xth army", the development of the Chinese army no longer needs to rely on "mystery" to deter potential opponents. Instead, it can show its own advanced equipment and powerful military forces Strength to enhance people's confidence and pride.
In fact, our army has been reorganized many times in the past half-century, and the designations of the original 18 group army have all undergone changes.
In fact, on November 1, 1948, the Central Military Commission issued the "Regulations on the Unified Organization and Troop Numbers." According to the regulations: "The number of the ranks is 210 divisions of 70 troops, and the internal space is hollow, which will be filled when new troops and divisions are established in the future." This is the origin of the 70 army names in the history of the PLA.

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