hg366966.com One of the most commonly eaten dishes in my family is simple and easy to eat, and it will be wiped out in one meal!

One of the most commonly eaten dishes in my family is simple and easy to eat, and it will be wiped out in one meal!

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Edible sprouts are a new fashion in recent years. Among them, mung bean sprouts are the cheapest. Bean sprouts are also called Ru Yicai, Amaranth, and Silver Sprouts. Mung bean sprouts contain very low energy, but are rich in cellulose, vitamins and minerals. They have the effects of beauty detoxification, fat elimination, laxative, and antioxidant. Bean sprouts are rich in vitamin C, which can treat scurvy; it also clears the accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the blood vessel wall and prevents cardiovascular disease.
Mung bean sprouts are the most common vegetables on the common people's table. But don't underestimate this thin and weak mung bean sprouts. It is rich in nutrition and is a rare baby! Mung bean sprouts fried fans, simple production, good taste, rich nutrition, suitable for all ages, is also a vegetarian dish for dinner, economical, and a few dollars. Now I want to share it with everyone and hope to help you.
Mung bean sprouts noodles
Ingredients: 100 g noodles, 350 g mung bean sprouts, 2 eggs, moderate amount of oil, 2 shallots, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp of salt, 2 drops of raw soy sauce, 5 ml of oyster sauce.
1. The ingredients are ready. I use three ingredients for the ingredients. If I make them for the first time, the amount of ingredients will be halved.
2. Cut the garlic into small pieces, cut the shallot into sections, and put a little salt into the eggs to make the egg liquid.
3. The noodles are soaked in warm water.
4. Add a small amount of oil to the pot, pour in the egg liquid, and use the chopsticks to scatter and serve.
5. Pour edible oil into the pan, add the minced garlic to scramble, and stir-fry the green bean sprouts.
6. Pour the noodles soaked in advance, pour the salt in oyster sauce and stir-fry with chopsticks.
7, add egg pieces and mix well.
8. Add the onion segments to increase the color.
9, delicious and good-looking.
Dear friends, do you like the delicious recommended by my aunt noodles? Whether you like it or not, please give us more valuable opinions. My aunt Xiaoming is polite! You can attack me hard in the comment area, the harder I like it! Ha ha!
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