hg366966.com Don't eat calcium tablets! This can be done by rubbing, and the knee problems are all recovered!

Don't eat calcium tablets! This can be done by rubbing, and the knee problems are all recovered!

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What to eat for osteoporosis? What brand of calcium is good? Many people ask us, but we don't recommend everyone to buy expensive supplements.
Let's look at an example first: The 95-year-old Chinese medicine master's scientific instrument used to detect bone density far exceeds that of the 60-year-old man. He does not rely on calcium tablets, but presses and rubs.
We may not be able to experience Mr. Guo's acupuncture technique, but we can learn his massage technique. The effect of this technique on him is reflected in three points:
Those who are 95 years old and whose bone mass is actually over 60
Although he had broken the intertrochanter (femoral head), he was discharged in 60 days;
After having softened cheekbones and going upstairs, I also pressed myself.
At the age of 180, he fell on the threshold and his pelvis was broken; the bone is good and the medical massage technique heals in 60 days
One night, Teacher Guo got up to pour his wife's urinal as usual, and squatted down together. As a result, as soon as the blood pressure was low and dizzy, he fell down. This fall was terrible, and he fell directly near the threshold ... causing a fracture. Later, Mr. Guo went to the hospital for a fixation and talked about his treatment process. Mr. Guo said:
Use an electric drill to directly pass through the middle of the bone and into a steel nail. Then pull the leg straight and fix it completely. You can also pull a 20-pound thing on the toe and pull it. Then let the bone start Growing ...
This fixation ca n’t move at all. People in their 80s have broken bones. This is not a small problem. I used to hurt my bones for 100 days. Because I am a traditional Chinese medicine teacher, Teacher Guo Chengjie started to use the method of pressing and rubbing that I used to use , And massage yourself every day to accelerate blood circulation and bone growth.
At the same time, according to the medical requirements, one bone slice was taken for 20 days, and one bone slice was taken for 20 days to see the situation ... Unexpectedly, the bone was completely grown after the third shot, and it took only 60 days in the middle ...
2 Why are bones recovering so fast?
The bone is equivalent to the radish we said. It has bran in it. This bone is originally tough and brittle. Especially for people over 60 years of age, the bone density is lower than normal. This bran is more and the bone density is poor. , It will break as soon as possible.
▲ Bone mass of 60-year-olds is 0.173
▲ Miss Guo's bone mass: 0.232, far more than 60 years old
Why do many elderly people fail to grow up easily? Is the bone quality. However, Mr. Guo Chengjie's bones and skulls are of good quality, with a bone density of 0.232 at the age of 95, far exceeding the average bone density of 0.173 at the age of 60. This is also the reason why his bones recovered quickly.
The reason why Mr. Guo's bones grow so fast is related to his massage technique. This method can not be said to cure all diseases. Fracture Guo's 60-day healing leg bones:
1 rub your legs back and forth
Action essentials: Sit, rub your legs back and forth, you can rub all the way to your calves. Wipe your legs 20 or 30 times according to your situation.
There are four muscles in the upper part of the lower limbs, which surround the internal and external muscles, not only the fractures. Other muscles can do this without strength.
The purpose of rubbing is to make qi and blood strong, and gradually reduce muscle atrophy, or even let it atrophy, to make the muscles strong, which is good for the bones (Note: Because the bones rely on the strength of muscles to help exercise).
2 raise the leg
Action method: Sit, two legs are lifted in turn, lifted more than 20 times a day, to a level place, stop for 10 seconds, come again sooner or later.
Calcium tablets can be eaten or not
You are straightened. If you lift it, the quadriceps will straighten. This muscle will not shrink so fast. If the muscles are strong, the bones will be protected, bone will not be lost, and bone calcium will be lost. slow.
As long as you are more active, you can also increase bone volume, which is a way to increase calcium.
Why set a frequency? That is to say, we cannot lift 5 times a day, 3 times a day, but insist on 20 times a day, people form a subconscious in the brain, and then rub and rub.
As long as persistence is effective, if you insist on it every day, your lower limbs must be more than 90 in strength.
3One-handed four-point kneading method
With the following method, I didn't take any medicine. Of course, the medicine is useful. This method of knee joint is very useful and beneficial to everyone. If you are 40 or 50 years old, starting health care will be good for you in the future.
Knead the knee joint with one hand at four points:
▲ Press the inner and outer knees (two eyes below the knee socket), the sea of blood (the inside of the two fingers above the knee), and the Liangqiu (the outside of the two fingers on the knee). It is very effective in softening the patella.
One way to rub the knee joint:
One hand presses four acupoints. The index finger controls the inner knee eye, the ring finger controls the outer knee eye, the thumb controls the sea of blood, and the little finger or ring finger controls Liang Qiu. You can also strengthen it, and finally rub the inner and outer knees with two thumbs.
Guiding this method is a health care method. Don't expect to see results in one day, but long-term pressing and kneading works very well. You can't draw circles, but grab them up. 5-6 minutes each time, especially when you start to scratch when your knees feel cold. This is especially useful.
The method is very simple, but the effect is very significant. The physical health is your own, the bones are bad, and the calcium is less painful. You also suffer for yourself. You spend 10 minutes every day without spending extra money on health products, but you can get a certain effect. ,Why not do it?
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