hg603.com Accidentally discovered: 1 copy of the first math sealed archive! The whole class followed suit and never scored 110

Accidentally discovered: 1 copy of the first math sealed archive! The whole class followed suit and never scored 110

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:40:08

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"Teacher, my child is now in his second year of school. Mathematics has always been difficult. Every day I keep doing various test questions, but my grades have not improved. What should I do?" In fact, this situation has appeared more than once in my many years of teaching, mainly because the foundation was not established in the first stage. Although there are many mathematical knowledge points in the first stage, they are relatively simple. Many students do not feel the pressure in their studies and slowly accumulate a lot of small problems. After entering the second grade, they encountered difficulties (such as increased disciplines and deepened difficulties) and found that they could not keep up with the teacher's progress. The problem becomes more and more difficult when studying mathematics.
And 5 common problems that often appear in the mathematics of the first grade:
1. The understanding of knowledge points is at a level of half-knowledge;
2. I can't grasp the key mathematical skills in solving problems. I have to look at each problem in isolation and lack the ability to learn from others.
3. When solving the problem, there are too many small mistakes, and the problem cannot always be completely solved;
4, the problem solving efficiency is low, can not complete a certain amount of questions within the prescribed time, not adapted to the rhythm of the exam;
5. The habit of summarizing induction has not been developed, and the knowledge points learned cannot be habitually summarized;
If the above problems cannot be solved well in the first grade, the students may experience a decline in their grades during the polarization of the second grade. On the contrary, if you can lay a solid foundation in mathematics, the second year of study will only increase the knowledge points and increase the difficulty, and it is easy for students to adapt to the learning methods.
So how can we lay a good foundation for math in the first grade? Today I will explain 5 methods to everyone, master it well, and will definitely help your children in learning.
In addition, if parents have other questions about their children's learning methods and memory skills, they can directly consult me. I will formulate a reasonable and effective learning plan according to the specific situation of the child, and help the child improve their academic performance for free.
Above, I have talked about some of my personal suggestions on the problems that often appear in the second year of mathematics, but it is important to emphasize that the most important thing is that any method is effective. Students must avoid formalization in their studies and pursue practical results. .
Share it today today. If you have any questions about your child's learning methods and memory skills, or if you want to take your child's learning to the next level, you can contact me directly on WeChat and I will answer it for free!
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