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Dili Reba shows a beautiful swan arm! How else do you want to hide?

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Original 2017-04-20 Sylvia World Fashion Garden
Summer with bare arms and beautiful legs is really coming! How is the progress of your weight loss plan? The big waist is really not beautiful. Except for the A4 waist and waistline, don't ignore the importance of slender arms! What kind of arm can be called a peerless beauty arm?
▲ Recently, classmate Wuli Fatdi posted photos of wearing white dresses in the first episode of "Run" on Weibo. Isn't it good to be a goddess quietly? I have to ask the female to get her upper body, show her arm muscles, and her tight arm lines have received all kinds of rave reviews!
▲ I have to admit that Di Lierba ’s arms are very beautiful, with a perfect 90 ° angle between the shoulders and the arms, plus a slim waistline, full of elegance.
The weather is getting hotter and hotter, the premise of wearing sleeveless looks is that the arms look good! Take a quick look: relax your upper body, extend your shoulders, and then naturally lower your arms to see if your shoulders and arms are 90 °?
With a 90 ° perfect arm, you will not be afraid of the summer when your arms are exposed!
▲ There is no shortage of good-looking actresses in the entertainment industry. Liu Shishi, who studied ballet from an early age, not only looks fresh and attractive, but also shows her temperament with her hands and feet. Sleeveless vests and off-shoulder tops are easy to navigate.
▲ Angelababy upgraded to a hot mom is like pregnant with a "fake pregnancy", and she is still thin. Especially the perfect line between the shoulder and the arm is enviable. The clearly visible clavicle and white swan neck are foul!
▲ When it comes to the perfect arm, how can you get Guli Nazar? It ’s no sei to be able to wear a feather tube top skirt so sweet and immortal!
▲ Not to mention the supermodel, the beautiful body makes people want to lick the screen! He Xiangu, who is white and glowing, not only has fair skin, but also beautiful arm lines Fly! Have a good figure is willful, sports Bra, suspenders and evening dresses switch at will.
Do you think thin = arms look good? No!
Even if you are thin enough and have unparalleled long legs, it does not mean that your arms are beautiful! Commonly known as "bye-bye meat" and round shoulder lines will make the upper body look slightly bloated.
▲ Wuli Fan, when he was visiting "Kangxi is here", once admitted that his arms were a little fat, so he rarely wore sleeveless clothes.
▲ Even if you pound 12 pounds into a chopsticks leg, the worship meat on your arm still exists.
▲ I don't have much to say about the power of the body with a beautiful leg, but wearing a sleeveless off-the-shoulder clothing will still expose the fleshy arms, which is not straight enough.
▲ Zhang Yuqi, born with a large bone, lost a lot of weight through fitness, and her small V face grabbed the mirror. It's just that the upper body is rounded and looks strong after wearing a dress.
What about bye-bye meat? Follow them up!
In order to create a perfect 90 ° arm, in addition to reducing cellulite, it is also important to tighten the arm line. Through fitness methods, you can cultivate beautiful arms the day after tomorrow!
▲ Without going to the gym, you can move at home with just a yoga mat! Yoga can not only improve the balance of the body, but also increase the muscle strength of the arm and help shape the perfect line.
▲ Girls who are usually used to going to the gym can also use some equipment, such as pull rope training, to make the arms more compact, and can also act on back and waist muscles.
▲ Of course, you can also try more vigorous aerobic combat, while burning fat, firm your arms. There is also an effect to relieve stress!
If you are a veritable "lazy cancer star", this beautiful ballet suits you!
▲ Its founder is Mary Helen Bowers, a ballet dancer, who later created a set of sculptural Ballet Beautiful training. Natalie Portman and many Victoria's Secret Angels have created perfect curves under her training.
▲ This is the most iconic "Swan Arm" training. The action is very simple. Stand on the ground with your legs close together and keep dancing your arms.
▲ Dance and stretch in all directions, stretching to the extreme every time, fully training all muscle groups on the arm until exhausted.
While exercising, you can also use some slimming products to assist
Yves Rocher French Yves Lecher Intensive Sculpting Green Coffee Tightening Essence
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▲ With the effects of triple plant active ingredients, it specifically fights cellulite and stubborn cellulite. Effectively disintegrates stubborn fat and cellulite, tightens the skin and makes the overall lines more exquisite. The refreshing curd texture is well absorbed by the skin and is not sticky.
Biotherm Body Slimming Serum
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▲ Using the curve to reshape the active factor SULFOCARRABIOSE, combined with 5% high-concentration pure caffeine, for the parts where fat and water are easy to accumulate, realize two big slimming dreams-reduce stubborn fat and reshape the healthy curve.
2B Alternative Burning Formula
About RMB280 / 100ml
▲ Deep, fast-burning fat, amazing results! Combining ingredients such as EGF, HCA, caffeine and liporeductyl, it can accelerate metabolic heat energy and prevent the synthesis of new fats. After bathing, massage and massage will have a feeling of fever. Persistent use with sports diet, slim arms is not a dream.
Summer is here, the arms are thin and sleeveless!
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