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The Five Elements, originated from geography and perfected from mathematics, will eventually guide the future development of mankind

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

The five elements, which originated from the five parties in ancient China, were originally used to express [East, West, North, South, Middle], and served as maps.
Due to the topography of the East Asian continent, the west is high and the east is low; therefore, in order to find out the geographical location of the ancients living in the hinterland of the mainland, the first choice is to follow the Yellow River and the Yangtze River, trace back to the source, and go west.
After reaching the Tibetan Plateau, both the west and the south are blocked by the Himalayas, so they can only travel north, while the north is the Taklimakan Desert and the Tianshan Mountains, so they can only choose to continue northeast.
After reaching north to Lake Baikal and further north, the climate is severely cold and lacks living conditions, so we can only turn to the southeast and continue exploring.
In the southeast direction, reaching the Bohai Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it cannot continue to the east, but can only travel south along the coastline.
Heading south along the coastline, you can reach the Indochina Peninsula. But hindered by the hot climate and the pristine forest full of radon, it can no longer continue to move southwest.
Therefore, you can only go northwest. After reaching the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the west is blocked by the Hengduan Mountains and cannot be crossed. Therefore, you can only go north.
Heading north, it returned to the hinterland of the mainland. So, the first geographic expedition was announced!
The ancients summarized the geographic experience of these great expeditions, made five directions, and marked the route.
The ancients marked the geographic limit of the livable place on this five-square map, which is approximately a circle, and the southwest corner became an unknown mysterious area.
From then on, the ancient Chinese began to have the concept of taking East Asia as the world ideologically.
The absence of the southwest corner has also left a deep mark on the collective psychology of the ancient Chinese: there is no perfect thing in the world, and there will always be difficult and difficult obstacles to overcome. At this time, it is also the closest to perfection. Therefore, we need to use wisdom. We must do everything possible to bypass these difficulties and dangers, and ultimately we can still achieve the "reciprocation"-this ambitious goal, which is also in line with [ Road] approach.
Therefore, the ancients did not pursue perfection, and thought that it was the way of heaven and earth to leave flaws. The southwest direction has since also become the mother, god and honor.
At that time, the five-square diagram only expressed the various directions. Without crossover and repetition, the experience of how to move in sequence in sequence did not produce the concept of symbiosis. But it gave birth to hexadecimal, yin and yang fish maps, and later five-element maps.
The Pentagon Chart has since become the common source of ancient Chinese mathematics and philosophy.
In the Fuxi era, the hexadecimal system has been difficult to meet the needs of human production and life. Fuxi, the ancestor of the humanities, began to consider the use of decimal instead of hexadecimal.
Coincidentally, something happened: a dragon horse appeared in Mengshui, a tributary of the Yellow River, with a mysterious pattern on his body. The history is called [He Chutu].
Inspired by the patterns on the dragon and horse's body, Fuxi's view of the astronomy and the view of the geography made a congenital gossip map.
The congenital gossip chart represents the expansion of human thinking from the geographic plane to the three-dimensional space of the universe. Decimal began to be replaced by decimal.
The gossip is divided into eight directions. The human settlement is divided into two directions, which are represented by a yin and yang fish chart, so there are ten people in all directions.
Decimals are created, so how do you express the inherent logical relationship of these ten numbers with the least number of nodes?
This problem, Fushi, failed to solve it.
It was not until the Emperor Yao's time that another incident happened— [Luo Chushu], and this problem was solved perfectly.
It is said that a giant tortoise emerged from Luoshui at that time. The spot on the turtle's shell was like a heavenly book, but no one could understand it. It was called Luoshu in history.
Look at Luoshu according to the modern map concepts of up north down south and left west right east
Dayu, who is troubled by the water, after careful research, found that Luo Shu is actually a decimal parity array relationship, and this relationship can be fully expressed with only five nodes.
So, Dayu borrowed the five-square map and created a five-element map corresponding to Luoshu, and in order to understand the logical relationship, he moved the original soil in the middle to the southwest corner of the honor!
Thus, the complete five-element diagram appeared! The five-element diagram began with the complete concept of symbiosis!
It is said that Dayu therefore understood a truth, and the management of floods is a systemic problem, and it cannot be simply blocked. And we need to combine the dredging and plugging water to where it should go, useful, so that we can turn harm into profit!
Since then, the five elements have become quite popular in the Yin and Shang dynasties. Many concepts based on the five elements have been proposed: five colors, five tones, five flavors, five qi ... and so on.
In the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Zhou royal family regarded the five-element maps as treasures, and together with the Zhouyi and the gossip maps made by King Zhou Wen, they were listed as royal treasures and should not be easily passed on.
Until the end of the Spring and Autumn Period, the Zhou royal family fell apart due to the death of King Zhou Jing, the prince was expelled, and the elders escorted the Zhou royal classics to enlist Chu. Since then, the Five Elements Doctrine has become the theory of the Five Virtues of the dynasty, and has provided a theoretical basis for the development of Chinese medicine. In addition, on the dimension of quantitative change, the principles of multiplication of the five elements and insult of the five elements are summarized.
From the narrow perspective of modern science, the five elements of the "gold water wood fire soil" also represents the five forms of matter: liquid, organic, ionic, inorganic, and solid.
From the perspective of traditional Chinese philosophy, the Five Elements Map originated from geography, developed from the universe, and perfected from mathematics. It summarizes the mutual complementation of natural elements, provides theoretical support for the replacement of the dynasty, and has achieved the five elements of Chinese medicine in the motherland.
In the future, the five elements will be more widely used, because the most profound truth it expresses is that everything has its internal connection, and the interrelationship between them is a whole and a system. By mastering this logical relationship, you can master the law of development of things.
Therefore, the essence of the five elements is a kind of highly generalized—system theory and cybernetics. In the future, it will guide us to achieve more complex and powerful system control, so as to cope with the increasingly complex and changeable human problems in the future.
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