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Allusions say Spring and Autumn 12: "The people are terrible", the coup caused by women

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The idiom "The Unbearable People" comes from "Zuo Zhuan". The allusion about it is related to a coup in Song Dynasty during the Spring and Autumn Period.
It was mentioned last time that after the coup in Lu State, Zheng Zhuang Gong not only did not step in, but instead sent someone to congratulate Lu Yigong on his appointment, and revised the covenant with Lu State again.
But just after the Lu coup d'état ended, another country close to Zheng Guo had a coup d'état, and this time Zheng Zhuanggong could not stay out.
The country where the coup occurred is Song. Not long ago, that is, in 710 BC, the monarch Song Songgong was killed by his minister Huadu. Why did Huadu kill Song Yungong? Let's start with Song Yonggong's throne.
As mentioned earlier, Song Kungong inherited the throne from his uncle Song Mugong, and Song Mugong's son-in-law Feng was very dissatisfied with this. Soon after Song Kungong took office, he fled to Zheng Guo and planned to wait for the opportunity. When he matured, he used Zheng's strength to come back to fight for power, and Zheng Zhuanggong did have the idea of supporting his son Feng, but he never found a suitable opportunity.
So for Song Yegong, the son Feng stayed in Zheng Guo is a great threat. He very much hoped that this hidden danger could be eliminated as soon as possible to relieve his worries.
Coincidentally, in the early years of the reign of Song Yanggong, that is, in 719 BC, there was a chaos in the state of the state. After the king usurped the throne, the state appealed to quell the anger of the people and adopted it. After the doctor Shi Hou's suggestion, he planned to contact the princes of the four kingdoms of Song, Lu, Chen, and Cai to join forces to jointly investigate Zheng.
This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for Song Yegong, so Song Yegong did not hesitate to answer the state's appeal, cooperated with Wei Guo to attack Zheng Guo twice, and killed thousands of Zheng Guo soldiers.
Later Song Songgong heard that Zheng Zhuanggong had moved his son Feng to Changge, so he immediately shifted his troops. After more than a year of hard work, he finally won Changge, but the son Feng fled to Xinzheng.
Although Song Yigong's purpose was not achieved, his series of actions completely annoyed Zheng Zhuanggong, so Zheng Zhuanggong, under the banner of Tianzi, joined Qi and Lu in 713 BC, and attacked the country with a large force. Soon after the war began, the Three Kingdoms of the Song Dynasty continued.
Seeing that Song Guowei was on the verge of death, Song Yonggong had to urgently send Sima Kongfujia to lead the main force to attack the city of Zheng Guodu, but he did not expect Kong Fujia to meet with the rescued Zhuanggong outside Dai Guocheng. After a fierce battle, Song The army was defeated. In the end, Kong Fujia led only hundreds of disabled soldiers and fled to Song.
In this way, for the sake of his son Feng, in the ten years in office, Song Yonggong fought with Zheng Guo more than a dozen times, and ended with the end of the entire army.
Years of battles have caused the people of Song Guo to endure great suffering. Many people have accused Song Yigong of being stubborn and self-serving. Under such a situation, a coup was quietly brewing in the people of Song State.
What no one thought was that the fuse that ignited this coup turned out to be a woman, and this woman was not someone else, she was the wife of Sima Kong's father Jia.
Kong Fujia was a so-called Minister of Gu Ming who was appointed before Song Mugong's death. He had a very high status in Song Dynasty, and Song Guo's military power was firmly in his hands. Therefore, Kong Fujia was regarded as one person in Song Guo. Below, above ten thousand people, because of this, he was jealous of others, and this jealous man was Dazai Huadu.
Hua Du is a resourceful man with great ambitions. Although he is still unsatisfied, he always thinks that he can make further progress in his career. In Song Dynasty, the only thing that can stop him from progressing is Kong Fujia. .
Therefore, for the Governor of China, Kong Fujia was a big trouble. He had been able to find a chance to get rid of Kong Fujia, but he was still unable to make up his mind.
Just one day, the Governor was idle at home, and he took a few family members to go out to play, walked to a place full of flowers, and suddenly saw several girls in the distance are embracing this woman towards him, this woman It was Kong's wife.
After seeing Kong Fujia's wife, Huadu immediately felt as if he had lost his soul, staring at each other with staring eyes, until the other had gone far, Huadu was still reluctant to take his eyes back.
When the family around Huadu saw the master so disoriented, he kindly reminded him: "This is Sima's wife. He already has a master and a master. Do n’t worry about the master."
Unexpectedly, Governor Hua was very upset and said, "Is n’t Sima Zhan doing all the good things in the world? He enjoys the supreme right in Song Dynasty. Even his wife is much better than others. I do n’t believe this evil. . "
After returning home, Governor Hua finally made up his mind to get rid of Kong Fujia as soon as possible, otherwise he would never have a chance to turn around.
After some thought, the Governor of Hua had a brilliant idea, that is, to make use of the people's dissatisfaction with the politics of the DPRK and do some homework.
So Governor Hua got a few confidantes, made them look like ordinary people, and then spread rumors everywhere in the city, saying: "The reason why Song Guo fought for years was entirely Sima's provocation. Sima was so happy that for his fame and fortune, he repeatedly used Song Guo was dragged into the flames of war, and the lives of the people were ignored. Moreover, the reason why Song Jun was wiped out was because Sima was afraid of death, and he fled before the battle. As a result, the soldiers lost their unified command and eventually suffered a fiasco. But still in a high position, as if nothing had happened. "
The effect of this approach was very obvious. The anger in the hearts of the people was quickly ignited, and Kong Fujia became the target of public criticism for a while.
When the flames were almost over, the Governor of Hua made a second move, which was to get the people to ask Dazai to be the master, to abolish the position of Sima of Kong Fujia, and to arrest him for guilt and avenge the dead soldiers.
The people really did their best, and they immediately gathered at the Huadu Gate to see him, and the more people gathered, the more the Huadu went out, he first put on a surprised expression and stepped forward to ask why the people gathered.
The people replied indignantly: "Sima is an inhumane official, and he has fought for years. The people have been miserable by him. It is difficult to live now, so we now strongly demand that Sima step down."
This is the allusion that "the people are unbearable" caused by Song Jiong's successive battles, but this allusion was used maliciously by the Governor of China at the moment, not only imposed on Confucius' head, but also became a powerful weapon against his opponent.
Seeing the excitement of the people, Huadu secretly was happy, but he still had to pretend to persuade him, saying that it was persuasion. In fact, it was Kong Fujia's bad words that he secretly provoked, and finally the people were completely irritated and shouted loudly In front of Confucius Jia's door, there was no water around his house.
When Kong Father Jia heard a noise from outside and did not know what was happening, he immediately went out to check, and when Governor Hua saw Kong Father Jia coming out, he immediately took off his hypocritical mask and told the crowd, "This thief has won the trust of the Lord, Taking him to see the protagonist may not be fruitful. He will simply understand him here and save him from harming the people. "
So under the instigation of Governor Hua, the crowd could no longer contain the anger in their hearts and killed Kong Fujia with a coax. Poor Kong Fujia had lost Huang Quan without knowing why he offended the people.
Seeing Kong Fujia's death, Huadu rushed into the room to find Kong Fujia's wife, and secretly assigned his family members to take him home. But at this moment, his men suddenly said that the family of Kong Fujia had told the protagonist that the Governor had incited the people to kill Kong Fujia.
At that time, Huadu was only looking for a beautiful woman, but did not consider other things. Now he suddenly heard that the protagonist already knew what happened, and suddenly panicked, standing there wondering what to do.
The confidant next told Huadu quietly, "Confucius is the confidant of the protagonist. Now that he died in our hands, the protagonist will never give up. In this case, we simply do nothing and kill it together with the protagonist. Then, Send another person to Zheng Guo to welcome his son Feng back, and you and your son Feng have always had a good relationship. If he becomes a monarch, you will still be rich.
After hearing that, Dadu suddenly realized that he went out to the troubled people and said, "Sima is the most trusted person of the protagonist. Now that you have killed Sima by the wrong hand, the protagonist will not easily forgive you. Moreover, the Song Dynasty campaigned for years, and the protagonist couldn't leave. The blame, simply we killed this fainting monk, and then supported the son Feng Weijun, the son Feng Zhai was kind and bound to be able to forgive you. "
The people had already been stunned with anger at this time, and they were rushed into the palace by such a sensation as the Governor of China. At this time, Song Yonggong had just received the news and had no time to prepare, and died in the hands of the angry people.
After the death of Song Yonggong, Governor Hua sent someone to Zheng Guo to greet his son Feng back home.
After the messenger arrived in Zheng Guo, he explained to Zheng Zhuanggong, and Zhuanggong sent someone to ask his son Feng to say, "You have lived in Zheng Guo for decades, and now you finally have a chance. Now there is civil unrest in Song. Song Gong is dead, and I am going to send you back to preside over the whole situation. I hope you will not forget the bounty of the widow after you get your way. "
After being thankful to Zhengzhuang Gong, his son Feng returned to the Song Kingdom with the envoy of Song, and under the aegis of Huadu and others, he inherited the throne for Songzhuang and Huadu also took over the seat of Kong Fujia , Mastered Song Guobing power.
Then Song Zhuanggong sent messengers to each country to recruit questions to consolidate his position.
After sending off his son Feng, Zheng Guo was considered to have stopped for a few years. But in 707 BC, a new war was in front of Zheng Zhuanggong, and this time his opponent will be the supreme emperor, and this war will also be a key turning point in the history of Spring and Autumn .
So why did the war begin, what was the victory and defeat of Zhuanggong, and what exactly was the turning point?

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