www.hg996.com The company agrees that honest employees, the workplace spit out after drinking is "pretending to be stupid"!

The company agrees that honest employees, the workplace spit out after drinking is "pretending to be stupid"!

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:18:46

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Having worked in the company for many years, I especially like some honest employees of the company. They are honest and trustworthy, and do what they do, and they do n’t care about things. Recently, due to business needs, I have been walking very close to honest employees. I often go drinking and drinking, complaining about the unpleasantness of the workplace or explaining other things. But this meal made me directly dumbfounded. Ask him: Why is your popularity so good in the company? The position is also quite high. Besides, you have been in the company for less than two years! Drunk, he talked about his career in the workplace! Benefit me a lot! At this point, the impression of this "honest employee" is no longer a simple person but an expert!
First: Always be on the right time in the workplace. The pretense of showing weakness is to show weakness, and supporting role is also a performance strategy!
If you do not have enough ability and energy in the workplace to get rid of all unnecessary troubles, then learn to tolerate, learn to be a supporting role, and pave the way to a bright future for your workplace. Don't care about the gains and losses of the "one city, one pool" for a while, and strive to improve your own strength, so as not to be more pragmatic, to store more strength, so as to accumulate and be sure to send!
Second: Sometimes you have to learn to pretend you don't understand, to meet the needs of those who are good teachers! This is not hypocrisy, but a strategy to not be attacked by people!
What teacher? That is to be tireless and not to be a teacher. Those who are good teachers do not belong to the ranks of teachers at all, and most of them are just clever. Apart from satisfying your vanity, I will not give you practical and valuable things! Instead it will make you very bored!
Third: It is necessary to respect people in the workplace; it is necessary to pretend to respect others. This is not hypocrisy, but a necessary routine for making friends!
In reality, many people always want to express themselves when they are in contact with others. They want others to know how competent and powerful they are. This is very disrespectful of human performance. Those touting your own words are often unwilling to listen, and they are also annoying! Never talk about yourself and make others feel invisible away from you because they are not respected! Sometimes pretending to respect others is not hypocrisy, but a necessary routine for making friends!
Fourth: In the face of opponents in the workplace, always keep a very calm attitude, do not let others detect your emotional flaws!
Speaking of calm, Kong Ming in "The Plan of the Empty City" was particularly calm. In the end, Sima Yi feared that he would retreat with fraud, not only protecting himself but more people! When you encounter troubles caused by your opponent, keep calm, keep calm in the "Stone Buddha" class, make better use of your wisdom, and let your opponents converge to give you the opportunity to turn defeat into victory!
Fifth: This is a bit difficult to handle, that is, pretend to be good, and make your boss feel that you are easily controlled by him!
What are the characteristics of the boss? The biggest feature is: authority! How else? The knowledge and skills in the field of each boss may overwhelm you! Therefore, the same boss likes different employees, and there is always nothing wrong with being well-behaved in the workplace. Being an obedient subordinate, even if you pretend, will bring a lot of benefits to your career!
Sixth point: pretend to be stupid, let others relax your vigilance against you!
Seventh point: that is to pretend to admit defeat, to give victory to others without any benefit!
The eighth point is the high-level way of life in the workplace: pretending to be bullish, making you think that the people you associate will not look down on you!
Summary: It is not that you are not good enough in the workplace, but that you do not understand these eight ways of pretending to be silly. Don't know how to choose the right time, go step by step to achieve the goal you want!

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