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What is "Zhaoshan Gaishan" in traditional feng shui and what kind of cover is best?

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38 generations of disciples and descendants of Liu Jiangdong from Yang Gong in China
Li Weihong / text
In traditional feng shui, there is a noun called "Zhaoshan Gaishan", and Zhaoshan Gaishan is also called "Front Zhaojiao", and under what circumstances is "Zhaoshan Gaishan" the best? Please see the original "Guide to the Son of Geography."
On Back-to-Back
The mountain outside the hole before the cave is said to be before; the mountain behind the cave after the cave is called back. It also said that the front cover and the back cover, that is, the mountain sitting forward and backward. Xie said that the former was leaning on the back; Chen said that the latter was the treasure hall, and the former was Longlou; Buji was the front screen and the back screen; Liu was that the special show was in front and the screen was behind; Zheng was referred to as the "group Feng Duxiu is in front of him, and stacks of accounts are behind it. " Zhou Donglou said that the former should be the second highest case, and the third and fifth are both. To be as sharp as a pen, Zhuo Ruhu, Fang such as a magpie axis, high weight, such as Jin Ran, are all right and beautiful are also.
The back photo is the Fuchu Peak. After the top of the mountain, or beyond the arms, Nazu Mountain is noble and tall, and it is supported by the Xuanwu, such as the throne, such as the royal screen, such as the tent and the curtain. If Huilong, Tulong, and Henglong's caves, the ancestors should not be Zhaoshan, but the noble and tall ones of the outer mountains should be guarded by the back, so that the Xuanwu pillow can be regarded as a photo, without being trapped in the air. There are people who wait for a strange hole, turn around and turn against the trend, sit in the air to be facing the water, and there are deep pool meltdowns after sitting, or those who are entangled in the water. If there is a nearby mountain that can be closed to the inner hall, although there should be no mountain outside, it will not harm it. "The case of Biao Yun's" outrageous, if not sleepless bow "case is also. Yang Gong should be robbed of people in the forward empty space. If there is a Shuiyang Dynasty in the face, or if there is a low-altitude sand holding it horizontally, it is not necessary. So it said: "People are robbed from above, they must be far away from the front (if there is no distant dynasty, they are robbed by prisoners). There is water and sand to hold them horizontally. And those who overlap, especially Shangji. Compared with the two, the back light is particularly tight. Everything is negative and embraces the sun, so behind the acupoints, there must be no barrier to cover the leeward. After sitting on the high mountain, it is also called Tianzhu Peak. Pu Shiyun: "Tianzhu is high and Shou Pengzu." Also known as Fu Chufeng. Governor Zhao Yun: "The back seat is full of high light, Baifuyouji." Therefore, if there is such a mountain, then the master will have a longevity, Kangning Baishun, people Dingfanyan, rich and rich.
For example, if Cheng Tian had his ancestors in Peng Ze, his previous photos should be overlapped and neat, so Si Kong Qiaozi, Gao Shouhoufu, and the couple frowned. All the suns and fans of the four generations live in the same hall, full of Zhu Zi and Baifu Xianji.
The ground is in Pengze Jiudu (Pengze County, Jiangxi), Tuming Bridge Pavilion. Its dragon comes from Mingshui Mountain, which is far from detailed. To Jijialing, Yuping was the young ancestor. A few quarters of habitat flashes, rowing large accounts, Zhongfeng stands alone fortunately. The first few quarters, three. The Central Platform launched the orthodox Sun Venus, opening its nodules. The points are flat, and the left and right packages overlap, taken as lotus-shaped Huaxin points. The remaining air under the cave was covered with felt and Mingtang was fused. The peaks of foreign countries, such as listings, such as Tianma, writing pens, and mat caps, are listed in various ways. The lion elephant in Shuikou defends the gate, flows around the blue dragon, entangles basalt, Zhuji Xianbei, and beautiful land also. Between Yuan and Zheng, the two men of Zeng's burial treasure. The fourth son of the father, Bo Yongyi, lives at the bridge pavilion; Zhong said Yonger, located under the willow tree; Shu said Yongsan, located at Xiaoling. Today is rich. Ji Yueyong, the fourth emperor, used martial arts to clear Jianghan from Emperor Taizu Gao Emperor, and borrowed Anlu Jinchengtianwei official. One hundred households and three thousand households were passed on to this day, and thousands of hereditary families were inherited. Know the county official, recommended at the age. Jintang presents Taibao and Shangshu. Donated the staff to Gonghui, Sun Gui, Taibao, Shangshu. Seven generations of Yang Baigong, Deng Jinshi, Shaanxi Shaanxi official. To the official, advanced doctor in the constitution, tired of Taibao, the Ministry of Industry Shangshu. Luo Quangong Bingbing, recommended at the age of conferred by Guanglu Department. The eighth generation did sacrifice Gongshouwu, boarded the jinshi, tired official Taibao, Da Sikong, Yi Mang Shu Yu, and all generations have a good reputation. The rapid growth of the provinces, Kou Zongwu, and the nine generations of the grandchildren, the humanities, and the well-being.
Press: Yes, the ground is strong, the dragon is strong, Wu Xing has acupoints, and the power is all, so the master is hereditary. Tianzhu is tall and the blessing is thick, so the Lord enjoys the age and prepares fortune. Qian Sha went to the river to worship, so he was noble to leave. I have a lot of energy, so the old man Ding Yan, Yun Yun Yong.

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