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Engraving art appreciation

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Seal: 1. Li Yuyu Seal 2. High Light
Side section: 1. Baishi.
Qingtian Stone Chrysanthemum Engraved on Qi Baishi
Seal: 1. Zhang Yizun's seal 2. Taixudong 樵
Border: 1. Baishi, Yihai. 2. A respected urn, Shiraishi.
Shou Shigong et al
Seal: 1. Li Guyuyin 2. Yuanguang Longevity 3. Li Guyuyin
Border: 1. Seal. 3. Yi 酉, 匃.
About the author: Shou Shigong (1889 ~ 1949), famous prince, character Shi Gong, No. 匄, Indian beggar, Indian Hou, gardener, etc., room name Rong Yi, Zhu Menglu, Lenghe Pavilion, Lutian Jingshe, etc. Born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Carved home. Words in workbooks, like Tibetan ink. Living in Beijing for a long time. He is the author of Trivial Talks on Governance and Sealing and Sealing.
Dunlifu's Three Seals for Shoushan Stone Huang Jie's Private Use
Seal: 1. Huang Jie 2. Shukang 3. Shouzhai Zhaizhu
Border: _1. Lifu's imitation of Han.
2. Lifu imitates the Han Chinese seal.
3. Li Fu governs India.
Changhua Bloodstone Pair Chapter
Seal: 1. Shen Han private seal 2. Yong
Note: With rosewood stamp box.
Five Blocks of Deng Sanmu's Woodcut
Seal: 1. Jianlu 2. Jianjinglu 3. Lanzhai 4. Lanzhai 5. Lanzhai
Side paragraph: 1. Feces, Jiashen big deal. 2. Feces, April. 3. Bingxi May, loose wood. 4. Jiashen, dung. 5. Feces, Jiashen.
About the author: _ Deng Sanmu (1898 ~ 1963), formerly named iron, a scholar with a scientific name, pure iron, nickname and canal, even more nicknamed, one foot, Zhai Mingjian Jianlou, Leopard Room, born in Shanghai. In the art world, he has the reputation of "Northern Qi (White Rock) Nan Deng". He is good at calligraphy and engraving, and the truth, the line, the grass, the line, and the slave are all fine. The strokes and finesse are quite profound. After middle age, the works are vigorous and vigorous, and they are prominent in the ephemeris in his later years. They can be described as a combination of large, small, Oracle, bamboo and bamboo slips, forming a personal style of grass.
Lai Chusheng Carved Ivory Chapter
Seal: 1. Shao Liang 2. Xi Xian
Side section: 1. Xin Yan Qiaoyue came to Chu Sheng. 2. Lai Chusheng was carved in Douzhai.
A1.1 × 1.1 × 6cm 1.1 × 1.1 × 6cm
Author brief introduction: Lai Chusheng (1904 ~ 1975), formerly known as Xun Xun, the word Chu Sheng, the word line, the number Chu Chu, Ran Xi, An Chu, the late change number was born, born in Xiaoshan, Zhejiang. Poems, books, paintings, and seals are particularly good, especially in the shape of seals.
Qi Baishi, Yu Rentian, Tang Zuishi, Sha Menghai, Deng Sanmu, Han Deng'an, Chen Zifen, Ma Gongyu, Ye Ming, etc. Engraved by Peng Shu, Peng Shuiruo, Seal of Collection and Collection
Hangou Frozen Landscape Insignia
Note: The pit head frozen stone has a greasy texture, transparent, delicate, warm, white, and maintains the shape of the original natural pebble. The high quality of the texture, the exquisite craftsmanship, and the clever conception make it hard to put it down.
The description of the two sides of the white hibiscus and horns frozen chapter: The white hibiscus is of high purity and purity. Decorated with moire. Frozen horn seal antique bell-shaped, decorated with dragon pattern
White Hibiscus and Peach Blossom Frozen Dragon Seal
Note: Use the color of the printed stone to make a dragon button, add more mysterious colors, exquisite knife skills, and shape the atmosphere. The white hibiscus chapter has a fine texture and high purity, and the buttons are exquisite.
Wu Pu Carved for Government and Indian Quartet
Seals: 1. Snow owl 2. Ren Zhengyin letter 3. Home between Yantai and Tiantai 4. Enjoy it
Border: 1. Thick factory printing. 2. Mr. Lan Zhai belongs to the Han Chinese seal. Wu Pu. 3. Jiashenyu April thick factory imitates the Song and Yuan dynasties. 4. Wu Pugui.
Tong Danian and Ye Xiyuan Engraved as Political and Indian Seals
Seals: 1. Jian Jinglu 2. Jian Weng 3. Lanzhai's posthumous posthumous political life
Border: 1. Mr. Lan Zhai is face-to-face, that is, the Greek side is right. Jiashen was seventy-two years old in August. 2. Yuan Yuan is carved by Jane Weng, Ding Yan in October. 3. Imitation Han cast type is made in Jiao Jingyu, Yuanyuan.
Gao Shineng, Tong Yanfang, Han Tianheng, and Uncle Xu Yun carved into five roles
Seals: 1. Renzheng Book Seal 2. Old Dang Yizhuang 3. After 60 years of Renzheng 4. Lan Weng 5. Lan Zhai
Side section: 1. Mr. Lan Zhai is in charge, Uncle Yun. 2. Uncle Yun. 3. Style bear carved. 4. Ding Yuyuan Yue was written by Comrade Ren Zheng, Tianheng. 5. Early Spring of 1911, carved by Yan Fang.
Shoulai Stone Pair Carved by Qian Shoutie
Seal: 1. Biwuxuan 2. Bai Yunxuan
Border section: 1. Qing jun belongs to Shu Ya. 2. Thin iron.
Fang Jiekan carved Wang Yachen with the second seal
Printing material: plum blossom
Seal: 1. Wang Yachen's seal 2. Yachen's calligraphy and painting
Border section: 1. Jiekan imitation Han. 2. Mr. Yachen belongs to Ding Yi and Fang Wen.
Wang Yachen's Three Seals Engraved by Ling Xu and Xie Bowen
Seal: 1. Jia Wusheng 2. The Silent Ones 3. Yunyin Landlord
Side section: 1. Teacher Yachen teaches positive, Gui Weiling is empty. 2. In the early summer of Gengchen, the teacher made an appointment. 3. Pseudo-Qin Yin method, appointment
Three Seals Sealed by Wang Yan and Wang Yachen
Seal: 1. Wang Yachen 2. Yachen Painting and Calligraphy 3. Yunyin Lou
Border section: 1. Yifu June Fook Factory. 2. On May 29th, Jiashen was engraved with Yachen's brother's study room. 3. Jia Shenzhong, Jiuya Dust Road, Changzheng, Fuchang.
Jiang Tian and Wu Zai Carving Wang Yachen with Five Seals
Seals: 1. Fisherman uses water as a field 2. You Huan Zi Le 3. Wang Yachen's seal 4. Cloud hermits 5. Haishan Cangcang
Chen Julai carved Wang Yachen with two seals
Seal: 1. I love Qijing 2. Enjoy it
Border section: 1. Julai imitation jade seal. 2. Julai.
Jian Jinglun engraved Wang Yachen with two seals
Seal: 1. Wang 2. Yachen
Border: 1. Qin Zhai. 2. Qin Zhai.
Jian Jinglun Carved Wang Yachen's Triangle with Indian Seals
Seal: 1. Dust 2. What I Want 3. Knowing Fish
Border: 1. Qin Zhai. 2. Qin Zhai. 3. Qin Zhai.
Fang Jiekan, Han Deng'an, Xie Leiming, etc. carved Wang Yachen's six seals
Seal: 1. Yunyin Building 2. Observation of Nature and Nature 3. Yachen Sketching 4. Yunyin Residents 5. Wang Yachen 6. Wang Yachen
Side section: 1. Mr. Yachen Fang Jiazheng. Gengchen Day, Yongjia Xie Leiming. 2. Tong Ren Zuo. 3. Jiekan is for my brother Yachen. 4. Jiekan is for the elder brother of Chen Chen. 5. Jiekan. 6. Boarding system.
Deng San woodcut Wang Yachen's seal
Seal: Yunyin Building
Border section: Long genus of Yachen Road, Shijiao Jiashen in June
Six Seals of Zhao Shi's Seal Carved by Zhao Guni and Zhang Yueyu
Seals: 1. Zhao 2. Zhao Shi 3. Jiu Shi 4. Ren Zizi Gong 5. Zhao Shiyin 6. Zhao
Border: _1. Ancient mud imitation Han Zhuwen. Ancient mud 4. Ding Yu finished Bai Fa for Ji Gong in October, ancient mud. 5. Mr. Apgu belongs to Yuezhang. 6. Guihai ancient mud.
Tian Huang Frozen Cloud Bats Miao Quansun Sun Yin
Seal: The Stone of Yunzi
Explanation: _ This is the best Tianhuang frozen material in Tianhuangshi, it can be described as less than one. The quality is extremely transparent, integrating Tian Huangzhi's six virtues: "fine, clean, moist, greasy, warm, and condensed." The paste has a bright and pure color, and its color is between orange peel yellow and orange peel red. It has a very typical orange tangerine pattern and red ribs. The top is shaped with light floating carved cloud pattern bat button decoration. The knife is skillful and exquisite, the moire lines are smooth, and the bats are utterly shameless. It is a metaphor for blessing, and the topic selection is extremely auspicious.
Seal: Feng Tian is dependent on Chi Ling
WU Changshuo carved Tian Huangxian Zhang
Seal: Come to fast
Side section: Puppet Weng, Laoyu.
Explanation: _ Zhang Chong and the old collection. Zhang Chonghe was born in Shanghai in 1914. He was born in Hefei, Anhui. His great ancestor Zhang Shusheng was the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi. His father Zhang Jizheng was an enlightened educator, and his brother-in-law was Shen Congwen. Zhang Chonghe is a female disciple of Shen Yinzheng. She works poems, is good at painting and calligraphy, Tongyinlu, You Changkun, and is known as the last lady.
General Yang Yuxuan's White Furong Button Seal
Seal: I have an old alliance with Plum
Border: 1. Yuxuan. 2. Bingxue is clean and clever. 3. The good wind blows Xiaoxiang, recommending a petal of Jingtai, privately engraved the inscription of Tantan, the third goddess Jade, and Putian. 4. Luo Nian. 5 Keijizo
Lin Qingqing Carves Flowers and Flowers
Note: This pair of chapters is the second frozen mountain stone in the Republic of China. The stone color is white and condensed like a fat jade. The carved meaning is from the hand of a generation of giants Lin Qingqing. The whole composition is intended for this purpose. The begonia rose is luxuriant and dense. The paintings are true and false, and the explanation is clear. Use a signature small round knife to pick the ground, and when the front side turns, it will slowly follow whatever you want. The perfect combination of Jiashi Lianggong made the viewer fascinated.
Chen Julai's Seal Seal with White Hibiscus and Lion
Landscape Poor Green Stone Seal
Seal: Pride can't grow, desire can't be indulged. Ambitious and extremely happy
Note: This chapter is of high-quality stone, sculpting thin Italian landscapes, skilful swordsmanship, simplicity and charm. The seal is in Chinese in the Book of Rites. Means: Do your best to abstain from being arrogant; do not indulge in all kinds of desires; Chi Man is detrimental; Le Ji is lascivious. Therefore, we should all abstain
Changhua Dahongpao Chicken Blood Frozen Stone
Note: This Dahongpao Changhua chicken blood frozen stone is bright red, rich in color, large in blood volume, fine and smooth in texture, slightly transparent to translucent, and it is the most precious species in bloodstone, very rare.
Dulingkeng Pine Grape Seal
Description: Dulingkeng stone is delicate and psychic, with two colors. It is delicate and clean like lotus root powder. It is shaped like pine grapes, delicate and exquisite, vivid and lovely.
Dulingkeng and other three parties
Seal: 2. Senior Yuan
Side section: 2. Dafengshan people
Note: Among them, the two stones are duling duling pit stones, the texture is more transparent. The other stone, the thin peony, rises with the wind and is full of movement. The craftsmanship is also superb.
Chen Julai carved into ten official seals
Seals: 1. Renzheng longevity 2. Renzheng's seal 3. Renzheng's private seal 4. Jian Jinglu 5. Lanzhai 6. Renzheng's private seal 7. Jingzhi 8. Renzheng's private seal 9. Lanzhai 10. Home at Tiandang Yandang
Border: 1. Lan Zhai's brother Fang Jiazhengzhi, Jiashen October, Dai Zhai. 2. Julai imitation Chinese. 3. Julai. 4. Julai. 7. Julai. 8. Julai moment. 9. Carved by the respected family members of Five Brothers, Jiashen in April, Julai. 10.Julai
Guo Ruoyu and others carved the Shoushan Stone and Amethyst Chapter
Seal: 1. Jing Han 2. Evening Pavilion
Side section: 1. Mr. Yu Feng is right now.
Hu Fang and Zhao Shuzhang inscribed Changchang Fossil Chicken Blood and Shoushan Stone
Seal: 1. Zhao Mingqian 2. Jiang Pingyachu
Side section: 1. Shu Shu pays Qianer at this moment. 2. Neighbor seals.

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