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Fan Zhongyan practiced good morals in exchange for 800-year-old grandchildren!

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It has been difficult for generations of famous ministers to succeed for three generations. Like Fan Wenzhenggong, the descendants spread throughout the land of China, and the family lasted for 800 years without falling. Only Confucius and Master Confucius could compare.
Fan Zhongyan was born in a very cold place, and he lived in a temple to study. The story of "broken porridge painting porridge" came at that time. By chance, Fan Zhongyan found a pile of gold in the rat's hole in the temple. At that time, no one was present, and his family was extremely poor. Fan Zhongyan didn't move a minute or a bit, covered the slate and buried it again until he became famous in the future. The secret remained in his heart.
Decades later, the Fanquan Temple where Fan Zhongyan was studying was burned down in a fire. The elders of the temple came to ask for help. Fan Zhongyan wrote a note that said: Jingdong a kiln of gold, Jingxi a kiln of silver , Half of the monasteries, half of the monks. In this way, the temple restored the old view, and the matter that had been in Fan Zhongyan's heart for decades was also eliminated.
The Fan family has a famous fengshui treasure in Suzhou. At that time, Mr. Feng Shui said to Fan Zhongyan, "The descendants will be public officials!" Fan Zhongyan thought that since Feng Shui here can make future generations noble, it is better to change to a school and let the children of Suzhou city enter the school. In the future, everyone's children will be able to be more talented and noble than their own family. Isn't it more beneficial than their own family? So immediately built a school. For millennia, there have been nearly four hundred scholars and eighty scholars. Now it is a high school. The school site has truly made the children and children of the people prosperous.
Fan Zhongyan's biography also said that Fan Zhongyan's life had supported more than 300 people with his puppets. Even if Fan Zhongyan is the prime minister, and one person supports three hundred families, he can only make ends meet. Fan Zhongyan will be born for decades after his birth. When he is old, he will not have enough funeral expenses because his money was given to others. .
The Fan family lasted until the early years of the Republic of China, and the descendants of each generation were able to follow the ancestral teachings left by Fan Zhongyan. It is not only because of Fan Zhongyan's accumulated moral cultivation and planting seeds of good karma, but also because of his bosom-mindedness.
"Worry in the world first, worry in the world", this is a kind of great willingness. If you really want to accumulate your morals for yourself and your children, you must learn Fan Zhongyan. It will be bigger, and then with this great willingness, we will try to help all sentient beings, without asking for returns, regardless of whether the other party knows, without any purpose and utilitarianism. In this way, this Yinde will accumulate a deep and profound, not only to keep yourself away from disasters, prolong life, increase wealth, but also benefit children and grandchildren, Fuze endless.
It is Fan Zhongyan's deep will that has accumulated under the vast will and energy of his heart that can protect Fude for 800 years and make the Fan family endless.
Sima Guang once said, "The accumulation of funds in the bequests of the children and grandchildren may not be able to keep them. The accumulation of the books in the bequests of the children, the children may not be able to read. It is better to use the yin yide in the underworld, thinking that the offspring will last.
Cultivate the virtues of the century, that is, the children of the century.
Fan Wenzheng is very close to Buddhism, and he has frequent contacts with many monks and great virtues. He also has deep research on the concept of Buddhism. Facts have proven that none of the officials who belonged to the same dynasty as Fan Zhongyan lasted for 800 years like the family of Fan Wenzheng. It is because Fan Wenzheng's public morality and moral cultivation can benefit all living beings to succeed future generations and last for 800 years without falling.

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