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Turn waste into automatic watering flower pots

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:18:21

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If you are often busy with work, often forget to water plants, or travel frequently, then these DIY automatic watering flower pots are very suitable for you. Let's take a look at how to make them.
1, soda bottle automatic replenishment
Each soda bottle can be turned into a very practical automatic rehydration pot, a very cheap and interesting container, and the manufacturing method is very simple. First, cut the plastic bottle into two parts.
Then the upper part is put upside down, put a water-absorbing cotton rope shoelace at the mouth of the bottle, and then add potting soil. The plastic bottle at the bottom is filled with water, and the upper plastic bottle is placed upside down in the water bottle Can achieve the effect of automatic rehydration.
2.Automatic water refilling wooden box
This is a wooden box transformed into a flower trough. Does it look complicated? Let's take a look at its internal structure, just put different catheters in the bottom of the basin.
In fact, it is to perforate between wooden boxes, and then connect the water pipe. It is connected in a green water tank (right). The water tank is placed high, and there is a transitional plastic basin next to it. Put some water on. The water pipe of the large water tank has a switch to control the amount of water. Isn't it easy?
3, two buckets superimposed automatically watering
You can see that the small vegetable garden in the picture above is full of plastic buckets. How do they realize automatic watering?
In fact, the two plastic buckets are put together, but the bottom will be perforated so that they can automatically replenish water, which is equivalent to dipping the pot to keep the pot soil slightly moist.
4, the wine bottle becomes automatic watering flower pot
This is an automatic watering flower pot made directly from a wine bottle. It is also simple to make. Just cut the bottle and then invert it. Just put a long cotton thread at the mouth of the bottle to automatically absorb water. The purpose of keeping the pot soil slightly moist.
The wine bottle must be cut very carefully. Use a cutting machine or an alcohol-stained cotton thread to wind the cutting position. After fully burning, it can be quickly soaked in ice water to achieve the cutting effect.
5.Mini garden
This is a vanilla plant used to plant some small plants. Two plastic pots can be superimposed together into a simple version of automatic water refilling flower pots. The plastic pots above need to be drilled.
6. Automatically replenish water in the soil
This automatic rehydration idea is even simpler. Fill the container directly with water, preferably a wine bottle, and then plug it into a wooden stopper. The stopper is perforated, and a small amount of water can flow out, and it can be inserted into the soil.
Of course, you can also use a plastic bottle directly, drill some small holes in the bottle body and the bottom of the bottle, and then dig holes in the soil, put it in the water and put it down, the top can be hollowed out, and occasionally add water in.

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