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Good love: something to do on the bed, something to say under the bed

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Spring is here and the glaciers thaw. The butterflies are flying, and the bears scatter. Everything recovers on the prairie, and it is time to mate.
In this season of "whoever reaches out first, or there is a single dog for a year", a little couple at Sichuan University has shown us what is called "fancy falcon".
A girl in the library saw a handsome guy in the front row, but didn't know how to make a conversation, so she walked over and "accidentally" knocked the handsome guy's glass to the ground, and used the excuse of losing the glass to get the other's signal. But then found that the cost of losing the cup was too high, so he went to the school forum anonymously.
As a result, the handsome guy wrote the following post: In fact, he also likes the girl in his heart. The girl ’s behavior has been seen through him for a long time. The boy said that he does n’t want a cup, and just wants to watch a movie with the girl.
But I want to say that this is not unusual. In the past, we used "chasing" in love, but now we use "撩" in love.
It seems that in this process of 撩 撩, one is active and one is passive, but in fact it is a process in which two people attract each other.
Didn't you find it? The two people in the story are really the same kind of people. They all belong to people who are not good at expressing their emotions in a straightforward way, but in the middle of the night, they speak out on social forums. I can see the pride of their faces across eight hundred miles.
When I was in college, I liked a schoolgirl in the Japanese class. I went to the library under the name of second tutor every three minutes.
Later, I captured her heart and proudly said to her: In order to chase you, was my primary school brother Ruoqixi who was acting very realistic?
As a result, she sneered scornfully and said to me: Why do you think I will confiscate you a penny for half a year?
You know the routine, but it's not for me.
Only in this case will the "routine" between the two people appear to be natural, as if everything should happen.
On the contrary, there is such a person, in the eyes of relatives and friends, they are good men, good women. He is a good wife and a good mother. But you just can't fall in love.
The flower he gives you is your favorite white lily, and the rice he invites you to eat is your favorite curry rice. You watch a movie together, go to the supermarket together, go to the playground and ride the Ferris wheel, all the scenes are like the shots in the movie.
It is a pity that there is no own happiness across the screen.
You can hold her hand, but there is always sweat on the palm. He can also kiss your lips, but there is no sweet feeling. You have no sense of security sitting in his co-pilot, let alone living in his master bedroom. As for Jin was turned red, and Li was hidden, you never even thought about it.
He is the right person, but he is not your person.
Really right people don't have to deliberately find topics when sitting together. The two were in a nest on the sofa, his legs were on the coffee table, and my legs were on his leg. The big pot of boiling water was just one afternoon.
Whether it's just getting up in the morning or closing his eyes at night, seeing his lips, he can't help but want to stick it. Then I pushed the boat down the river and omitted 30,000 words here, and went to great harmony together.
They also quarrel for strange reasons, but they can always be reconciled for stranger reasons.
In the morning, I suddenly turned my face for the ownership of the TV channel. He said that you knew to watch Korean dramas without taste or connotation.
Eat at noon together, he will still pick out the green peppers in your bowl one by one.
They said that the bedside quarrel with the bedside was actually nonsense.
Where do you need the end of the bed? Noisy on the bed, the bed closes.
The standard of falling in love, in the final analysis, is actually this one: there is something to do on the bed, and something to say under the bed.
There is something to do on the bed, which is to be pleasing to the eye. The tall, short, fat, round, pointed, long and short don't matter. It is important that you find your favorite.
Don't listen to the "I like her, but I don't want to fall in love with her."
Like a person but do not sleep with him, what's the difference with Pippi shrimp! Not falling in love?
What do you think the words "love" and "fertilization" look like?
To be honest, close physical contact is one of the most direct extensions of living conditions.
Seeing that the other half of them is suddenly having sex, either physically or mentally, there is always something wrong.
If you like to see the other half full of energy every day, find a person who is full of energy. If you like to face noodles with clear soup, look for a person who is uncluttered and casual.
When two people who are incompatible in life are together, it is not complementary, it is mutual anxiety.
There was something under the bed that said that it is necessary to be happy, and it is better to talk without words. If two people are not together, then the days will be boring.
Something to say, but it doesn't have to be.
It could be the words of two people pulling together, and the words of Niubi blowing to the Pluto Galaxy can't come back.
It can also be a mouthful of words, and a mouthful of excitement. From time to time, a few words or two are put in the right place. The people who speak are more motivated and the listeners feel more energetic. It looks like a teaser and a clapper on the crosstalk stage. It seems that the drama is different.
The two people are most afraid of being speechless and showing each other respectfully.
Aside from these two things, all factors are just sufficient and unnecessary conditions in love.
Cars, houses, these things can really bring a lot of happiness to our lives. But even if I only have one person, BMW incense car, luxury villa is a happy capital! Therefore, these things have nothing to do with whether a love suits me or not! Isn't it?
After seeing so many divorce cases, there are stars, politicians, and friends around.
How many people divorce because of derailment and betrayal, and how many people divorce because of poverty and mediocrity?
Poverty is terrible, but the most terrible poverty is the poverty in the emotional world of two people. The love between each other is impoverished. Except for the roses and gifts used for the holiday in the New Year, they ca n’t take out anything to warm their other half. .
Therefore, it ’s okay to look at each other when you're in blind date, or fate when you encounter each other. Before weighing and measuring the wealth of each other ’s family, it ’s best to ask your heart carefully whether I want to go with this person or not. Say?
Focusing only on material conditions, he married a real estate certificate and bank card, and handed over the happiness of the rest of his life to endless waiting and endless complaints.
You can only chat with Siri when you are lonely, and you can only grab the bed with one hand during orgasm. This life is the true grave of love.
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