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Pink wall Daiwa, Chinese Hui style rural villa units have always been so beautiful

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:18:09

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Original 2017-03-23
The reason why rural houses are updated so quickly is because the rural economy was not good before. Everyone simply built a house to live in, and sometimes the houses looked ugly when they looked at themselves, both in terms of appearance and structural quality. It's different now. Everyone builds a new house not only to have a house to live in, but also to pursue beauty and living comfort. The house is not outdated for decades.
Today, Xiaobian introduces a Chinese Huipai-style villa unit, without much words, directly look at the picture.
Floor plan
Basic type information
Project Location: Yingtan, Jiangxi, Project Name: Private Villa
House main room: 10.24 meters, depth: 11 meters
Excluding courtyard area: 95.53 square meters
Building area: 242.05 square meters
Brick-concrete structure, the main reference cost is 200,000-250,000
This is a traditional rural house with a small courtyard, which is in line with rural customs and has obvious rural style characteristics. A gate on the left enters the courtyard and a garage door on the right enters the courtyard. Practical and beautiful, small family construction is more economical and practical.
Floor plan
The front house on the first floor has a small courtyard, and the entrance is a living room. There is also a kitchen, dining room, parent room and a public bath. The parent room has a separate toilet and an inner balcony for easy living.
The second floor has three bedrooms, a study and a public bath. The master bedroom has a separate toilet, as well as a terrace and a small storage room.
This unit is a two-story new rural house with turquoise gray wave tile veneer, white paint finish on the wall, simple and elegant appearance, fresh and elegant colors, full of the atmosphere of the times, suitable room size design, high space utilization, and each use of space All have better lighting and ventilation.

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