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Eighteenth Road Princes 32: The leader of the Jujube Alliance is not any lord, but an aide

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Dong Zhuo has the power, and Guan Dong's troops include Yuan Shao of the Bohai Sea, Wang Kuang of Hanoi, Han Kou of Jizhou, Mu Han of Jizhou, Yu Zhou of Shizhou Kong Shi, Liu Zhou of Luzhou Shishi, Chen Liu of Taishou Zhang Huan, Guangling Taishou Zhangye's brother Zhang Chao, and Dongjun Taishouqiao Ye, Shanshou prince Yuan Yi, Jibei Baoxin, Cao Cao (in Chen Liu), and post-general Yuan Shu (in Luyang).
Figure 1. The assembled princes of various roads ("Tiger Pass")
After careful analysis, we can see the actual situation of these people, which is basically a circle of friends of Yuan Shao. For the Yuan family of the fourth generation of three public servants, it is not difficult for them to be so connected in series and quiet, not to mention that there are three members of the Yuan family: Yuan Shao, Yuan Shu, and Yuan Yi.
Figure 2.Yuan Shao, who was promoted as the leader
Among the three members of the Yuan family, the first two are well-known, but Cao Cao is most admired by the last Shanyang elder guard Yuan Yi. Cao Cao commented on Yuan Yi in this way, saying: "Grow up and be able to be a scholar, but I and Yuan Boye ear." Boye is the word of Yuan Yi, although Cao Cao praised himself by the way when he praised Yuan Yi, but from Cao Cao From the later performance, it can be seen that this person can be compared with himself. However, Yuan Yi did not show much in the troubled times and later attached to Yuan Shao. Appointed as the Yangzhou Assassin by Yuan Shao, but was killed by Yuan Shu. The internal contradictions of the Yuan family were, for some time, the most important contradiction among the princes. This is a hindrance and I will not discuss it for now.
Figure 3, Shan Yang Taishou Yuan Yi
We saw that in the army of four-way crusade against Dong Zhuo, the most crowded place was S. jujuba (now Yanjin, Henan). Let's first review those who are gathered in Ziziphus jujuba: Chenzhou, Liuzhou, Chenliu Taishou Zhangshou, Guangling Taishou Zhangchao, Dongshou Taishou Bridge Yi, Shanyang Taishou Yuan Yi, Jibei Minister Bao Xin and Cao Cao.
From the point of view, Guangling, where the elder guard Zhang Chao is located, is the farthest from Zaoyang. And Zhang Chao is not directly in Yuan Shao's circle of friends. How could he run so aggressively and far from Guangling County, which is near the sea in Xuzhou? Behind this, it will be said that one of Zhang Chao's most dependent counselors, Zang Hong.
Figure 4.Zang Hong
Zhang Chao does not have an independent biography in the history books, but this Zang Hong has. Moreover, Zhang Chao and his reliance on Zang Hong, even his brother was curious. In Chenliu County, Zhangye, when Zhangye saw Zhang Chao on the first side, he asked, "I heard that you are doing a good job in the position of the guard in Guangling County. All policy instructions are not issued by you, but all Entrust a person named Zang Hong, what kind of person is Zang Hong? "Zhang Chao heard his brother ask, and responded like this:" Zang Hong's talents are stronger than me. I really trust him the most. He is a real stranger in China. "Then Zhang Chao introduced Zang Hong to see his brother Zhang Jian, and when Zhang Jian saw Zang Hong, he was attracted to" different words. " From the fact that the Zhang family brothers rely so heavily on Zang Hong, it can be seen that this person is indeed an unusual person. However, from his dialogue with his brother, Zhang Chao's modest character is really rare in the world.
Figure 5.
Zhang Ye and Zhang Chao were able to appear in Ziziphus jujube, all because of this Zang Hong. After hearing about Dong Zhuo ’s actions in Beijing, Zang Hong persuaded Zhang Chao to say: "Brother Chao, your family has been deeply favored by the emperor. It is a good time for the gangsters and thieves to take control. This is a good time for the world to repay their lives. Now the people of Guangling County are rich and rich. Destroying the thief and becoming the leader of the world, isn't that the greatest righteousness? "Zhang Chao listened and agreed, and went westward together to Chenliu County in Zhangye.
If Zang Hong's remarks are placed in the Spring and Autumn Days esteemed in ancient times, it will be no problem. But in reality, it is endless. As a county defender, who does not defend the soil, but from the office to raise troops to attack the central government, isn't this the most common thing in troubled times? If you can really control the central court like Dong Zhuo, it is definitely impossible for you to temporarily recruit troops. As a result, you can only recruit a good 20,000 people and become an independent force, which will endanger the Quartet. The result of Kanto's slaying of Dong Zhuo justifies this. So no matter how grandiose it is, if there is ambition hidden behind it, it will not be good for the world. Behind this generous submission, are Zang Hong and Zhang Chao really not so selfish? Even if not, can you guarantee that the 20,000 people you recruited?
Figure 6.Liu Yan
In Chenliu County of Zhangye, Zhang Chao, Zang Hong, and Zhang Ye said they were in a hurry. At this time, more than Zhang Chao and Zang Hong had this idea. Cao Cao recruited 5,000 people, but in Chenliu County under the jurisdiction of Zhangye, Zhangye had already prepared. In addition, Zang Hong and Luzhou assassination prince Shi and Liuzhou and Yuzhou assault shi kong are all acquaintances. Zhang Chao's staff played a very important role in uniting the princes.
Let's first take a look at the place where the Oath Alliance formed—Sour Jujube. Ziziphus jujuba is in Chenliu County, which belongs to the Department of History of Chenzhou. Therefore, the true owner of Ziziphus jujuba is Zhangye, and it is also under the jurisdiction of Yanzhou Liushi. From what we introduced before, it was precisely driven by the small role of Zang Hong and relying on the Zhang family brothers—Zhang Ye and Zhang Chao—to contact the princes of all walks of life to have this sour date oath teacher.
Fig. 7 Chinese date in Chenliu County
So that when everyone assembled, set up a mandala, and prepared to swear together, the members of the team who attended the meeting might not be able to save their face or felt that they were not qualified enough. In the end, Zang Hong was recommended to give the oath lecture. With the unanimous consent of everyone, we have the opportunity to speak, which should have been the confederate. You must know that the leader is Yuan Shao, but why did Yuan Shao not appear on the scene? The biggest possibility is that, compared to Zhang Ye, Yuan Shao trusted Wang Kuang and ran to Wang Kuang's Hanoi County. So Zang Hong boarded the altar, picked up the wooden sac and drank the blood of the sacrifices, and then delivered an impassioned oath lecture.
Figure 8, the princes of various roads ("Tiger Pass")
In this way, Zang Hong was originally a small role, but he was the keynote speaker at Dong Zhuo's most important oath alliance. Zang Hong's speech was sealed in three parts. He first criticized Dong Zhuo Yitong, then praised the leaders who led the soldiers, and finally made an oath. Just looking at the records in the history books, there are not many highlights, but "Three Kingdoms" says that many people who listened to Zang Hong's speech burst into tears. "Although they heard the words, they are very supportive and inspiring. It can be seen that Zang Hong's ability to make live speeches is good, but there is no way to record them completely. I sorted out the overview, but found out that it didn't actually say anything.
Figure 9. Sour Jujube Oath Master Conference ("Hu Laoguan")
However, in the speech of Zang Hong recorded in "Three Kingdoms", he revealed the people present at the time. Zang Hong's speech mentioned the five positions of Luzhou Assassination History Liu Yu, Yuzhou Assassination History Conservation, Chen Liutaishou Zhangye, East County Taishou Bridge, and Guangling Taishou Zhang Chao. There are a lot of differences from the people who have gathered in Ziziphus jujuba introduced in the previous article. The people who have been gathered in the four-way appointments include: Liuzhou Clan History Liu Yan, Chen Liutaishou Zhangye, Guangling Taishou Zhangye's brothers Zhang Chao, Dong The prefecture's prince, Qiaoqiao, Shanyang prince, Yuan Yi, Jibei minister Bao Xin and Cao Cao.
Comparing the two, there were more Yuzhou assassinations, Kong Yan, and less Shanyang prince Yuan Yi, Jibei Baoxin and Cao Cao. Cao Cao was likely to be on the scene at that time, but Cao Cao was not a vassal of the party at that time, and was attached to Zhang Jian. It was normal for him not to be mentioned by Zang Hong. Two other Shanyang eunuchs Yuan Yuan and Jibei Baoxin may not have arrived when the Chinese date was sworn in. The more Yuzhou assassin Kong Kun, because he is familiar with Zang Hong, is likely to come over from his army soldiers Xichuan.
But what is the use of a vows meeting? Later results also proved to be really useless. Among the members of the Oathmaster Meeting, there are three Luzhou assassinations by Liu Zhuo, Yuzhou Assassination Kongye, and Chen Liutaishou Zhang Huan, plus Hanzhou at this time, Boshou Yuanshou Yuan Shao, and Dong Zhuo ’s first appointed local officer Only Zhang Yang, the prince of Nanyang, is not in the ranks of crusade against him. Dong Zhuo really digs himself, these scholars do not buy your benefits at all.
The people appointed by him now stand up against themselves, what will Dong Zhuo do? This is the end of the Eighteenth Road Princes. We will read it together in the next issue. Welcome attention! Thank you Little Prince for your hard proofreading!
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