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Questions and answers on prediction methods of various characters

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

How to distinguish the categories of disasters?
Answer: From the four pillars, it can be seen that there is a disaster in the life of the Lord, is it a disaster of one's own or six relatives? Is it a physical or a physical disaster? It is mainly grasped from the following aspects:
(1) The overwhelming majority of the injuries in the fate of using the God are the death of the Lord himself. (2) Most of the fatalities in life were injured by the six relatives. If it is your own disaster, So is it a physical disaster or a physical disaster? Generally speaking, if a certain flow of time is to avoid the fate of life or to groan, it is easy to have physical disasters if you are sad or hurt. If there is no taboo in a certain fleeting year, but there is no groaning phenomenon between the fleeting year and the fate or the Universiade, it is usually an irregularity in things, such as irregularities in wealth, words, work, and career. In addition, the Lunar New Year's branch is at stake with the fate or the Grand Canal. If it is the disaster of the six relatives, see whether the six relatives are damaged or prosperous, and cooperate with the urgency of the house to comprehensively determine which six relatives are in disaster. The Lord's six relatives are in distress.
2. Question: How to judge the six relatives in a special pattern? Is it the same as the ordinary pattern?
A: The method of judging the six relatives in the special pattern is different from that in the ordinary pattern. It cannot be regarded as the same. For example, the Japanese Lord is arrogant and desperate, and the other five elements must follow the momentum. The parent star and the wife star are also compared. For the father and wife star, they can be regarded as official killings; for the mother, the star, they can be seen as eating wounds (when the Indian star is weak) ); For the child's official star (male life), it can be seen as from the wealth grid: female life with food wounds as the child star, can be seen as from Inge.
3.How can I tell that the Lord has bought a house in a certain year?
A: When looking at buying a house, mainly fortune stars and Indian stars, Zhengcai sometimes regards it as real estate. Many people are easy to buy a house in Zhengcai's lifetime. Feng Zhengcai and Yin Xing's noon were motivated (the motives are punishment, impulse, and cooperation). When both were motivated, there was an act of buying a house.
4. There are many ways to judge rich and poor, and many books have written a large article, but I just don't judge it well. What is the simplest way to know if you are rich or poor?
Answer: The most intuitive and practical method is to watch the fateful situation of using God's power. If you like to use God for strength, you will be rich and rich in middle age, and you will be rich and rich, otherwise, you will be poor.
5. Some books say: there is a good life and circulation, and some say that as long as the wealth, government, and India are all available, is this the view?
Answer: This view is not entirely correct. If you look at the circulation, it must be the end point of the circulation in the Lord ’s favor of God; if you are in the fear of God, this circulation is unprofitable, it is difficult to find wealth. Wealth of wealth, government, and India is not necessarily expensive. The key depends on whether the combination of these three can be used by the Lord. If it can be used by the Lord, there must be no wealth. If it cannot be used by the Lord, There is no wealth.
6. Q: How do you think marriage goes smoothly?
Answer: The main points are as follows:
① From the perspective of the palace, if the Japanese branch meets, the marriage of the multi-owner will not be smooth;
② From the perspective of husband and wife stars, if the husband and wife stars are more mixed, they are more likely to have an affair and cause marriage irregularities, leading to divorce. ③ From the comparison of the strength of the Japanese Lord and his spouse, the Japanese Lord is weak, and the spouse is Jealous, when hitting the spouse and prosperous, it is bound to have a bad relationship with the spouse, and the marriage relationship will be in crisis; ④ The male life is more or more prosperous than the calamity, which is unfavorable to the marriage;
⑤ The spouse star is engaged by other stems, and the spouse is prone to having an affair or following others; ⑥ The daily spouse meets, and the marriage of the multi-master is not smooth; Not good, couples are weak.
The above content is a common method to look at marriage irregularities. There are other methods, which are limited in space and cannot be detailed one by one.
7. Q: What kind of four-poster looks beautiful?
Answer: People look beautiful four-column signs, roughly the following: ① Jinshui correspondence:
Jin Baishui is clear. The two or five elements of Jinshui have power in the fate; Such a person looks beautiful; ② Mu Feng Jin Zhuo: refers to the Japanese Lord is wood, Wang Feng meets the gold moderately, like wood carved by a knife, becomes a work of art, naturally beautiful; ③ Water and fire are good: The Japanese character is a fire, and Wang Wang meets the appropriate water, which means that the water and the fire are good; ④ The Japanese Lord is neutral or partial, and has a wound and a vomit, and he is beautiful.
8. "The Universiade has heavy support and heavy work in the past years." Is this statement right?
Answer: This statement is incorrect. Both the Universiade and Liunian Branches can be involved in the restraint of life and death, and Liunian Branches are also very important. When pushing the flow of the year, it is for the Japanese Lord. The Japanese Lord exists in the Heavenly Stems, and the relationship between the Sun and the grams in the Heavens is relatively simple. The one-to-one function has a small spread and can be seen at a glance. The relationship between the grammatical and grammatical roots of the Earthly Branch is complicated. There are as many as eight kinds of restraint and punishment, and the combination relationship is also complicated. Often, it affects the whole body. The information is more complicated because it is hidden. Therefore, the Yunzhi and Liunianzhi are referred to as the source of the prosperity and decline of the five elements (boom or decline), and those who give orders often pay special attention to Yun and Tai Sui. It should be said that Lunar New Year is more important.

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