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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

No cure method in the world is a panacea. It has its strengths and weaknesses, as well as acupuncture, which is not suitable for clinical application. We know that the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture originates from the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics and Difficult Classics, and we can see the healing effect of acupuncture and the inadequacy of acupuncture treatment.
Acupuncture is divided into acupuncture and warm moxibustion, but in many cases it is not suitable for acupuncture. "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" "Persons with insufficient Yang-shaped, warm to Qi; those with insufficient refined, make up for the flavor." 》 For the treatment of the five internal organs, it is not acupuncture, but tonic. For example, "Yiqiqi" is used for lung damage, "Yiqijing" is used for kidney damage, and "slow middle" is used for liver damage. Many articles in "Treatment of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases" mentioned "dangling," "stabbing," "needling," and "thorn". These articles were analyzed and compared together. Syndromes, gynecological hot blood into the blood room, severe neck pain, lower pus and blood, etc., these symptoms are all symptoms. Zhu Danxi, a member of the Jin and Yuan dynasties, made a clear reference to "the acupuncture method is a diarrhea and does not help." The famous doctor of the Ming Dynasty Wang Ji also said, "The vitality is not injured and the evil spirit is shallow, and can be removed with acupuncture; if the disease is more serious and the vitality has been injured, it is by no means a cure for the needle."
Those who are weak in vitality can supplement the vitality of the body with tonics and odors, and acupuncture is all about regulating gas. Therefore, although there is a method of acupuncture and purging, it is not that pointer moxibustion has a direct supplementary effect on the vitality of the human body. Even if the vitality will be taken off the first aid to warm the moxibustion on the belly, it is just to prevent the vitality from leaking out quickly, instead of the warm moxibustion on the belly can directly add energy. However, the warm belly moxibustion fixes the vitality and does not leak, so that people don't die quickly, and then they have the opportunity to take medicine to replenish. For example, if a person is hungry and has no energy in the whole body, this is a lack of energy in the body. At this time, instead of using acupuncture to stimulate the energy to supplement the energy, it is necessary to eat to supplement the energy. This is the first shallow truth. So the patient must not be mistaken by the boastful talk of some folk acupuncturists. The patients I took over were basically chronic patients who were not treated everywhere, and their vitality was deficient, so I mainly treated them by raising vitality and ventilating machines. When the vitality recovered, I called the patients themselves Use your fingers to stimulate certain points to regulate the Qi. If the patient stays by the side, I will also use the heavy stimulation method to eliminate the evil, but always based on the cultivation of vitality.
Some people think that acupuncture is not easy to operate and choose warm moxibustion. Warm moxibustion also has many taboos. For example, "The Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Diseases" also mentioned the content of "moxibustion", "dang moxibustion", "moxibustion", "smoked", "moxibustion" and so on. In addition, the side effects brought about by the misuse of Wen Jiu, such as "fire inverse" and "fire disaster", were mentioned. The book clearly stated that "although the fire is weak, the internal attack is strong, the scorch bones are swollen, and the blood is difficult to recover." Of course, we can't look at the problem. And even the serious consequences of "promoting life." However, it is mainly aimed at symptoms such as fever, stomach manifestation (the actual internal heat is very serious), and wet family analgesia (warm evil obstruction).
At present, the main method of treating fever is mainly antibiotics and hormones of western medicine. It is rare to use warm moxibustion to treat it. However, the complexity of the disease caused by warm moxibustion in patients with severe wetness in the body is indeed very common. For example, dysmenorrhea, many patients with gynecological dysmenorrhea see pale tongue, mossy slippery yang deficiency, dampness, and doctors will say this is "Gong Han". In the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, some are treated with warming drugs and some are treated with warming moxibustion. The results are not good, and they become closed with damp heat. Gonghan is not good for moxibustion. Gynecological inflammation comes from antimoxibustion. As long as there is humidity, the medicine cannot be overheated. Warm medicine must be added on the basis of dampening. Otherwise, the heat of medicine will synthesize the damp and evil with the wet and evil phases in the body).
It is normal to use warm moxibustion for cold syndromes, but in addition to the above-mentioned dampness and obstruction, it depends on whether there is stasis or obstruction. When blood is cold, coagulation occurs, and those with yang deficiency often have stasis. The pulse of stasis and blood obstruction is often seen in astringent pulses, but some people have astringent pulses that are not obvious, or many Chinese doctors will not diagnose pulses, and they will not realize what astringent pulses are. It is critical to look at the tongue and complexion. People with blood stasis have a dark complexion (this kind of dark complexion is not the same as the sun-tanned. The sun-tanned is dark and shiny, while the stasis is dark and dull. The patient not only meets Dark, and also seen in patients with poor mental appearance). Dark ecchymosis is common on the tongue surface with internal stasis. The more ecchymosis, the more severe the ecchymosis. For example, in the recovery period of stroke patients, half of their bodies cannot move. Such patients often see that the tongue surface is not a little bit of bruises, but a whole piece of bruises, which shows that the bruises are very serious. Therefore, for patients with severe blood stasis, the evil qi is too solid, and the treatment has to go out of the evil, not through warm moxibustion.
The method of chasing evil, from the perspective of acupuncture, is nothing more than pricking blood (a hole is pierced with a thick needle in a specific part of the body, and then bleeding is squeezed). For pricking blood treatment, everyone in Jin Yuan Si is very good at it, and each has its own characteristics. Zhang Zihe advocates the theory of offense. His pricking blood is the fiercest, and he generally determines the amount of bleeding by combining, rising, or fighting; Liu Shouzhen's pricking is mostly in exogenous fever; Li Dongyuan's pricking is more complicated (many folk TCM doctor, did not read three books, and set up a formula to treat. When you heard of Li Dongyuan, it was called "tonic soil". You should know that Li Dongyuan is also an acupuncture practitioner. Gao Wu's "Acupuncture Juying" contains the main content. Li Dongyuan's).
From the perspective of acupuncture to eliminate evil, its strength depends on the thickness of the needle, the strength of the stimulation method and the length of time. In this aspect of operation theory, modern acupuncturist He Puren summed up the "three links." The thinner the needle, the gentler the stimulation, and the shorter the time, the weaker the effect of dispel evil; the thicker the needle, the stronger the stimulation, the longer the duration, the stronger the effect of dispel evil. For bloodletting, use large thick needles (triangular needles are commonly used in acupuncture and moxibustion, and I usually do n’t have a lot of bloodletting treatments. Sometimes I go to the hospital for emergency treatment. I usually use large needles for infusion. Usually, the needles that I bring with the car are thicker For needles, I usually only have two kinds of needles, one inch and two inches. For emergency, take more limbs and head and face, the needle should not be too long. After puncturing a hole, squeeze by hand. If it is not convenient to squeeze (such as Treatment of blood stasis and low back pain can not move the thorn in the middle of the committee, the center of the acupoint is not easy to squeeze), can be cupped on the top to facilitate bleeding. The switch of Xuan Xuan's bloodletting is very convenient, just stab it and squeeze it.
It is inevitable that pricking blood will injure vitality, so after seeing the disease and using pricking blood grandly, you must adjust the vitality. I have taken over some patients with joint pain treated with a small needle knife. Their bodies are so debilitated that some patients can barely feel the pulse. This is a small needle-knife treatment, where a large thick needle is used to locally separate the adherent tissue. This is a small operation, and it must not be considered simply as an acupuncture problem. The treatment of a small needle knife is fundamentally different from the treatment of acupuncture. There is a person in Jinhua who used a small needle knife to treat pain. I went to see it. The doctor first applied a local anesthetic. After disinfection, he used a needle with a diameter of about one millimeter and a length of four or five inches. He stabbed a needle at intervals of about one centimeter. , And then tied the wormwood to the end of the needle. After disinfection, the patients were given antibiotics orally for three or five days. Many patients with spleen deficiency who have already suffered from deficiency in the spleen have not had a good appetite after such treatment, and people seem to have no energy. Therefore, for patients treated with a small needle knife, it is important to strengthen the spleen, invigorate qi, and regulate blood circulation, because this is really a small operation, which is much more serious than ordinary acupuncture.
Therefore, before applying the needle, I must diagnose the pulse, and see that the pulse is weak and weak, and does not need the needle. If the condition is endangered, it should be a separate matter, but it is also a combination of acupuncture and medicine. In the spring of 2015, when I was at the free clinic in Hengdian, an 83-year-old man suffered a stroke in Dongyang People's Hospital. The pulse sees Shen Xian and counts, but the pulse is weak. When the patient was in a coma, I saw a senior man who was weak, but had to let it go. As a result, the needle was first given to Zusanli (both sides) to get qi, and then the needle was closed. Then stab blood between the lines. Zusanli dredges the spleen and stomach is a strong point that is commonly used. First acupuncture at Zusanli can reconcile the mid-coke machine, the path for the lowering of the machine can be unblocked, and the vitality can be supported, so that the blood stabbing between the lines will not cause the vitality to fall off at once. trap. The patient awoke at the time of the acupuncture and prescribed a traditional Chinese medicine prescription for invigorating the spleen, resolving phlegm and resolving phlegm. When working in Hengdian, there is a doctor nearby. He is a folk qigong masseur. The treatment method is mainly to take reaction points and use massage equipment, which is very strong. I remember once, when a patient suddenly saw that his body was cold and sweaty, he passed out during a massage. I hurried over, with no pulse. Asked Dr. Zhang to massage the patient's part, and told him to massage the back of the foot, one finger, it turned out to be Taichong. Acupuncture with Taichong to treat acute lumbar sprain or low back pain does have some effect, but if the patient is always a person with Yang deficiency and Qi depression, this point will definitely cause Yang Qi to fall into a coma. I was anxious to use my two thumbs to force people to neutralize Baihui, and the patient was awake soon.
Acupuncture and diarrhea are harmful to the human body, but it is not to say that chronic diseases cannot be pierced. For example, in "The Yellow Emperor's Canon", "People who can't leave for a long time, see their blood network and make their blood out." Acupuncture bleeding is proposed to treat the symptoms of qi and blood obstruction. "Huang Di Nei Jing" has a lot of content on pricking blood, depending on the effect it treats, one is to relieve heat, and the other is to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. In terms of heat release, there are five internal organs, and the internal organs only need to pierce their original points. But blood stasis is indeed a big problem. Such as the evidence of stroke, modern medicine is caused by cerebral thrombosis, but from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, this is the qi stagnation and blood stasis in the brain, the liver is the gateway to the rise of the Qi, so the treatment is flat and the liver is lowered. It can be used for stabbing blood or strong stimulation with a needle, and then combined with stabbing blood in the middle of the committee. It is clinically used in first aid and has a good effect. If it is a blood stasis obstruction due to heart disease, see angina pectoris, palpitations, cold facial limbs, etc., you can choose the inner gate and Yin Yin, but do not puncture the blood, first use a strong stimulation for half a minute, and then leave the needle, it will stimulate again. Such repeated needles can alleviate more. If the stasis of the extremities is painful, the needle can be inserted into the painful area or acupuncture points, and the method should be used, and the needle should be kept for a long time to achieve the analgesic effect. For example, the pain caused by the onset of gout has a good analgesic effect, but in order to cure the root cause, it is necessary to internally adjust the traditional Chinese medicine so that the gut balance can be fundamentally treated. For example, women's palace cold dysmenorrhea, or pain medicine for stasis and toxin, can be used for emergency pain relief at points such as Xuehai, Jiji, Sanyinjiao, etc. If the palace is cold, warm the moxibustion at the end of the needle; Obstructing the long-term heat toxin, it is directly treated with strong stimulating diarrhea. If you see lung fever coughing up blood, you should not consider hemostasis, but clear the lungs. You can stab the blood in the hole, the interstitial space, or repeat acupuncture with acupuncture. I was very active when I was in Jinhua. I once had a drinker who drank high-alcohol too much and saw vomiting and coughing up blood. I strongly stimulated Yuji, Hegu, and the inner court with acupuncture points, and the effect was also significant.
Relieving evil is for emergency use and must not be released for a long time. In terms of treating diseases and venting evil spirits, Zhang Zihe and Sun Simiao are very distinctive. However, in my treatment of tumors, I have taken more advice from Sun Simiao. Zhang Zihe's treatment is indeed too violent, but we can learn its thinking.
As for warming moxibustion, I rarely use moxibustion. I consider that warming moxibustion at a local point is locally burning, while the edge is cold. For example, some women lose weight by warming water points, etc., the temperature at a point on the acupuncture point is very high, but many people do not pay attention to the indoor temperature when the moxibustion is implemented. Therefore, for warming moxibustion, I use ginger slices, fix them with adhesive tape, and apply them for 12 hours at a time. This mild stimulation is convenient for debilitating diseases and has good results.
Times have changed, and people's constitutions have also changed. Many ancient people said that the treatment methods were not suitable in this era. For example, Zhang Zihe's offensive treatment, if it is in this era, has long been arrested for medical accident reasons. Therefore, learning acupuncture must keep pace with the times and change with the changing background of society.
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