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Recommend | Plant these 40 kinds of flowers when the light is not good at home, grow them without care!

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Poor light at home, poor flowers and plants? Don't worry, Huahua recommends several kinds of flowers, which can grow without sunshine!
1 Love Man
The leaves of love vine are heart-shaped and can grow upside down. They can be used as curtains when hanging in front of windows.
It likes the astigmatism environment and is resistant to drought. It can be watered about once every 10 days in spring.
2 Brazilian wood
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Brazil wood is shade- and drought-resistant and can be basked in the sun, but it can also be maintained indoors, hydroponically, and is less prone to insects.
30,000 years
Like warm and humid environment, afraid of direct sunlight, very shade-resistant. Because the leaves are huge and their transpiration is strong, they are not very drought-resistant. You can water them once in the spring about 3 or 4 days.
4 million hearts
Million hearts are also heart-shaped leaves. When the temperature is above 15 ° C, they can keep green all year round. It is resistant to shade and drought, and can be irrigated once every 10 days or half a month in spring.
5 smiles
Michelle is resistant to semi-overcast and can be kept indoors. It likes a well-ventilated environment, but it is afraid of waterlogging and wet. It is best to sprinkle water around the pot to keep the air humid.
6 Hydrangea
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Hydrangea prefers a semi-overcast, humid environment, and does not like large water, so flower buds can often spray water around the leaves to keep the air moist.
7 Gloxinia
Gloxinia is shade-resistant, and can bloom without sunlight. It can be watered about once every 10 days in spring. Be careful not to sprinkle on the leaves when watering, otherwise it will easily cause rotten leaves.
8 Drug Weed
Drug poisoning grass is almost alive where it is thrown, cold-resistant, shade-proof, drought-resistant, and high-temperature resistant. Novices cannot survive, and they can easily climb the walls at home and purify indoor air.
9 Maidenhair Fern
Ferns originally grew in a cool place in the wild, so they are very shade-resistant and well-maintained indoors, but they require relatively high air humidity. It is best to spray them around the pot.
10 Lily Bamboo
Lily bamboo is very shade-resistant, not to mention it can be kept in the living room, can be raised in the bathroom, or can be hydroponically cultivated, it can grow freely with almost no special care.
11 Pocket Coconut
Miniature coconuts are very shade-resistant. When the light is too strong, they will burn yellow leaves and they like moisture. They can be watered almost every 2 days in the spring. Do not dry the pot soil.
12 Cuiyun grass
It likes to be humid, and can't be exposed to sunlight, otherwise it will be easily sun-killed. It likes a humid environment. It is best to spray around it every day.
13 Monstera
Monstera loves a warm and humid climate, evergreen, avoid direct sunlight, and prefer rainy days, so it is best to scrub it frequently and spray it around the pot. At the same time, the soil must be loose and ventilated to avoid rotten roots.
14 Tigertail Orchid
It does not have high requirements for light. It may or may not have light. It can be maintained on both the north and south balconies. It is more appropriate to water it about once every four or five days in spring.
15 spring feathers
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Spring feather leaves are peculiar, negative-resistant and highly ornamental. It has high requirements for moisture, and it can be watered almost every day. In the spring, it can be watered with rice to supplement its nutrition.
16 peacock bamboo
The flowers and plants of the calla are very shade-resistant. The leaves of the peacock are variegated, very similar to the lines on the peacock. It is highly ornamental.
17 Fuchsia
Fuchsias like warm, cool, humid environments and loose, fertile, slightly acidic soils. They don't like strong light and high temperatures. They can be used indoors.
18 orchids
Hanlan, Jianlan and other national orchids are more shade-tolerant and generally need to be stored in a cool and ventilated place. Its roots are fleshy roots, so it is necessary to ensure the air permeability of the soil to prevent rotten roots. Pine needles, rotten leaves, sawdust, coconut bran, and waterweed are all good orchid plants.
19 Saintpaulia
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Saintpaulia likes a warm and humid half-shade environment, is not resistant to high temperatures, and can bloom flowers without the sun. It can be watered about once every 4 or 5 days in spring.
20 Clivia
(Author: Shao Hongxia)
Clivia officinalis needs to be kept in a cool and ventilated place, and the leaves of Clivia officinalis are often wiped with beer and water to make its leaves oily and shiny. It likes the shells of oil crops, peanut shells, melon seed shells, pistachio shells, walnut shells, etc., which can be crushed and placed in the soil.
21 watercress green
Douban green likes a warm and humid environment. It is watered about once every three days in the spring. It must be scrubbed frequently to ensure that the leaves are green and placed indoors to avoid direct sunlight.
22 hanging bamboo plum
Hanging bamboo plum does not like direct sunlight, is afraid of heat, and likes cold and humid climate. It can be watered about once every 5 days in spring. It can be planted by the window and can also be used as a curtain.
23 Silver Queen
The Silver Queen is not only shade-resistant but also absorbs harmful gases indoors. Its roots grow quickly, and the pots need to be replaced every 2 years, otherwise the root system will fill up the entire pot. Water in about 3 or 4 days in spring and thin liquid fertilizer in half a month.
24 Dracaena
Dracaena can accept direct sunlight and is shade-tolerant. The requirements for light are relatively low. It is drought-resistant. It is more suitable to water it once every 10 days in spring. It likes slightly acidic soil and can apply thin alum fertilizer water once a month.
25 ornamental pineapples
It is said that the flowers and plants of the Bromeliad family are the most suitable for indoor planting. They can be placed anywhere in the house and can grow well under the light. However, it requires a well-ventilated environment and frequent spraying around the pot to keep the air moist.
26 Papyrus
The ancient Egyptians are said to have made paper from this plant, hence its name. It is more suitable for growing in the south. Flowers in the north can be planted only when the temperature in the home reaches about 20 degrees Celsius. Watering can be done once in about 3 or 4 days in spring.
27 Dolphin Flower
Dolphin flowers like a semi-shade environment. They are not resistant to direct sunlight and can be hung for planting. If properly maintained, they can harvest a flower wall. You can water it once in about 4 or 5 days in spring.
28 hosta flower
Hosta flower is a flower that is overcast. It originally grows in a dark and humid environment. It is easy to yellow and dry its leaves when exposed to direct sunlight. Water it once in about 4 or 5 days in spring.
29 money mint
Money mint is resistant to shade and cold, and does not have high requirements on soil. It likes humid environments. It can be watered about once every 5 days. It needs to be sprayed on the leaves often.
30 hi shade flowers
As the name suggests, Xiyinhua prefers shaded environments. It likes high humidity and well-ventilated environments. It usually needs to sprinkle water around the leaves to keep the air moist.
31 ball blue
(Author: Sansei aesthetic Source: Yiyuan it)

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