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Learn a medicine every day-Banxia Houpu Decoction (Xingqi Sanjie, lowering phlegm)

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When I was a kid, I was always brainwashed with a line, "I ca n’t cough and swallow? This is a symptom of chronic pharyngitis!" Chronic pharyngitis is really annoying. There is always a foreign body sensation in the throat. What should we do?
Today Xiaobian recommends a soup medicine-Pinellia Houpu soup.
Pinellia officinalis soup
Pinellia officinalis and Perilla frutescens were co-fried, and the phlegm condensed qi gathered into the plum nucleus, and the stagnation and depression of Qi and Qi were relieved.
Pinellia, Magnolia, Poria, Ginger, Su Ye.
Pinellia ternata and Poria are 12g each, Magnolia officinalis 9g, ginger 15g, and perilla leaf 6g.
Take 7 liters of water, cook 4 liters, divide into 4 servings, and serve 1 day, 3 nights. Modern usage: decoction.
The combination of all the hard work, Xin Yi Xing Qi Sanjie, bitterness with dry dampness and inverse, so that depression Qi sparse, phlegm salivation, the phlegm stagnation plum plum qi is removed.
Plum nuclear gas. If there is physical obstruction in the pharynx, vomiting, swallowing, chest tightness, or coughing or vomiting, white or white tongue coating, slow or slippery pulse strings.
Dialectical points
This prescription is a commonly used prescription for treating plum pit gas caused by sputum and sputum. For clinical application, if there is physical obstruction in the pharynx, the swallowing is not allowed, the chest is full of stuffiness, the fur is white and greasy, and the pulse strings are slippery.
Plus or minus
If the qi depression is more serious, you can add incense and turmeric to help qi stagnation; if you have pain in the ribs, add Chuanxiongzi and Xuanming to relieve liver and qi to relieve pain; if you have sore throat, add Xuan Shen, The bellflower is loosened with detoxification, and the lungs are relieved.
The ingredients in the recipe are warm and dry, which are only suitable for those who have phlegm and no heat. If you see that the bitter red mouth is bitter, the tongue is red and the moss is stagnation and fire, and the person with yin injury is less, and although it has the characteristics of plum nucleus gas, it should not be used.
Story one
The name of "I" in the text is unknown. He recounted: I have a friend who is a super medical blind. For a period of time, he felt a foreign body sensation in his throat, and wanted to cough but could not cough. He even found it by hand, but found nothing, but the more he felt the more uncomfortable, he went to the hospital for examination.
He didn't ask what department to hang, he just went to a dental department. Knocking on the door, the doctor asked where there was any discomfort. He truthfully stated that the doctor opened his mouth and found nothing. A friend didn't believe it, and then said that he had eaten peanut rice a few days ago, would it be that the peanut skin was stuck somewhere, could not swallow it, and could not spit it out. The doctor checked again and found no abnormalities. He knocked on his teeth one by one and found no abnormalities. So let him go to see the ENT.
Friends had to go to the lobby on the first floor and re-queue to hang an ENT number. Knocking on the door, the doctor asked where the discomfort was. He said that I had eaten peanut rice a few days ago, would it be that the peanut skin would stick to somewhere, could not swallow, and could not spit it out. The doctor asked him to open his mouth, and after checking it, there was nothing abnormal, the throat was a little congested, and there was no peanut skin at all. Besides, even with peanut skin, it would not stick in the throat for a few days, and it was not long nail. So he gave him some anti-inflammatory medicine and sent him away.
The friend left with an anti-inflammatory medicine in a panic, like Zhang Er's monk scratching his head. But after taking the medicine, the foreign body sensation in the throat still existed, which made him very distressed.
Then one day, I bumped into me on the bus and talked about it. After listening to him, I almost laughed and lay down, but because of a car, I had to resist but didn't laugh. I got out of the car and I took him to my office.
The first sentence, I blame him, why not tell me earlier. He said that he thought it was a small problem, so he didn't bother to bother me. In the second sentence, I asked him if he was upset recently. He said in surprise, how do you know? I thought to myself, I do n’t know if I know you! He told me that recently the work pressure was particularly high, and the demolition tasks assigned by the leadership had not been completed, but he encountered a stubborn demolition household and got him burned out. Seeing that the stipulated time limit had expired, if he had not completed the task, he would be fined for one day. Ten thousand as a unit.
As the company's director, this burden must not be overwhelmed. A person with a good attitude can carry it, and a person with a bad attitude will be anxious to attack the heart, and physical problems will come out. So I asked him how long this symptom had been, and he said that it had been for months.
In response to his situation, I prescribed him Pinellia officinalis soup. The symptoms improved markedly after a few drinks.
Note: This party is for reference only. If you need to use it, please follow the doctor's advice.
⊙Note: The content of this article is only to popularize common sense of Chinese medicine and is not used as a prescription. If necessary, please take it under the guidance of a doctor
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