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Chinese ancient beauties in the museum

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Chinese beauty paintings first emerged during the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, and then beauty paintings got rid of their subsidiary position as craft decoration and gradually embarked on the road of independent development. As an important part of figure painting in Chinese paintings, as the name suggests, it is a painting that uses "beauties" as the object of description. It is an ancient artist's delicate description of women's daily movements, figures, and faces. It can be imagined that for the era without photography, this undoubtedly contributed significantly to the recording of women's living conditions at that time.
In the Song Dynasty, Guo Ruoxu wrote in the section "On Women's Forms" in "A Picture Seeing Wen Zhi? Narration":
The ancient famous paintings of golden boy jade girls and goddess palaces have women's appearances. Although the appearance is strict, the gods must be ancient, and they have their own magnificent and awe-inspiring colors. Today's painter, but the beauty of its beauty, is pleasing to the public, and not up to the reason of painting.
"Banana Reading Book" Qing Lü Tong's color on paper
Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts
"The Picture of the Beauty under the Willow" Qing Fei Danxu's color on paper
Guangdong Museum Collection
"Into the Wine" Qing Zhou (left Wang You Xun) color on silk
Collection of China Art Museum
"Kou Meixiang" Qing Wu Hong Fan Fan set on paper
Nanjing Museum Collection
"Luo Fu Meng Jing Tu" Qing Fei Danxu's color on paper
Wuxi Museum Collection
Qingying Xuehao's silk-colored silk paintings
Wuxi Museum Collection
"Qiao Qiao Tu" Qing Ding Guanpeng on paper ink pen
Shanghai Museum Collection
"Puppet Painting" by Qing Renyi on paper
Collection of Tianjin Art Museum
"Independence of Falling Flowers" Qingyu Collection Silk Color
Collection of Nanjing Museum
`` Mei Bian Yin Si Tu '' Qing Gu Luo paper color
Collection of Nanjing Museum
Qing Ren Xiongluo's illustration, scroll and silk
Shanghai Museum Collection
"Ghost Map" Qing Luo hires paper coloring
Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts
"Wuling Spring Pictures" Ming Wu Wei on paper
Beijing Palace Museum Collection
"Three Good Pictures of Qiao Yuan" Qing Yu Zhiding's paper coloring
Nanjing Museum Collection
Song Wang Juzheng's "Spinning Wheel"
Beijing Palace Museum Collection
Song Fan's "Embroidery Mirror"
Qing Dynasty Xiong Yao Palace Autumn Fans
Collection of Nanjing Museum
Song Concubine
American Metropolitan Museum
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