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The secret of the funeral burial ceremony

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

After selecting a more satisfactory office, you can consider standing up and building a long residence. Now let's talk about the steps to stand tall.
The first step is to follow the natural topography, and the direction of the mountain from which the dragon headed has become the law of orientation. The so-called dragon comes from the mountains. If the distant mountain is in the northwest and the near mountain is in the southeast, the mountain is a dry trend; if the distant mountain is in the northeast and the near mountain is in the southwest, the mountain is Genkun; if the distant mountain is in the west and the near mountain is in the east, the mountain is The direction of the earthquake; if the distant mountain is in the north and the near mountain is in the south, this mountain is a bumpy trend. In all directions, there are 24 mountain trends in the southeast, northwest, and all directions. The direction of the mountains is connected in a continuous line, and there should be no rivers in the middle as a principle. If there are rivers in the middle, it is a mistake to recognize the mountain. The so-called place where the dragon comes in is the end of the mountain. This is usually where the river meets. Lailong uses water as the boundary, and it stops when it encounters water. There are many alluvial grounds here, forming a hug of mountains and rivers, where the gas gathers, which is exactly the place to live. Although the mountains come in twenty-four directions, there are actually only three yuan, namely Tianyuan, Diyuan, and Renyuan. All those who are Xiang Fang are Zi, Wu, Xi, Xi, Qian, Qian, Gen, and Kun. They are Tian Yuanlong. Anyone who is Xiangfang, Chen, Xi, Ugly, Wei, Ren, C, Jia, and Geng is the Yuanyuan Dragon. Those who are Xiang Fang are Gui, Ding, B, Xin, Yin, Shen, Yi, Hai eight trends, are people Yuanlong. To stand on the mountain, we must follow the same principle.
The top of the mountain is Tian Yuanlong, and the orientation must also be Tian Yuanlong. The top of the mountain is Di Yuanlong, and the orientation must also be Di Yuanlong.
At the top of the mountain is the human Yuanlong, and the orientation must also be the human Yuanlong. Only with the same spirit can we maintain a pure hexagram. For example, if the head of the mountain is heading, and heading is Tianyuanlong, you may choose heading, noon, kun, heading, heading, etc. The direction of the mountain is generally tortuous, with the first section as the criterion. In some places, the mountains are too distant to observe, so we have to use the method of water evidence to judge. For example, at the intersection of rivers, take the left and right sections of the intersection to form an included angle; the central dividing line of the included angle is the mountain trend of Lailong.
The direction of the mountain is the most ridiculous to ride the line. If you stand on the line of the two lines, this is the big dead line, which is the most powerful one. If you press the line of the Tian Yuanlong and the Di Yuanlong It is a small dead line, and it is fierce to use; if it is on the dividing line between Tian Yuanlong and Ren Yuanlong, it is not appropriate if it is not a yin and yang error. Even pressing on the five-point gold dividing line, the sixty-four hexagram dividing line, and the seasonal dividing line is still inappropriate. Anyway. Anything that presses the dividing line is wrong. In some places, the court is beautiful, but it cannot be used because it is out of line or yin and yang errors. Rather than discard it, look elsewhere to avoid making a big mistake.
The orientation should also look at the water to the side. It is also necessary to maintain the same spirit when taking water. Sitting on the mountain is Tian Yuanlong, and Xiangshui also needs Tian Yuanlong; sitting on the mountain is the Yuan Yuanlong, and the water is also the Yuan Yuanlong; sitting on the mountain is the Yuanlong, and Xiangshui also needs the Yuanlong. If it is not contracted, water is the best and it is also water. This so-called "dry mountain to the water, to the dry, the peak comes out of the champion" ("Tianyu Jing") is what this means. The water must buckle oncoming, and the two sides must go away. This is true even at the gate water. For example, at the direction of the Meridian Mountain, the water wants to come and go, to and from, to and from, to and from. When running water, don't use hard water or rapids, you should use crooked feelings or slow flowing lakes.
When Shanlong entered the first place, the phenomenon of right-handed and left-handed acupoints appeared. For example, when the dragon enters from the child's side (the child is Tian Yuanlong) and suddenly turns into a right-handed point, it is necessary to establish the Qianshan direction (the Qianyuan is also the Tianyuan dragon), but not the Zishan noon direction. . Zishan entered the head, the water must be in the noon side, and the water of the noon side was required, and the only way to get the noon side was the city gate. From the child side to the dry side, there are four places apart; from the square side to the noon side, there are also four places. This is called Yinlong Liyangxiang. If Zishan enters the head and suddenly turns left, the mountain will be set up. Because Zishan entered the head, the water must be in the noon side, and the water in the noon side was required, and only the Kun direction and the noon side were the gates, which was called Yinlong Liyangxiang. This tells people that if they encounter Huilong, they must take the Yanglong to set the yin direction, and the yinlong set the yin direction, and then the line method will be combined. If this is not the case, the phenomenon of sitting on the mountain will be wrong. For example, Zishan turns right, Lizishan faces at noon, and sitting back can't form a vertical line with the mountain, and it will sit diagonally.
The second step is to orientate. The use of a compass to get the coordinates of the mountain direction has been introduced in the section "Lifting and Dividing Money", and the reader can refer to it. The most important thing to establish is to find the center point. Any kind of terrain can be regarded as a flat figure. Finding the center point on the flat figure is a method of drawing plane geometry. Anyone who has knowledge of geometry in junior high school can operate it. Ordinary terrain, such as circles, squares, triangles, and polygons, is easier to find the center point. But some weird figures are more difficult. The center point may not be inside the flat figure, but may be outside the figure.
After the center point is found, it will be oriented in the same direction. If the direction of the dragon's veins is Tian Yuanlong, follow the line of Tian Yuan Long; if the direction of the dragon's veins is Di Yuan Long, follow the line of the dragon; if the dragon's veins are human Yuan Long, Yuanlong stands in line. After this, you can find the line on the compass. If you encounter an unreliable line, such as a large air crash or a small air crash, this terrain will be abandoned and not used. If you are facing forward or both directions, you can start the hexagram in the forward direction or in both directions.
The third step is to start the hexagram. The so-called hexagram is to press the hexagram forward to see which hexagram belongs to the hexagram in the next hexagram, and then make a fierce picture according to the reference description of the figure
Good judgment. The so-called alternative hexagram is to press the directional hexagram to see which hexagram it belongs to, and then make a judgment based on the reference description in the figure. No matter what kind of hexagrams, there are bound to be three results.
The first is to reach the mountain, that is, Wangshan Wangxiang. When Yuanwangxing flew to the position of the meteor on the side of the mountain and then to the position of the meteor on the side of the side. The reader should be reminded here that if you use hexagrams, there will be phenomena of non-replacement and superficial appearance, which is from the mountain to the direction, but it is actually not the mountain. For example, the Fourth Movement of Jiashan Gengxiang (Jian Ye, Yin Shen) and the Fourth Movement of Jiashan Geng Xiang (Jian Ye, Shen Yin), on the surface, are from the mountain to the direction, but actually committed " "Gua Xiang" error. Because Jiageng and Gengjia belong to Zhenhui two hexagrams, while Yin Shen and Shen Yin belong to Genkun two hexagrams. Different hexagrams have different qi. At the same time, the mistake of yin and yang was made. Because Jiageng and Gengjia are the same hexagrams as 卯酉 and 酉 卯, yin and yang are different. The former is yang and the latter is yin. Both yin and yang are mixed, so the hexagrams are mixed. Why does this error occur because the non-replacement method is used? Originally, there must be substitutions, but the two stars of the mountain direction just use the method of not replacing them. The star of the replacement is the same as the star of the original mountain direction. The hexagrams that appear are exactly the same as those in the positive direction, causing the errors of "existing hexagram direction" and "yin and yang errors" to be made in the positive direction.
Secondly, going up the mountain and launching the water would damage Ding. When Yuanwangxing flew to the position of Xiangfang Meteor, it flew to the position of Xiangfang Mountain Meteor. The position was reversed, causing the dragon god in the water to go up the mountain, and the dragon god in the water to the water. Originally the mountain steward Ding Shuiguancai, now the mountain god has entered the water, and the water god has gone up the mountain, forming a situation that damages Ding's wealth. It is generally inappropriate to use this pattern. Unless the landscape and the hexagram are opposite and beautiful, it is better to abandon it.
Third, the double star to the mountain side is the bureau of going up the mountain; the double star to the side is the bureau of launching the water. Shuangwangxing arrives at the mountain side together, can be Wangding, but it is a fortune. This pattern is generally unsuitable. Unless the court is special. It can only be adopted when the mountain side is filled with water at the same time. Shuangwangxing goes to the side together, can prosper, but it is loss. This pattern has been adopted by many local teachers, because this kind of parliament is more common, that is, there is water to the side, but at the same time there are mountains. On the other side of the mountain, if it meets the angry mountain star, it can sit in a row full of Chaoman; if it encounters the declining mountain star, it can sit in an empty row.
The fourth step is to check the Xiang Fei Xiang Fei Xing (referring to Wang Xing Xiang Xiang), and the relationship between Sheng Ke and Shan Long. Readers can refer to the section of "Shoushan Tusha and Long Yun Sheng Ke" to understand clearly.
The fifth step is to obtain the gate of the city gate. Please refer to the section "Second Palace of the City Gate".
The sixth step is to balance the relationship between relief and relief by using the method of dividing money. Readers are advised to refer to the section entitled "Lifting and Dividends".
The seventh step is to close the mountain. Readers can refer to the section "Shoushan Tusha and Long Yun Sheng Ke".
The eighth step is to check the various auspicious relationships of the hexagram. These include Yin-Yang He Shi, San Ba Gua, anti-yin and Fu Yin, general transport, robbery transport, general imprisonment, Xiang Xing's imprisonment, Ding Xing's imprisonment, Ba Chun Gua, sitting towards the offender, and so on.
The ninth step is to start construction on another day. To start construction of a house and tomb, you need to choose a day. The purpose is to avoid all kinds of evil spirits, such as Taisui, Wuhuang, and Sansha. As for the "triple photos of the sun" commonly used by triples, it may be useful for reference. Why avoid evil spirits? This issue will be left in a separate chapter, and then specifically addressed.
I. The Compass of the Compass: The Elven Spirit, the head of the armored soldier, the left is the south dipper, the right is the seventh star, the one who is against me is dead, the one who lives with me is dead, and the nine-day Xuan daughter is anxious like a law!
Second, the secret of breaking the earth: the three strange sun and moon stars in the sky, terribly shocked. The gods bowed their heads when they saw it, and they kept walking. Tian Ling Ling, Earth Spirit, Liu Jia Liu Ding listen to my orders, Jin Tongyu female leader Tian Bing, He Shen is not ambush, He Gui is not frightened, Qin Wu orders to clean up the fairies, it is time to pursue, Jiu Tian Xuan Nu anxious as the law!
3. Tips on the tombstone: I am writing the pen to heaven today, the twenty-four mountains as the Holy Spirit, and Kong Sheng has given me a pen, and I can make it forever. Every day, every day, every day. Everyone lives forever, and the Lord has spirit. Add a little bit of red to the grandson and grandchildren. Call in, call!
Fourth, the gold recipe: Fu Yi, Shiji Shiliang, heaven and earth Kaichang, Jinjin everything big Jichang. After finishing the generations, the grandchildren will be old, rich and rich, and rich and rich. Call in, call out.
Fifth, after the sacrifice soil recipe: the year of the republic of the Republic of China year after year is a good period for a certain good city. Yang Shi and his descendants and other gods prepared the three animal wine ceremony. Listed in the tomb, dare to publicize it before Tuzun God behind the mountain. But God is upright and deserves heaven. Take charge of the land and guard the mountains. Laid ancient and modern, the body stretches. Ann, I would like to sue God. All souls are low, Yangxi is boundless, hoping to take refuge forever and borrow Kang Niumian. Keep your watch and talk honestly. Would like to be surrounded by mountains and rivers. It depends on this Jiyang to show up, the good ancestors to go forward. Congratulations to Weiyi, Fu Weishang.
Sixth, the ritual of worshipping the dragon gods: The butterflies both turn over the jade tree, and the orioles dance against the golden branches. The flowers are bright and beautiful, the clouds are bright and colorful. Yongqing Liufang's biography is far away, and Chang Xin's legacy is Dexian. Jia Cheng Wan Jun must pay respect, when his children and grandchildren exhibit their tombs. On the good day, the tea is saluted, and the five parties invite the tomb dragon. Tsing Lung has a wealth of treasures on his left, and Bai Hu has a wealth of wealth on his right. Suzaku man Ding Wang in front of the tomb, and Ming Xuanwu Hall in the town after the tomb. 廿 The eight-star home is located in the eight mountains, and the compass is beautiful. After the advent, the soil should be applied first, and then Ping Xingyang was asked to save the poor. The White Crane Fairy arrived, famous and virtue came to the truth. The tomb in the tomb honors the soul, please drive with the gods. Today, Dou Zi'er Sun Tsai, Qi Shang tomb with respect. As soon as you lay a glass of wine, you should bring the children of Yingyin. Yan Si Yan Qing Qian Dingwang, Xianda reading early in the morning. Before Er Di Jiu was full of joy, Dragon God chewed blessings together. From today's real three precious, all children and grandchildren will come out. Three cups of Xinfang wine filled the glass, cheering all the cemeteries. The Long She sacrifice together at the discretion, and Dazhen's family is happy. The four pagodas are filled with scented wine, and the tomb of Jiacheng Junri Festival is tomb. The dragon gods share the ancestors' virtues, so that their children and grandchildren can reach Yumen.
Seventh, the grave ritual of the grave: the Republic of Victoria, the year of the leap year, the year of the leap year, the day of the month, the day of the month. The end of the sacred period for the great city of my grandfather's aunt. Yang Shi ====== descendants and so on. Sincere fast, devoted wine ceremony, tea fruit, listed tomb, sincere offerings, pray for blessing, family Yanji, prosperous population, male and female Antai, old and young Corning, Ding Choi Da Jin, grain harvest, physiological gain, Li Lu Xian Enjoy, but surrender to the spirit, bless my sons and grandchildren, enjoy at four o'clock, forever worship Qianqiu, Fuqimupi, peace in the family, prosperity, prosperity, knowledge of this, sincerity, Shang.
Eight, scattered Wuguzi tips: 1. Kneeling in front of the filial piety of the filial piety, enter the fighting ceremony. Fu Ding Tian Fushou, Sangu gave birth to grandchildren. 2. Buried in Ronghuachi, living in the wealthy gate for a long time. 3, Oriental A and B belong to Qinglong, and the rain cultivates grains. Cai Ding was prosperous and prosperous. 4, Southern Suzaku Bingdingfa, Tim has a lot of good luck and longevity, be full of peace and beauty, spring and autumn grain sowing good fields. 5. The western white tiger belongs to Gengxin, and it turns into gold. Grain harvest Ding Dajin, full of Fulu stretched from the sky. 6, Northern Rengui said Xuanwu, recruited a wealth of money. Grain full warehouses and small households, a hundred sons and grandchildren came out of talent. 7. The central pentagonite soil turns yellow, and the east, west, south and north govern the Quartet. Luqi Mingshan clothing and food rich, Malay Xiuling Sun Chang. 8. The Lion Bell Reiki invited Ding Gui, and the Elephant Show was auspicious. Qianqianyuan harvested grains, Wanguan money went into the hall. 9, the grain scattered, the children and grandchildren Fangfang. Grains are scattered high, and the grandchildren Fangfang Fushouquan.
Nine, driving the dragon to drink Yamaguchi: The handle of the gossip and gossip god, Pangu early in the world. Nine-day Xuannv Yin and Yang method, once spent the world to save the poor. The phoenix flew on the stone in Nanshan, just when Yang Gong was buried. Niantongyueli has no taboos. Today, I opened Shenglongkou and gently introduced Dafengjun (male is called Dafengjun, and female is called too stubborn). There are mountain arches in front, and Pingzhen tomb base in the back. Shake the compass with your hand. Twenty-four mountains will come to you. Take a picture of the compass with your hand. The twenty-four mountains will be glorious. There was Suzakuwang Ding in the front, and Mingtang in Xuanwu Town in the back. On the left, there is a blue dragon sending treasure, and on the right, a white tiger enters the farm. Lu went to the mountain to get rich and wealthy, and went to the mountain to prosper. This is my funeral, I want people to have a mouthful of money, and secondly to treasure themselves. The third is the grandson of the grandson, and the fourth is the head of the grandson. Fifth is to go to school early, sixth is to marshal herds, seventh is to the north and south mountains and treasuries, eight is to extend life, nine is to wealth, and ten is to be infinite.
X. Xie Fenjin's tactics are reckless and jealous. (The left hand is used on the sun, and the right hand is used on the cloudy day. Shoujin is burned.)
Funeral tips:
There are many kinds of funeral recipes, which are different according to different factions and places. Now we focus on burial, choose the most important ones, and follow the procedures to extract the popular recipes for your reference:
I. Funeral and funeral congratulations
In the time of Fuweiri Jiliang, heaven and earth opened, and incense stood on the ground. Cigarettes go up to heaven, cigarettes burst in, please God. Cigarettes are gloomy, please God to bless them, and cigarettes are rampant, please God to drive.
Here are the believers XX (personal name) of XX province (detailed address), who buried the ancestor XX (name of the dead), and disciples XX (name of the division master). put up. Only life gold, offerings, and etiquette.
Respectfully please:
In the past, the gods, the ancestors of geography in the past, divided the gold god Zhang Xianshi, Li Xianshi came to the same book
And please:
Local Dragon God, Hou Tu, Land God's Ascendant assists and blesses:
Thousands of Xiangs gathered, 100 kills disappeared, and the project went smoothly. X's descendants, Fang Fang, are kind, healthy, and blessed.
2. Dividend payment and ground breaking
In ancient times, a fixed amount of money was used. A plate of millet was used, a compass was placed on the rice, and a red envelope was placed on it. According to the text, please ask the god, please the dragon god, always worship the dragon, and divide the golden staff with red saxophone tied with five pieces of life gold, formerly Zhang Xianshi, then Li Xianshi, Shan Xiangxiang three pillars, and the remainder inserted.
Tips: Fu Yi, Emperor Emperor Earth, Wuyue Mountain Family, Land Dragon God, former missionary, ancestors Yang, Zeng, Lai, Liao Gongxian, Hou Fen (Li Dingdu), Fen Fen Jin (Zhang Jianjian), please refer to the same To the seat.
The main house XX, the address XX, was buried for the ancestors XX. XXXX, sitting on the X mountain X direction, and using the gold X hexagram X 爻 degree, choose to break the earth and build a grave on X, X, X, X. The believers are prepared to worship the fragrance, candles, treasures, and fruit. When they are finished, they will prepare the fragrance, candles, treasures, fruits, and wine to thank the gods.
Tips for drawing soil
In a round place, there are nine chapters of the law.
With a single stroke, Rui Manshan, the ghost and ferocious, went far away. Jin Yan raised again, raised the mine to be peaceful, lived forever, and used wealth and prosperity.
The sky gate is wide, (Qianfang)
The second house is closed tightly.
Three painted ghost roads are tight, (Gen Fang)
Four Paintings Humane Tongli, (Kun Fang)
After painting the soil, you can enter gold, warm ore, loose soil, etc.
Fourth, cover the coffin tips
The sun and the earth were opened, and the coffin covered the coffin.
V. Sealing Coffin
Tip one: Hold the golden axe to seal the nails, the east and the west, the north and the south are square, the Suzaku basalt comes to the arch, and the blue dragon and white tiger are lined up. One nailed Tim Ding and Jincai, the second nailed Fulu to the sky, the three nailed to three yuan as early as possible, and the four nailed to the grand court. Generations from generation to generation.
Tip two: One blessing from heaven, two townships, Ankang, three births, longevity, four seals of Baisha, and five generations of Changchang.
Six, obelisk tips
The jade gate is erected to open, and the left and right tigers are lined up on both sides. The house is Sun Dafu, Kejia Liandeng and Dilai. The mountain is descended from the true dragon. Rising flag.
Seven, the main formula
Tip # 1: I am writing the pen to heaven and the twenty-four mountains as the Holy Spirit. Kong Sheng gave me a pen, and I can make it forever. Every day, every day, every earth and every soul, everybody lives forever, and every master has a spirit. The master adds a little red, and he is the champion of the grandchildren.
Tip 2: One point of the four treasures in the study room through the heavens, two and twenty-four hills to do the Holy Spirit, three points of Confucius left the article, and then order the room and the public secretary.
Tip three: Ding Lan carved the wood as his mother. Throughout the ages, Wang Wang added a foreword to his sons and grandchildren.
The starting point of a stroke is to heaven, the descendant of the filial piety family is descended from Sun Xian, the king prefix is added a little, and the times are glorious.
A stroke of Qiqi refers to the east, filial piety, and other dajichang, and points to the rich sons and daughters, rich and rich.
God, God, God, Earth, People, Longevity, Lord, Hero.
Serving tips
The family is rich and prosperous, and the wealth is flourishing forever.
Nine, driving dragon (Hulong) tips
There are many recipes for driving dragons. Choose one that is popular as follows:
Holding the Compass Gossip God, the heavens and the earth were divided in the beginning of the Pangu era, the nine-day Xuannv Yin and Yang method, Zeng Dufan saw Yang save the poor, and Nanshan Shishan Phoenix flew. It was during Yang Gong's burial that there were no contraindications to the benefits of the moon and the moon. Introduced Da Gua Jun (the female is immortal), there is Gongxiu in the mountains and Longji in Pingzhen in the back. Shake the compass to shake. Twenty-four mountains are coming. According to the photos, the twenty-four mountains are glorious. There is Ding Wang, a Suzaku man in front, and longevity of basalt in the back. A dragon is sent to the treasure on the left, a white tiger enters the farm on the right, Lu is rich to the people in front of the mountain, and his sons and grandchildren in the mountains. My funeral heard me, one must have millions of mouths, the other must have a good life extension, the third must make great fortunes on behalf of the grandchildren, the fourth must have more fortunes on behalf of the grandchildren, and the fifth must be on behalf of the grandchildren of the five generations.
Nine, loose soil, scattered grain tips
Fu scattered with a handful of grains, all evils and evils were eliminated, one scattered every day, the other scattered the earth spirits, the three scattered water and the water, and the scattered scattered life.
One scattered East Jiaomu, one descendant Duo Fuluo, one scattered Western Genghiskin, one generation of grandson and grandson, three scattered Southern Bingdinghuo, one generation of grandchildren, and four generations of northern Renguishui. The United States, the scattered scattered central government land, and the grandchildren of each generation.
A handful of grains came in and made great fortunes for generations, and a handful of grains came out of the soil, a generation for generations and five generations of ancestors, and a handful of grains were scattered. Dajin Dafa, Ronghua Fugui, Baizi Qiansun, come on!

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