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How much do you master the wave theory

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The invention of the wave theory benefited from the tide, one wave after another, extending to the stock market, but also one after another. In the wave theory, the most difficult place is: the division of the wave grade. If you want to correctly identify the specific attributes of a certain wave in a specific cycle, you need not only morphological support, but also you need to make a correct judgment on the time of the wave. In other words, the wave theory is easy to learn and difficult to learn, easy to summarize and summarize in form, and difficult to determine the price and time period.
Wave theory
Eliot's wave theory is the same as Lao Tzu's Tao: Tao is very Tao. Life is two, two, three, three things ... and then it starts and ends again and again. It is not realistic to fully understand the basics, and everyone has a different understanding of this theory, and the conclusions reached at the end are often completely opposite. We just need to understand the framework inside.
The framework of wave theory:
1. A complete wave of rising prices is divided into five waves: three waves rising and two waves adjusting.
2. A complete wave of falling prices is divided into three waves: two waves of falling waves, one wave of rebounding waves
3. Each wave can be composed of very small waves, but it must be remembered that the rising wave can be three waves or five waves, and the falling wave is three waves.
4. The time and space of each main wave are basically the same.
In Elliott wave theory, the shape of the wave determines whether its nature is a driving wave or a regulating wave. But the shape of each wave is not exactly the same. So for a complete system, as long as the stocks that have experienced the main rise stage are weaker than the previous rises, we think that they have entered the five waves, and we should not still believe that we must experience the complete five waves according to previous judgments. . Here are two examples:
As shown in the figure above, this is a complete five-wave rise. The 3 waves are obviously faster than the 1 wave, which has become the condition for the main rise. The 5 wave is obviously weaker than the 3 wave, in a decelerating state, and then enters a decline. Let's look at the second example:
As shown in the figure above, Langfang's development: Because A entered the main ascent, resulting in the inability to counterattack later, C is far weaker than A in terms of space and ascent angle, so there is no so-called five waves behind. This is the typical ABC move.
Through the above two examples we see the normal Wulang and ABC trends. In fact, the core content is that whether it is going to Wulang or ABC, it depends on whether there is a large increase (decrease) in the back. It depends on the main rise (decline). If there is, it is a sign of deceleration. If not, then there is the possibility of the main rise (fall). So many times we don't have to follow the dogma to think that we will follow the evolution of the basic five waves, and we must learn to live. Grasp his essence well, as for the specific wave pattern, it is no longer important how many waves are.
Adjustment wave pattern
Adjustments are very difficult to grasp. Many Elliot traders make money on the push mode stage and lose money on the adjustment stage. One promotion phase includes Wulang. The adjustment phase consists of three waves, with the exception of a triangle. A push is often accompanied by a mode of adjustment.
Adjustment modes can be divided into two categories:
Simple adjustment: Zigzag adjustment (N-shaped adjustment)
Complex adjustments: flat, irregular, triangular
The same is true of the stock market trend. When the stock price forms a certain trend, it will move forward along the trend, and will reverse downward after reaching the extreme. After rising to the extreme, it will turn into a decline, and when the stock price falls to the extreme, it will also turn into an increase. So the trend changes cycle.

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