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One of the worst consequences in history, judging by appearances, has a shocking ending

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:16:03

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29) It turns out that Han Hong and her are husband and wife!
30) Yesterday he was executed! Some words before the sentence were thought-provoking ...
31) At 7:00 this morning, the scene was horrible, and it is not too late to watch!
32) The recent situation of Hua Guofeng's four children is unexpected!
33) Saddam ’s prediction of China came true before his death.
34) A person who is more powerful than Wang Qishan, do you know who it is?
35) Zhu Jiongji talked about retirement, how many people have no room for self-confidence!
Source: Xinhua Weekend
An old couple in the United States, the woman was wearing a faded striped cotton dress, while her husband was wearing a cheap cloth suit, and went to visit the principal of Harvard without prior appointment.
The principal's secretary concluded for a moment that the two rural hats could not do business with Harvard at all.
The gentleman said softly, "We want to see the principal." The secretary said politely, "he is busy all day!"
The lady replied, "It doesn't matter, we can wait."
After a few hours, the secretary ignored them, hoping that they would retreat when they were distressed and walk away. They have been waiting there.
The secretary finally decided to notify the principal: "Maybe they will walk away with a few words."
The principal agreed impatiently.
The principal was very dignified and unwilling to face the couple.
The lady told him: "We have a son who studied at Harvard for a year. He loves Harvard. He lives happily in Harvard. But last year, he died by accident. My husband and I wanted to help him on campus Leave a memorial. "
The principal wasn't touched, but found it ridiculous, saying sirly, "Madam, we can't build statues for everyone who has studied Harvard before dying. If we do, our campus will look like a cemetery same."
The lady said, "No, we are not going to erect a statue, we want to donate a building to Harvard."
The principal looked closely at the striped cotton clothes and the cheap denim suit, and then exhaled, "Did you know how much it would cost to build a building? Our school's building costs more than $ 7.5 million."
At this moment, the lady was silent. The headmaster was very happy, and finally they could be dismissed.
The woman turned to her husband and said, "You can build a building for only 7.5 million? So why don't we build a university to honor our son?"
In this way, the Stanfords left Harvard. In California, Stanford University was established to honor their son. This is the origin of Stanford University.
Please don't despise anyone around you. To despise others is to despise yourself. Today, there is a saying circulating among Americans: rich and well-read Harvard, and the real family loves Stanford more-it is because of the different temperaments in the bones of the two famous schools.
Mature wheat ears are plump and stooped. The real giant must lean over to do things.
Respect everyone around you.

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