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Wang Fu's mantra on the day when a mother married her daughter ~~

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The mother said, "Daughter, today is the day you get married. The mother gave you the mantra that was given to me by my grandmother when I got married. Listen,
First, you must remember that after you marry, you will be a wife and mother. Do n’t be as willful as before. When you marry your husband, you will take on the responsibility of helping your husband and family.
Second, you must pay attention to love him first of all to love his parents. Without his parents, where can you fall in love with him? How could he appear to let you love? Don't compare the attitude of your in-laws to yourself with your parents' attitudes.
Third, the husband and wife are united in heart, and their power is broken. Women must not ask the bottom of the casserole. Some things that men put in their hearts are his strategy, but also his work strategy. You don't have to tell you to realize it. You can experience it with your heart, but don't bother to understand it.
Fourth, you must remember that the husband who comes out of the mouth is convinced, and the husband who comes out is convinced. Husband is used to hurt, do not always think about governing her husband, and do not discuss how bad her husband is with other women.
5. You can't change him, you can influence him. A man's nature is lazy, and his nature is not very clean. You can't always ask him to do this and what to do when he returns home. Very small things also let him do it, which will distract men from working outside and increase mental pressure.
6. After he goes home, don't be too busy leaving the house. When he returns home, what he wants to see is you most, what he wants to hear is your voice, to communicate with you, and not to listen to you.
7. Don't take suspicion as your own judgment. Some things are not what you imagine. Judgment of your man with your imagination is a heavy blow to the man, but it is also not self-confident.
8. Do not be a hedgehog under any circumstances. If women often do hedgehogs, men will not take the initiative to get close to you. Hedgehogs and puppies cannot fall in love, just like fire and grass cannot be together.
9. Don't complain about your man, let alone scold your man. Men who complain about themselves make themselves more unsatisfied, and men who scold themselves are far and near. The effects of force are mutual, and men who often scold themselves will get the opposite force.
X. Love is like quicksand, and men cannot catch it. Women should never try to catch men. Those who catch men are far less secure than men. Before and after the teacher, men live not only for money, but also for face. Women are the source of the world, they are the hands that push the blue, and the husband and wife are the women's part. The good woman, the three generations of Wangfu, the resentful woman, never have peace. Remember! Remember! ".
The wife is a benefactor, the daughter is a relative, the son-in-law is a servant, the son is an enemy, the daughter-in-law is an enemy, and the grandson is an ancestor.
We should thank the benefactors, rely on their loved ones, call the servants, draw enemies, sacrifice enemies, and support the ancestors.
life of a human:
The greatest success is the success of marriage;
The greatest happiness is the happiness of the family;
The greatest relationship is the relationship between husband and wife;
The most important communication is the communication between husband and wife;
The most important understanding is that between husband and wife;
The most valuable tolerance is the tolerance between husband and wife;
The most effective patience is patience between husband and wife;
The concern that cannot be ignored is the concern between husband and wife.
Marriage is a cup that provides a container to put men and women together, relying on each other's infiltration to make the originally bitter life scent.
After marriage, with the trivial and complicated life, friction will inevitably occur. After a long life, I feel that my wife is not as beautiful as other women, and some men have to give up when they have fame and money. Looking for a third party, and turned to younger women? Because they are beautiful and young? Have you thought of your wife? She was also young and beautiful, and she gave everything for life and for you.
Man, please do n’t ask where your woman is, please look back at your child, because she becomes your child ’s mother;
Please do n’t ask her where her beautiful face has gone, because she makes you feel assured when you work hard outside;
Please don't blame her for not going shopping, don't blame her for not selling beautiful clothes, don't blame her for always not trimming, don't blame her for being not as pretty as other women, because she gave everything to her home, to her children, to her You-his man.
Everything your wife does for your family and for you is willing and does not need to be repaid. She is the woman who loves you, knows you best, and is willing to give you everything;
She is a woman who has no blood relationship with you, but is worried about you not going home at night;
When you are poor, she won't hate you, stay with you silently, encourage you, support you until you succeed; when you are sick, she will stay by your side and guard you all night, Until you heal
A wife is a home, a harbour that can bring comfort to your impetuous heart; no relationship between a man and a woman can be compared with the true love between a husband and wife. Take good care of your wife, leave more time and free for your wife, don't ignore everything she does for you, love must be cherished once you have it, don't feel her beauty until you lose it.
What kind of woman achieves what kind of man, even Buffett said that the best investment in life is to choose the right wife. So if you don't meet a good woman, you should prepare your own whip and spur yourself.
In a man's life, standing high or not, and walking far, depends on whether he can meet a good woman. This woman may be a girlfriend, a wife, a confidant, or a lover who will never be separated for a lifetime! Either way, the most important thing is that your hearts are together! Feuerbach said: "Love is what makes a person!" For men, the key to being able to cultivate and reach a certain level is to have a good and gentle woman who is gentle and considerate around you, and you must avoid "being indifferent to others". Because good men can only be created with good women's support, attention, appreciation, and pruning.
Without a good woman, where is a good man?

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