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Lakeside University failed after class: all the truth is given to you, but still has a bad life?

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You ca n’t learn if you know success, and you ca n’t hide if you know failure
Editor's note: This article comes from WeChat public account "Notesman" (ID: Notesman), author Ke Zhou, the founder of Noteman; 36 氪 released with permission.
Hello knight, our boss met you again. After attending the course at Lakeside University, he said that the failure of President Ma Yun's speech made him fall into deep thinking. As the founder of a company, there are a lot of tasks to be dealt with every day, as well as many things to be solved, and many things need to be reviewed from time to time.
How should we face failure, and how can we learn to face, accept and solve?
The life expectancy of most Chinese companies dies in the second and third years. Companies with more than 5 years are amazing, and more than 10 years are more difficult ...
After returning from a failed class at Lakeside University, I was also deeply in thought. Just as Liang Ning wrote "Broken and Reconstructed Subjective World-Failure Extracurricular Course of Lakeside University" after class, and wrote it into the bones. Later, Liu Shuang (former assistant of Jingdong Mall, COO of Fun Staging) communicated with Liang Ning and wrote a deep reflection.
A few days ago as an interviewer at the Unicorn Growth Camp, one of the applicants was a product manager from Baidu. He has done three entrepreneurial projects in the past 2 and a half years, and the first project took 3 months. The second project took 6 months to complete. The third project was a well-known O2O platform in the industry. When it was about to enter the B round, the financing failed.
At that time, he came out of Baidu to start a business, and one of the great characteristics of his choice of project was "chasing the wind." Now I have done my fourth project, instead of chasing after the wind, it is well integrated with the advantages of traditional industries. Although the project development is slower than before, it is practical.
He said: "I was hurt by the O2O project."
I asked him what his past failures could be attributed to?
He told me a few points: I didn't want to understand, too anxious, 2VC, too young, visionary, control over the future, not thinking about the nature of business (how to make money and profit).
Success has always been a big topic, but failure is even more of a big topic. Compared with failure, success accounts for less than 1%; compared with success, failure is absolutely normal.
We often work hard to learn how to succeed, but there are countless failures on the way to success. In fact, failure is normal. Even if we learn how many others succeed, we see how many others fail. It ’s our turn. When you do it yourself, you still have to do it again, which is normal.
But do we learn to face, accept and how to solve it?
Liu Shuang described in the article "Scientific Management" how to avoid entering the life and death period, but how to recognize the objective fact of life and death adversity has always been his heartache. In response, Liang Ning said:
"In life and death, the leaders most need to be able to write out key tasks, and then lead the team to complete the task and kill the siege."
What is the test of life and death leaders?
Passion, that is, love and passion, this love and passion is reflected in the attitude towards things, people, and reality. Do you love this thing, the people around you, the reality that often shows cruel faces?
There are entrances and exits in life. How to find exits faster and better is actually difficult. Most people are confused, they haven't found an exit all their lives, and a few have found their destiny very early. There are a few people in the middle. By constantly searching for their love, they eventually find the way to the exit faster than most people.
Our thinking habits are often "settled undefeated, and then win." But how to grasp the timing of goals and directions (strategies)? In the era of the mobile Internet, it has evolved so fast that you can't wait on the shore. You can only jump in and swim, and you should exert your power whenever you can. Including Ali's growth, many are gradually promoted in strategic thinking and action.
But what happens when there is a crack in thinking and acting?
When Liang Ning communicated with HRVP Wang Minming who has been in Ali for 7 years, Wang Minming put forward a concept: this is a process of "breaking and rebuilding" time and time again.
"Broken is inevitable. Everyone who can do great things has gone through countless breaks, and then in the rebuilding, the subjective world and the objective world to be conquered gradually merge, and then the sword and man become one."
Broken is the growth level.
However, here is an advance, no love, not far away.
No love, even if you listen to countless truths, you still have a bad life;
Without love, suffering along the way is like sand in your shoes, which will make you particularly uncomfortable;
There is no love. When you are in a very difficult time, you will doubt what you are doing for what is worth it.
And when you have love, especially extreme love, you will have the ability to "distort reality force field" like Jobs and Jack Ma, even if Jack Ma is not big, even if Jobs is thin and ill.
In the period of life and death, even if reality is distorted, those who love it will not be distorted by reality. Especially in the present era, various model innovations, technological innovations, capital forces, and giant gameplays have emerged endlessly. Without a love for things, people, and reality, they have long since gone, and have been washed away by waves. In the business world, the real reality is like a stormy beach, and the waves have washed up the heroes.
The world is ever-changing. With the development of big data and artificial intelligence, many human physical and mental abilities will be replaced by the power of science and technology + dataism. Only human will and mental power are irreplaceable by machines and algorithms. In this complicated world, you may be able to rely on physical strength and intelligence quickly, but what really makes you go further is willingness and mental strength.
This will and heart are Passion (Passion, Passion), Vision (Mission), Mission (Value).
After Passion (Passion, Passion), it is Vision, Mission, and Value.
The vision is a visual description of love, turning into a Chinese-style landscape painting, and the mission is a concrete description of love, turning into a clearly visible Western painting. The value is the value standard for painting this picture, and it is romantic The Doctrine of Art, or the School of Realism, the School of Classicism, or the School of Futurism.
The sense of direction depends on the vision, not on the mission, and on the basis of values.
Zeng Ming said, "Ma Yun is a person driven by a sense of mission. The child who grew up under the Red banner, formerly the chairman of the Federation of Students, started teaching English every day at West Lake for free at the age of 14. The English tradition gave him Christianity. He has been fighting in the streets since he was a child. Jin Yong's martial arts are very clear to him, 'Let the world have no difficult business' has become his mission to start a business, and there are very few people with such a mission. "
The importance of slow thinking can be seen in these cognitions and actions of love, vision, mission, and values:
When you are clear or constantly clear about what you want to do from the beginning, and you have the ability to perceive and adapt to changing realities, you can afford strategic thinking, business models, products, organizational construction, talent, marketing, Leadership and other challenges, and at the same time find people who love your business and career (love quotient, more important than emotional quotient, intelligence quotient).
Otherwise, put your destiny in the hands of others, and everything turns empty.
As we go through these challenges, everyone will start to have some wounds. Just like in martial arts novels, some people have suffered trauma, some have internal injuries, some have broken arms, and some have broken muscles. Already. Liang Ning realized after many years: "I just realized that the wound is also a gift from God ... God gave me the wound, and using this acquired organ (in the place that was originally dull and unconscious) increased my sensibility."
Ma Yun said: "I am a person who has made mistakes countless times. People say that we have done a good job today. In fact, he doesn't know how many times he buried himself, and every time he buried it, he has great pain. The boss is not a good boss. I and my team now understand more and more what we need and want, and we want to understand some truth. "
"There must be a chance behind the error of a huge disaster. If you calm down for three days, it will be a good thing. This is my 19 years. After each major error, I will reflect and calmly think about it. Is there a problem with the system or Something went wrong. "
People must be idealized and realistic. They must be optimistic and not blindly optimistic. They must be pessimistic and not addicted to pessimism, otherwise they cannot open themselves and rebuild themselves.
So an Ali commented: "The process of Ali growth = normal people with potential-neuropathy-cognitive social reconstruction-short-term goals-continuous failure-continuous failure-continuous failure-continuous failure-continuous failure-continuous failure- Constant failure-optimism-turning into a liar-Christian way of preaching-optimism-optimism-optimism ... "
It sounds like a disrespectful passage, but it really is.
Failure is not terrible. It is terrible to die for face, to care about PR, etc. When you face it, the sky will be even wider.
Why many times, you ca n’t learn if you know success, and you ca n’t hide from failure.
Why are so many things dedicated to you, but still have a bad life?
You and I both need deep reflection, action, fragmentation and reconstruction. If you are unsure, you will be confused, and things cannot be done and done. If a person or an enterprise has to go far, it must be able to continuously reflect on its own mistakes, then settle down and then calmly face it.
"Everything has a crack, and that's where the light comes in." (Leonard Cohen, bard)
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