www.hg8696.com Li Kangxing: When will the Qingming Festival disappear?

Li Kangxing: When will the Qingming Festival disappear?

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:14:46

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Qingming is almost here. As usual, I called to invite my nephews to go to the countryside to worship their ancestors. A nephew suddenly asked me, "What's the use of ancestor worship?"
He was far away in Guangzhou. He put down the work at hand, dragged his family around, and traveled back and forth to sacrifice his ancestors. He spent time and money. What benefits did he get?
Why does he ask such questions? I pondered that he was thinking in accordance with market principles. He must calculate the input and output of everything, and should not do anything that is not profitable.
However, I think that if the market principle is followed, many things in the world should not be done, for example: there is no need to support the elderly, because the elderly can no longer create value, and supporting them is purely for nothing; there is no need to rescue critically ill patients. Because they are wasting precious medical resources, according to the Hong Kong Medical Association, 80% of the world's medical expenses are spent on critically ill patients at the time of dying. People have not been rescued, and even being rescued is a waste, but it is a waste of money. A lot of money. For another example, the disabled are also a burden on society and should be eliminated; the wounded and sick on the battlefield do not need to be rescued, which wastes a lot of resources, may also cause fighter jets, and so on. It is too scary to spread it like this, and the world will become hell. Human beings may not even be as good as animals.
As we all know, there are three major rules that govern the world: the laws of science, the laws of the market, and the laws of morality. In the field of scientific research, we must follow the rules of science, in the economic field we must pay attention to the rules of the market, and in interpersonal relationships we must pay attention to the rules of morality. These three rules have their own application areas, and must not be used arbitrarily or misplaced. Putting forward "What is the use of the Qingming ancestor worship?" Is to use the market rules in the wrong place, and never use the market rules to dominate everything. For example, some parents use their reward pocket money to motivate their children to do housework. This is where the market rules are used in the wrong place. Housework is the child's obligation! It's filial piety!
Speaking of which, it is estimated that my nephew will still be dissatisfied, because the Chinese do not believe in religion, and they are the most practical people. They must be practical in everything. There must be a "use" in the end.
I think that sacrificing ancestors in the Qingming period reinforces "filial piety" from a young age. When parents are alive, they should do their filial piety. When their parents die, filial piety should be done through sacrifices. This is to extend filial piety from real life to the virtual world (the underworld) to strengthen filial piety. From a big point, it is to strengthen the family's sense of identity and enhance the national identity. This cohesive force is both tangible and intangible. It is invisible and intangible, and cannot be estimated. Tangible means that it can strengthen the family's interpersonal assistance and affection and care. It can generate huge political and economic forces. For example, the tiger brothers and fathers and soldiers battled. The oldest source of cohesion is the mutual recognition of family ancestors.
The family ethics of Confucianism, which originated from the patriarchal system of the Western Zhou Dynasty, have remained intact for more than 2,000 years. They have become the core values of the Chinese nation. Not necessarily. The family ethics of some western nations has been weakened, but where does their cohesion come from? From religion. There are many religious rituals (such as baptism), religious activities (such as mass, worship, and chanting Scripture), and corresponding canons. What is the use of these activities and observance of these rules and regulations? It is to instill and strengthen religious beliefs, and strengthen the cohesion of religion.
To be honest, under the impact of marketization and globalization, the cohesion of the ancestors of the Chinese people is declining, and the filial piety is deteriorating, and the core values of the nation may be lost. Fifty to one hundred years later, our third and fourth generations can't pass the Qingming Festival? Make a big question mark!

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