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Health: Many benefits of eating lettuce in spring

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:14:28

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Lettuce is a very popular dish. Its light green color, fresh and crisp, is like "green jade", which can be simmered or vegetarian, and is a "regular customer" on almost every table. Lettuce is rich in nutrition, not only the spring gold flower, but also the anti-cancer overlord dish. Nutrition experts say that it's time to eat lettuce in spring, and don't forget to remind family and friends to eat it often.
1.Anti-cancer and anti-cancer
Lettuce contains an aromatic hydrocarbon hydroxylated ester, which has a preventive effect on liver cancer and gastric cancer, and can also relieve the side effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy for cancer patients. It is an anti-cancer vegetable. The anti-cancer effect of lettuce is higher than many anti-cancer foods, such as the "king of cancer prevention" often referred to on the Internet.
2. Increase appetite
Lettuce is fresh and slightly bitter, which can stimulate digestion, increase bile secretion, stimulate digestive tract peristalsis, and help increase appetite.
3.Anti-allergic rhinitis
Experts said that eating more lettuce in the spring season has unexpected benefits, because new research has found that it has a certain role in fighting allergic rhinitis.
4.Insulin activators
Lettuce is rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, dietary fiber and other ingredients. Among them, more nicotinic acid is considered to be an activator of insulin, which is suitable for people with diabetes to help improve glucose metabolism.
5, nourish the liver, resist gout
In the stems and leaves of lettuce, there is a white emulsion called lettuce sub-tablet, which has analgesic and anesthetic effects, can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice and promote appetite. Improve liver function and help fight rheumatic diseases and gout.
6.Protect the heart
Lettuce has the highest potassium content, which helps to promote urination, reduces the pressure on the atrium, and is extremely beneficial to patients with hypertension and heart disease.
7. Improve sleep
Lettuce contains a small amount of iodine, which has a significant impact on basal metabolism, mental and physical development, and even emotional regulation. Therefore, lettuce has a sedative effect. Regular consumption can help relieve tension, stabilize mood, and help sleep.
Precautions for lettuce
1, lettuce is afraid of salty, so salt is less delicious.
2. In fact, the lettuce leaves have higher nutritional value. Therefore, it is best to eat lettuce leaves.
3. You can eat raw or cooked lettuce, cold, burn, stir-fry, and braise, as well as pickled pickles and pickles. Recommended dishes: fried pork with lettuce, shredded bamboo shoots, tofu with bamboo leaves, hot and sour lettuce.
4. Although lettuce is good, you can't eat too much. Night blindness and eye disease caused by eating more lettuce just stop eating lettuce and it will improve in a few days.

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