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"Pretending to be a recidivist" Wang Yangming (excerpt from "Combined Sutras-The Hidden Side of History")

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

From the perspective of being a man, Wang Yangming is undoubtedly successful. The "three immortals" are enough to explain the problem. Only two and a half people in the history have had evaluations, Confucius and Wang Yangming, and half are Zeng Guofan.
Throughout Wang Yangming's life, it is a life of pretending to be a young man, and a life of non-mainstream. He told us in his life: pretending to be a door is also a technology, and it can really fly to the sky if it is installed to a certain level!
I. Pretending to be a repeat offender
Wang Yangming has a super bull next to him, and that is his father Wang Hua, the champion.
When Wang Yangming was 10 years old, his father Wang Hua was a high school champion. He followed his father into the capital and did "North Drift."
Dad Wang Hua's life can be described as colorful, which is equivalent to the current top-level online big V. The eight-stroke text on the tall can be written with a spirit, which can be called the eight-stroke text; the humorous sketches are even spread throughout the capital. It is called the famous slayer in the circle of talents of Daming. The relationship between others is very good. Since entering the career path, he has risen step by step, and became the teacher of the second generation emperor of Mingxianzong and Mingxiaozong.
Wang Yangming lived in the No. 1 Scholar's home, and Shuxiang Mendi Jiaguan and others had not taken an unusual path since he was a child. He picked out some idle books to play tickets, and even used the military strategy to study and research. He always cited a lonely historical source and took the old on the spot. The teacher my father invited was stupefied. The teacher angrily threatened to find his champion Yuan Lang's father to cure this predator. But Wang Yangming always said, "Mr. Teacher, don't be angry. My father said that it is not bad to read more books. You should also read more!"
Wang Hua is not bad for money, please ask the teacher. Since your kid likes to show some punches, please ask a martial artist to accompany you.
Wang Hua's opinion is, if you want to read the free book, then I think the design method has collected it for you to see; if you want to learn martial arts, isn't it? Then I spend the money to ask the best martial artist. It is your ability to be able to marry and be able to be martial arts. I like to see it and I am optimistic about it. This is also the only way for your boy to surpass the champion of being the champion.
When Wang Yangming had a throat, Cheng Tian flaunted himself as Li Bai of the Ming Dynasty. He carried a sword in the capital and tried to do two tricks. Who knows that this free-range "Official Second Generation" learned Tang Dynasty Li Too unsuccessful, it turned out to be Li Tianyi of my dynasty, and finally one day, a big event was spread, and a sword poked people down the street. He snatched into the prison well and squatted for a few days. Fortunately, the father still had some connections, trying to keep his pretense out of prison.
Surprisingly, Dad said to Wang Yangming: "You don't have to be a father in Jingjing, Beijing. You ah Tucson is broken, and you get clothes on the stage. Life is a practice. You are far from home! You envy Li Baixing Are you traveling the world? Let ’s go, my old driver will take you for a ride to Juyongguan Fortress for a while, see the scorching cold wind outside, and enjoy the arrogant arrogance! "
Wang Yangming followed his dad to go wild once, saying that he really gained insights and said to himself, "I used to read the art of warfare and read it well, and thought that the world was invincible. After this walk, I realized that the gods and horses are clouds. But Zhao Kuo, a chariot, will only talk about it on paper! "
Although Wang Yangming was deeply "educated" by reality, he returned home a few days later and wrote a long story about military macros, pretending to be more and more serious. He claimed that as long as there were tens of thousands of elite soldiers in his hand, he would immediately wipe out the north. grassland!
The champion champion Wang Hua thought, I can do anything for you, the bear child, but I ca n’t be a professional cow farmer, so I ’ll leave it to you to be so brave, and sooner or later! It's time to cure this disease!
Wang Hua annotated every paragraph and every sentence of Wang Yangming's article, which was completely derogatory! This time Wang Hua did a better job. Although he had the IQ crushing advantage, it was indeed a short board to discuss the war, so he hurriedly rushed to the Ministry of Defense for help, gathered several experts to brainstorm, and refuted the bear child strictly and told Wang Yangming: " Would you like to sweep across the grasslands? Then please give me this annotation first! "
When Wang Yangming saw that his article had been repaired terribly, he was dumbfounded. I've been trying so hard to pretend to be on the road, but I ca n’t read your oldest dad, but I ’m not sure about playing swords and fighting. Help people come to annihilation ruthlessly, then "Born by nature, I will be useful." Where can I be useful? It seems that the way I pretend to be forced is getting more and more aggressive. It seems that there is only one way, that is to be a sage!
Yes, I want to be a sage! Wang Yangming shouted such a sentence!
So he ran to Wang Hua and said solemnly: "Report to Dad, I finally have my own life goal, that is to be a sage!"
After Wang Hua heard it, a bite of old blood wanted to spray on the wall. Is your bear child's head broken? I ca n’t even be a saint. For thousands of years, Mencius except Confucius can be called a saint, even Master Zhu I do n’t dare, you will know how many weights and weights you have. If you do, do n’t even think about doing this and doing that. Get a national civil servant before you dream of your sage spring and autumn.
"You go with me first!" Wang Hua directly brought his son into the Hanlin Academy, and brought the Hanlin examination papers one by one, to see how many points he could take? He scolded the son secretly: "If you don't learn to walk, you just want to die in heaven? See how many points you can take? Only the higher the score, the closer you are to the sage!"
Wang Yangming also had no way. First, he was stunned by the sea of questions, but practice made perfect, skillful, and wheel-style questions, almost coping with it. Many old scholars in Hanlin said that your champion gene should be able to pass Right? !!
But Wang Yangming's examination ability is really not as brilliant as his father's. He took the examination in a beautiful manner, always returning with shame and shame, and many people behind him slammed and said, "Look, this pretentious son of the No. 1 champion has fallen again! "
After failing to pass the test several times, Wang Yangming, who was dissatisfied, re-loaded it and began to think unexpectedly. I couldn't fight the hegemony. Then shake the genius and spell poems with the geniuses! So I wrote a lot of poems and gave a few poems to my dad.
I didn't expect Dad to slowly pull out small dishes from the gap between the teeth and put them in a small dish in front of him, and said to Wang Yangming: "One piece of cake! One piece of cake! My son, this extravagant voice, this cliché, This kind of cleverness and cleverness ... I'm almost speechless. When your father was young, he wrote whatever he wanted. I was the best code poet in the universe, and I'm sorry to show it to others! I don't think you have this In your capacity, I advise you not to write such a poem! "
Wang Yangming was once again poured cold water by his father. Think about it: the martial arts dream is gone, the general dream is gone, the literary dream is gone, the fairy dream, monk dream, all kinds of wonderful dreams are all going eastward. What else can I play?
Dad said to Wang Yangming: "Son, be realistic, try to stick to your fame first, and solve these dreams before you have these dreams!"
Wang Yangming hurriedly played, but Dad could only go to work step by step. He had to prepare for the civil service. He did not enter the imperial examination until he was 28 years old and finally embarked on the road of civil servants.
2. Dragon Field Enlightenment
After being admitted to the civil service, Wang Yangming got a sesame officer. Although he was a sesame seed, he officially entered the system after all.
It is said that Wang Hua and Wang Yangming father and son belonged to the Qing Dynasty, and they both disdain to be in power with the gangster Liu Jin. However, Liu Jin wanted to make friends with the famous literati father and son. After all, he was an official with the dynasty, and he needed to protect the officials. But this pair of father and son just don't give Liu Jin a face, and hit Liu Jin's face every now and then.
China's political rules have always been the same with the party, not my own, then roll away and cool down, the best to kill you, not to kill you, but also to keep you from turning over forever.
Wang Yangming, who had just entered the civil service, was quick-blooded and soon offended the Party. He was beaten with forty big boards, and then degraded to Guizhou Longchang, punished him for labor reform, that is, to go cool for three years. !!
Go to Longchang, Guizhou to be a postmaster, that is, the person in charge of the local guesthouse and the director of the post office. From the rank of Jiupin, now even the Sesame Officer is not considered. It belongs to the last class of public office, but at least it is still a national civil servant sequence.
The problem is that the eunuch Liu Jin really couldn't rest assured that he was pretending to be a recidivist. He had planned to rob him on the road, which saved him a few crooks. Wang Yangming ran all the way to the south. He was very vigilant. When he saw the person who was chasing him, his eyes were quick, and he flew into the river, pretending to do himself. Wang Yangming, who was diving, secretly rejoiced: It turned out that he had been pretending to be pretty good, at least I learned to pretend to die!
Wang Yangming, who had picked up a small life, secretly ran to Nanjing to meet his father, followed his father's life teachings and went on the road.
Dad Fengqingyun said to Wang Yangming indifferently, "Son, you are still a civil servant. Anyway, you still have a job, go for it, stay in the mountains, not afraid that there is no firewood! The ups and downs in officialdom are like tomorrow. The wind is blowing, who knows whether it is east or west! "
Wang Yangming was demoted to Longchang and was not discouraged. Instead, he decided to be a quiet "beautiful man". However, in the poor mountains and mountains, he could not soak in hot springs or do great health care. Think about just the dream of life can be realized-be a sage! Yes, be a sage! Since it is idle, then be an unpaid private teacher and start teaching students. He understands that to be a sage, one must be a good teacher!
Pretending to be a recidivist, pretending to be a fan. On a lightning and thundering night, Wang Yangming announced that he was "Dragon Field Enlightenment", which means that he figured everything out, and realized that "the way of the saint, self-sufficient in nature, ask for it Those who are rational about things are mistaken. "There is a big kind: from tomorrow, be a happy person, facing the sea, blooming in spring, feeding horses to run schools, and implement a purpose: make everyone a sage!
The implication is that I already know the way of the saint, that is, to discover the conscience that comes with him. To judge whether something is right or wrong, the standard is conscience, not something external. Therefore, it is not difficult for people to become saints. There is no need to painstakingly learn about things, as long as they can be achieved by listening to their own heart, how can Do you listen to yourself? It is through continuous learning and continuous practice, emphasizing that learning and practice are equally important, and they must be combined. Do n’t talk about the dying set, we should show a little pragmatism and not be a saint. , Not far from the saint.
After five years, Wang Yangming used this method of MLM to teach students with conscience. Everyone thinks that everyone can be a sage. This can really be true! I want to learn! I want to learn! I want to learn! As a result, his doctrine prevailed for a while, and there was a great tendency to overwhelm Zhu Zhuli.
China's politics was 30 years in the east and 30 in the west. Later, Liu Jin was out of control, and Wang Yangming was put back into use.
For being an official, Wang Yangming didn't have a bit of modesty, while preaching the sage's way to be a teacher; while doing the job of catching thieves and bandits, he was a man of honor. Wang Yang obviously succeeded. He recalled that in the past, he did not learn the art of warfare at all. The art of warfare is known, and the bandits are good. Only by applying the knowledge can we know the unity of action. So, all students say that teachers are highly opinionated and teachers are highly opinionated!
At this time, the sage Wang Yangming had initially grown up. In this regard, Wang Yangming's father, Wang Hua, was very satisfied, knowing that his pretending to be a repeat offender son finally succeeded in pretending, he hanged a couplet in the study "Look at Cao to rectify the situation, and let the old man and wife conquer the moon."
Your kid is your fire captain, my dad is doing my best.
Three. Capture the thief
Wang Yangming's main job is to "settle the pirates and appease the residents" in addition to building schools and running schools. Ming Shi once said, "In the end of the Ming Dynasty, Wen Chen won by soldiers, not as good as the benevolent." The more Wang Yangming lived, the more he understood. It turned out that there was absolutely a kind of pretense when he was young. The Barbarians, but it is a piece of cake to deal with some civilian armed forces.
Three years later, the right lieutenant du Yushi who was promoted to Zheng Sanpin again suppressed the Ning King Zhu Xi and rebelled.
The reason for Zhu Xi's rebellion is simple: this emperor can't do it, but what about the king? !!
Ming Wuzong is a kind of playfulness among the emperors. The problem is that in the political ecology of the Ming Dynasty, the emperors were really nonchalant. The court ministers were all authentic Confucian students, and they believed in Cheng Zhuxue. "Every gentleman with a good appearance, naturally requires the emperor to look like an emperor. "The people use the officials as their teachers, and the officials use the monarch as their father." How can you, as the respect of a country and the master of the world, make trouble? But Ming Wuzong was wayward. You gentlemen like me asked me to come this way, but I wouldn't do it that way. As a result, Emperor Ming Wu, known for his mischief, provoked a court petition.
Regarding the awkward phenomenon of kings and ministers, King Zhu Ning of Ning would like to hear the news, and he shouted to the courtiers: "Do n’t be noisy, you are against me and you are against it, I have a dream—a dream of an emperor who does not change. As emperor, you will do exactly what you want, and you are satisfied with everything! At least you can create a harmonious court! "
Officials are even more satisfied with Zhu Xi's rebellion: we are proud of it, we just want the emperor to become the sage monarch in his mind, not to kick him away and let you Zhu Xi take the place of it. If we do this, wouldn't we all become chaotic thieves? Our emperor is rotten and persuaded again, and it is also our uncle. It is not your turn to mix in with Zhu Xi. Where are you cool?
However, Zhu Xi felt that the coolest place was the dragon chair, so he completely pretended that the emperor was ruthless and rebelled.
Unfortunately, Zhu Xi met Wang Yangming, who pretended to be a recidivist. This predatory recidivist has accumulated a lot of knowledge about warfare. From books to actual combat, his soldiers are not tired of bluffing, bluffing everywhere. With only 43 days of defense and battle, he easily played the disguised newcomer Zhu Xi and went straight to the cell.
In the face of this result, one person is always upset. He is Ming Wuzong, and he is a super-pretending recidivist.
Ming Wuzong had a personality and a wild and unruly heart. The biggest feature was that he was more playful, that is, he was quite capable. However, as long as he was talented and intelligent, as long as it had nothing to do with the emperor, he could learn everything from cockfighting and running dogs, horse hunting and hunting to playing and playing, and even Sanskrit and Arabic. What's his favorite thing to play? It is to lead soldiers to fight, of course, to lead soldiers to fight is also like playing.
Of course, Ming Wuzong was not bad, and there were indeed a few brushes in the battle. In the early years, the Anhua King's rebellion was calmed down and the Mongolian prince was defeated. Now he was thinking about walking to the south. It turned out that the ministers of the "Zhengzheng Yingchao" stared at me and defended me, and Wenchen was dead and stubborn. This is not okay, left cannot be right, and my unruly heart is about to die. Now I hear of Zhu Xi It's time to smash my place. I don't make a dragon. I really treat me as a snake. Finally, I can become famous. He is going to fight with Zhu Xi and fight with Zhu Xi.
Ming Wuzong always thought, this is to open a big scene, there must be a sense of instant Hollywood blockbuster, at least you come and go, fight three hundred rounds! What unexpected to the Ming Wuzong was that the unscrupulous thief had already been arrested. This Zhu Xi was so weak that he was able to pack Wang Yangming.
However, Ming Wuzong cherished the opportunity to have a small business trip this time, even to the point of "no madness can't survive", insisting on the imperial conspiracy to capture Zhu Xi! Your old boy, Wang Yangming, didn't understand the meaning of my boss. I remembered this account in my heart, but I can't afford to waste such a big costume. Did you catch it? Let me continue to play the game of "cat and mouse"!
Wang Yangming thought, "Although you are the master of your site," don't open another one in Jiangxi. I will take Zhu Xi in front of you and offer prisoners. Under your eyelids, play "cat and cat games" as you like!
As a result, Ming Wuzong and the close servants dressed up in war uniforms, set off the battle line, removed Zhu Xi from the army, released him in the siege of the army, and then arrested Drum Gu Mingjin again, and would never know where to run Zhu Xi I put on the shackles again, and placed in front of the team, returning triumphantly. Zhu Xi has caused this, and he keeps catching it. Why is the situation so embarrassing, and how big is the inner shadow area?
However, Ming Wuzong was too playful. Even after catching Zhu Xi, he still had to stay outside for nearly a year before returning to the class. After one year, Zhu Xi, who was deeply humiliated, was executed! Think about it, at this time Zhu Xi is really alive!
Because Wang Mingyang did not let the supreme leader Ming Wuzong have fun, despite his great achievements, he still stayed cool.
However, Wang Yangming's luck is quite good. Then Ming Wuzong, who is known for his playfulness, has just returned to Beijing. He decided to play a new realm of human beings and ran into the leopard room for three hundred rounds. Back, I killed myself directly. As a result, the famous lazy emperor Ming Shizong Jiajing emperor succeeded.
When the new boss came to power, he naturally issued a red envelope. The Emperor Jiajing thought that Wang Yangming had a good job and gave a newly-built uncle's title. It can be hereditary.
4. This heart is bright
In the year when Emperor Jiajing officially came to power, Wang Yangming's father, Wang Hua, retired from the earth gloriously. Wang Yangming naturally wants to go home and keep filial piety. He thinks that the journey is difficult and dangerous. It is better to teach and receive disciples in his hometown, and let a group of students turn around and honour the life of his son to his son. He is more relaxed than a troublesome old official.
Because Wang Yangming's speech was very inspiring, coupled with his many meritorious deeds, capable of writing and martial arts, and equipped with special skills of pretending, the number of disciples naturally increased. Of course, these disciples were all masses of unknown truth.
This practice of Wang Yangming seriously affected the spread of the orthodox doctrine among the people, but more and more people accepted the heresy, and eventually formed a cult. They call themselves "Wang Xuemen", this organization is getting bigger and bigger like a tumor, and finally some people influence the rise and fall of the entire Daming Empire, such as Xu Jie and Zhang Juzheng.
I didn't expect that Wang Yangming wanted to take a break, but some people always remembered him as the captain of the fire. After all, it was a good thing to be a teacher, not to mention the era of Imperial Examinations.
It is said that the land chiefs in Si'en and Tianzhou got up and smashed the emperor Jiajing's field. The key is that the governors couldn't help these land chiefs. "You do what you do", doing this, our teacher Wang Yangming is particularly good at it, so everyone asked him to come out and clear the ground first!
At this time, Wang Yangming not only became famous for a long time, but also became a world of Tao Li. His students are among the courts. Naturally, there are no shortage of enthusiasts. Mr. Wang Dashengxian must naturally give his face first. "Report boss, you see that Wang Dashengxian has two brushes for dealing with civilian armed forces. You see that Wang Dashengxian has a great contribution to the peace of King Dingning. As the saying goes, he is famous and needs to add some titles to promote his position?"
The emperor Jiajing had already scratched Wang Yangming's ears. He also felt that the previous boss had not praised him, was it left for me to be a good man? Besides, this Emperor Jiajing was not ordinary lazy, so everything was fine.
As a result, a dramatic scene emerged, which was clearly the style of the bandit movie, which turned into a bitter movie. Upon hearing of the sage master Wang Yangming's arrival, the two chiefs called Lu Su and Wang Shou tied themselves to Wang Yangming as if two aggrieved children saw their mother and cried. : "Oh, dear Teacher Wang, we have heard that you are a sage! We have been oppressed by bullies and Chinese, and we have to rise to rebellion. Now that you are here, you can preside over justice for us!"
"Well, I heard your distress on the way here, but you see that you have caused such a mess, the emperor remembers it on the top, and the people are uneasy below. If you do n’t give you some punishment, also say Don't go, pull out, each one hit a hundred sticks first! "
The two brothers were very happy, singing and singing while fighting next to each other, saying that they would definitely follow Wang Yangming in the future. Wang Yangming was able to get rid of it, so he asked the court, and when he thought about it, he rewarded fifty-two silver, and allowed Wang Yangming to handle the affairs here.
Wang Yangming hit them with a lollipop first, then gave them lollipops, added local local officials to allow ethnic minorities to self-government, and supplemented with flow officials to coordinate central policies. After the passage, Wang Yangming again reported to the old man to return to his hometown due to the worsening of lung disease.
The will of the court came down. Whoops, Wang Daxian, where are you old? Who says you are old? Even if you are old, it ’s still spicy. Besides, you are the Da Shengxian, you ca n’t retire at all. Now the Dateng Gorge in Guangdong and Guangxi is making a “Yao thief”, please trouble you to go again to maintain stability and save the fire!
As soon as Wang Yangming tried to pretend to be pretending, he succeeded in pretending, but he was tired of pretending, and he didn't want to rest. There is no way, the world is big, only the boss is the biggest, so he said to Lu Su and Wang Shou, "Don't you want to mingle with me? Then redeem the merit!" So the two went with Wang Yangming The "Yao thief" of Da Teng Gorge was leveled, and the effect was quite equivalent.
Wang Yangming felt that his body was dying, and he had a hunch. He recommended Lin Fu, the governor of Xunyang, to replace himself, and went north without the court's approval.
As a result, I was dead halfway through. Before I died, I left a sentence, "This heart is bright, so what is the meaning!" Explanation!

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