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Finely watch the years of fireworks, quietly enjoy the flowers in the wind

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:14:07

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

In the past year, I have given you my feelings as beautiful gifts, and with a smile, you can change my heart to joy. In the coming year, I still promise you across the mountains and rivers. Even if Fanghua grows old, my heart will never be abandoned if I first see it.
If we meet in the long river of time, you are young, and I have never been old. Looking at each other with a smile is the beauty in one glance, making the rhinoceros flicker into a lifelong enchantment. There is no need to say this kind of fate, I know it, and it is very satisfying, like the warmth of a cloud of water resting in my heart. Time is always so quiet and beautiful, wishing to cherish affection, moisturize and embrace, and be a grand hall for thousands of miles, just to place you unparalleled to me.
All the stories have followed the trajectory of the passing years in perfect order, waiting for the past years to write down, some thoughts, and then silent in the memories of the vicissitudes of the sea. Those sweet gifts, after the baptism of Fenghuaxueyue, think about it carefully, it is the most abundant beauty.
If, the corners of time, tired thoughts had to stagnate a little, I wish that when time went away, there was only a trace of pure flowers left in my heart. At that time, I wrapped myself in joy and stood and read you in one meter of sunlight. After reading the poems you wrote to the years, there will surely be some familiarity. From the eyes to the eyes, every strand will penetrate the feelings.
The feeling of missing someone is like a little dew among flowers, dripping into the eyes shallowly, and swinging deeply into the heart lake. The waves of light in those thousands of ripples carry the affection is the beauty flowing through the years. If you perceive, I will rejoice. (Prose reading: www.sanwen.net)
Smile, not for gain, just to make the heart deep for years. Emotions, perhaps missed, but understand one sentence in time. Heart filled with joy. Love is not legend. If remembered in the three thousand wind months, it is the most beautiful result.
For a long time, I have been accustomed to quiet, accustomed to being quiet and accustomed to enter the drama in a thin and thin text with an ordinary heart, just to interpret a bland me. All kinds of hustle and bustle, as if all were at a distance of 30,000 feet, without looking up, it has nothing to do with my mind. Flowers bloom in the eyes, incense, rest in the mind, love, long in the memory, with a touch of fragrance, you can be beautiful for a long time.
Open the curtains, let the first light of the morning penetrate the cold block of the glass, and kiss the flower's face. Because I miss the long night and smile, I will always be in my heart and warm the poetic lines of Qian Chun. Dip each period into the rhyme with affection, and withstand repeated consideration and measurement. It is written for you, for you, a most beautiful movement.
No two leaves are the same, no matter how close the heart is, there will be deviations, and the branches will be too noisy. How to trim? How to shorten it? In order to change the distance between each other. Love, which never needs such careful planning, will only complicate emotions. It is better to warm a cup of tea, sit alone under the west window, savor the years of fireworks, and listen to a love story that is far away. Or, warm a jug of wine, half a cup of Qinghuan, look at the red dust, warm and cold, and watch as the flowers fall in the wind.
Time passed by, heart to heart, and gradually learned that sometimes choosing silence is not choosing a downturned silence. Instead, some details are hidden into the ordinary, and then supported by heart. Just waiting for the wind and the moon to be beautiful, the thin branches are full of spring, and they are full of new buds with buds.
Maybe, for you, I just accidentally fired the fireworks, and for a moment, it was dazzling, and it disappeared instantly, and there were no broken traces. However, for me, you are an unextinguishable tinder, burning the wildness of the wild, and the temperature of love is long and warm. It is a legend in my heart that is not old.

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