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Fog over the river l wealth is the product of one's ability to think

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Text: The misty river
Mr. Mu Zhong once said:
It's easy to be a good poor person, as long as you have the backbone and don't be afraid of your wife and children eating.
It's really hard to be a good rich man-that requires great wisdom and a kind soul.
A friend named Cheng lives in Germany.
He was fascinated by the taste of a local coffee and had to drink it every day.
One day, he was about to go out for coffee, and the son suddenly stopped him and said, "Dad, do you know?" The coffee you drank, the merchant let small African children work in the field, and only paid African children very low salary. They are exploiting poor African children, and they are exploiting you at high prices. Would you like to drink this coffee?
... Cheng Xiong heard the words and straightened his head, saying, "I promise, I will never drink this coffee again."
Since then, Cheng Xiong will not drink that coffee anymore, but will drink other brands instead.
After drinking for a while, I couldn't stand it.
——It's not that they don't like the taste of other brands, but that other brands of coffee are too expensive, and Cheng Xiong's pockets are a bit tight.
As soon as Brother Cheng gritted his teeth, what was it that worrying the country and the people was not my own responsibility, why would I have to pay for it alone?
No, I still want to drink the old brand.
Brother Cheng started to hide his son and drink his favorite old coffee. But in his heart, he always felt that something was wrong, as if he had cheated his son.
Finally, one day, Brother Cheng couldn't bear the torture of his soul, so he called his son, apologized to his son, and admitted his mistake.
On the phone, Brother Cheng said to his son: Son, Dad admits to you that I shouldn't be greedy for cheap. I should drink that old brand. I shouldn't engage with a black coffee maker, a poor African child.
Unexpectedly, the son said on the phone: No, you are right to continue drinking the old brand, it is wrong not to drink.
Brother Cheng: What do you mean?
Son: My kind and innocent dad, do you think that the expensive coffee is not brought down by African children? Let me tell you, as long as it's coffee, poor African children are carrying down the mountain. Have you ever watched TV? In Africa, an 8-year-old child, carrying heavy coffee beans, went over the mountains, walked tens of kilometers of mountain road, and sent the coffee beans to the acquisition point to get 3 euros. Whether it's cheap coffee or expensive coffee, it's the poor African children who carry it out. Whether you choose expensive coffee or cheap coffee, the result will not change.
Brother Cheng: ... The coffee merchant is really abominable, then I will ... don't drink coffee in the future!
Son: Kind dear, if you don't drink coffee, you will really hurt African children. You think, it's because of you coffee shoppers that there is a market. Those poor children in Africa are a way to make a living, earn money to support their families through hard work, or get themselves to school. But if you do n’t drink coffee anymore, those African children will never make any more money. How do their families feed? What should I use for school?
Brother Cheng: ... It seems that the only way to save the poor children in Africa is to call on the international community to take action to ban child labor.
Son: ... my dear, who is so stupid as to bubbling, don't, don't! If you do that, it will be worse than not drinking coffee. You will hurt more African children and put them in a more hopeless situation.
After hearing what his son said, Brother Cheng was anxious: Son, can you speak more carefully? I advocate banning child labor. This is to protect African children. How can it hurt more children?
Son: Dad, would you like to study economics? Learn economics and never die! Let me tell you, the reason why children in Africa are so miserable is because they don't have enough capital. The children have to work hard to get back 3 euros a day.
If this is not done, African children will starve to death.
But if you advocate a ban on child labor and it works. In order to avoid business risks, local coffee merchants will no longer recruit child labor. The child laborer's life is cut off. In order to avoid starvation, they will beg the boss to lower the price. As long as they continue to carry coffee beans, they will accept whatever price. The final market game may be that the price of child labor is reduced to 1 euro per day.
Previously, a child could earn 3 euros on the back of coffee beans. Now it is reduced to only 1 euro per day. In order to survive, local families must have three children out to do child labor.
——Your banning effort has led to a threefold increase in the number of child laborers!
Good is not easy to understand, not easy to detect.
So Mu Zhong said: It is easy to be poor, but difficult to be rich.
The poor don't need to think too much, as long as they have the bones-since your coffee at home has exploited African children, then I will not drink it. As for whether I do n’t drink coffee, will it lead to the closure of the coffee shop, and the poor children in the mountains of Africa will not even have a chance to survive the back of coffee beans. Will they starve alive? This matter has something to do with me?
But if you want to be rich, you have to make a few more turns in your head.
When I was in Shenzhen, I had a hard time.
I saw him again at the end of last year, and my heart was so uncomfortable-after all these years, he was still so downcast, with a godless eye, a sloppy face, and an inseparable sorrow and wound condensed in his brows.
Why, for so many years, has his situation improved?
He explained: Blame me for being too kind and too upright!
He said: I can't be conscientious, and sell very cheap things to others at a very expensive price, so that the bad boss gets rich. For example, I once met a boss who produced a cosmetic with reagents and packaging in it. The total cost was no more than two dollars, but the boss dared to sell five or six hundred dollars. Do you say black?
Black ... Black is a bit black. I said: But if you say that the cost of cosmetics does not exceed two dollars, it must be a problem with the algorithm. If you think about this process, the formula of cosmetics is paid by others, the factory has to pay rent, the machine has to pay for it, and you have to hire someone to maintain it. Employee training, five insurances and one fund, daily wages, plus various taxes and fees of the country, as well as various people on the distribution channels, specialty stores, counter leases, people who live on this line of food are definitely better than you Imagine more. No matter how you calculate, you can't get such a low cost.
He was silent.
I also talked a lot, and went on to say: Now it is a large-scale social production, and it is no longer a small farmer workshop in the past. The proportion of raw materials in total costs has long been worthless. On the contrary, what is more valuable is the merchant brand. Every brand in the market is a balance reached only by high-intelligence operation and difficult market sawing. You have no physical strength, even intelligence, and you may not be able to find a place to use it. On the contrary, a brand means a high-value business platform that can give many people opportunities. If you don't take this into account when calculating costs, your thoughts will be incomplete and you will get horny.
He remained silent, and I had nothing to say.
The so-called drift away.
In fact, the cosmetics cost calculation I said is the same as the price of coffee.
Coffee beans are only raw materials and are extremely cheap in the place of origin.
——But if Africa's coffee beans come to all parts of the world and gain the acceptance of the consumer market in the brand model, this is a more valuable intellectual effort than raw materials.
Wealth does not come from physical strength-if it is, the elephant, hippo, rhino, or something, has more strength than humans, but these animals have not created wealth.
Since ancient times, wealth has always been an intellectual operation. According to the history books, Tao Zhugong, the head of the four richest people in China during the Spring and Autumn Period, has always had a different business model from normal humans. In dry weather, others are building cars for sale, because dry markets require cars. However, Tao Zhugong made shipbuilding on dry days. When the flood season, merchants rushed to transform the ship, Tao Zhugong took the lead in the market and made money first. When everyone was building a ship madly, he transformed his car again-when the flood suddenly subsided, he was the only merchant with a finished car and was one step ahead of the market. As a result, he didn't want to get rich, and made a lot of money.
The poor are hard, but the poor don't need to look that long.
To be rich, you must look farther than the poor.
To be poor, you only need to see the appearance of injustice in the world, you only need to see that coffee beans are cheap, and branded coffee is expensive, and you only need to be full of justice.
As a rich man, you must not only see the rainy season after the dry season, but also build ships early in the dry season. To see that the rainy season is followed by the dry season, build a car in the rainy season. You also see that deciding the price of a commodity is far more than calculating raw materials. We need to see that the brand is more important than the raw materials, but also the depth of human nature, in order to complete the social organization, organize a team of scattered employees, and cooperate closely with each other.
To be rich, we must not only see the low income of children carrying coffee beans in Africa, but also the mechanism behind this low. To understand the phenomenon of child labor has nothing to do with businessmen. It is not businessmen who have caused child labor, but it is businessmen who provide opportunities for poor families. It is even more important to know that all children in this world will have child labor just because capital is cut off and there is no flow from the power class to the people. As long as the channels for politics and business are opened, capital is moved down, and the people return to the people, the income of the local people may rise, and the phenomenon of child labor will disappear because of the wealth of the people.
To be poor, you only need to hate capital.
To be rich, you must learn to use capital.
American female thinker Ann Lander said: Wealth is the product of a person's ability to think.
A person's independent thinking and judgment ability is positively related to his wealth ability.
——Business is the greatest good in this world. Everyone is a small system and naturally needs to exchange with others. Those who refuse to give are impossible to obtain. This is the iron law of all exchanges.
——The greatest rule of human nature is not to care how much you get, but to be grieved with your own efforts. This instinct creates barriers to exchange. Some people get only a little bit of money from Yongquan, but they still feel that they are losing money. Getting rid of the fear of exchange in nature and treating everyone's pay impartially is the key to gaining a sense of wealth.
——Capital is neutral. There is no blood or tears in its pores. It is only the narrowness of people who exchange phobias.
——Don't have a narrow heart anymore, don't get angry anymore. Learning to use capital so that it benefits everyone, is our inherent mission.
Into this age of civilization, learn the laws of business. The most important thing is to stop maliciously deprecating others' efforts. Whatever you buy, the most expensive one is not raw materials or salaries and taxes, but the intellectual operation of the cutting edge of business. Humans are intelligent creatures. The greatest wisdom is to bring convenience to everyone. Today, thanks to every effort of the wisdom pioneers before, we must not reproach others lightly and let ourselves fall into the dark cave of hatred. Open your heart and brighten your eyes. Human beings have long laid aside the burdens of the physical age. Now the competition is intellectual development. Taking care of your own life value, your brain holds infinite potential. When narrowness and anger repress your self, we can only see thousands of miles frozen and cold in our hearts. Only when we are willing to pay for this world, longing for everyone, can benefit from your intellectual platform, at this time you appreciate the meaning of kindness and benevolence, and you will see flowers blooming and colorful, and you will feel it The splendid splendor of the deep soul.

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