www.hg8xx.com Today, all the headlines belong only to him, China's most mysterious and youngest supreme leader!

Today, all the headlines belong only to him, China's most mysterious and youngest supreme leader!

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

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So big a tree
Let your wind blow
How many stories are left in the green leaves
Happy and bitter
Happy you don't laugh
Pain you don't cry
Since China was founded,
The youngest supreme leader,
He was the terminator and savior of the 10-year Cultural Revolution.
He proposed the "disorder anyway",
The "Redress of Unjust, False, and Wrong Cases" has restored reputation to tens of millions of people.
He is China's "reform and opening up" theory,
Original proposer and implementer,
It is the true daring and pioneering reformer of New China.
He is also mysterious in the history of New China,
The first Chinese leader to resign,
Today, his story can finally be told ...
He is Hu Yaobang
November 1915, Liuyang County, Hunan Province,
A child wow landing,
Parents hope he can make a big deal,
The state is stable, the people are happy,
So he named him Hu Yaobang, the word Guoguang.
This is a poor peasant family,
But the parents knew the righteousness and loved their country like home.
His father devoted himself to fighting against imperialism and feudalism,
Foot-wounding mothers have joined the campaign against discrimination against women.
His parents taught him to be "decent",
The influence of his family made him,
Bright and honest, loyal and patriotic character.
Hu Yaobang and cousin
When he was 5 years old, he studied in private school.
Later he went to Liren Elementary School.
At the age of 12, the Autumn Harvest Uprising broke out,
Workers and peasants revolutionary army troops assembled at his school,
That was the first time he saw Chairman Mao.
At the age of 14, he joined the Chinese Communist Youth League.
He later joined the Chinese Communist Party and formally embarked on the road to revolution.
At the age of 19, he joined the Long March,
At that time, Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou had persuaded him to go home.
Because the Long March is extremely difficult,
He is extremely malnourished and very weak.
But he was determined to leave.
Along the way, he kept encouraging his comrades,
When fighting, he always rushed to the front to rescue the wounded.
He was shot and wounded, and almost died.
There are still shrapnel in his body that have not been removed.
After passing through 14 provinces and crossing 24 rivers,
Conquer 40 famous mountain peaks,
Through the vast grasslands known as "death traps,"
Break through hundreds of thousands of enemy forces,
Trek 25,000 miles,
He followed the Red Army to create a great miracle in human history.
The mighty 300,000 Red Army,
After the Long March, only 30,000 survived,
He was thin and was one of the survivors.
Chairman Mao appreciated that he was:
"A young red spirit who loves learning and is full of vitality."
Before he was 24 years old, he was personally recommended by Chairman Mao.
As the head of the Organization Department of the General Political Department of the Central Military Commission.
When he fought, he rushed to the forefront every time.
Defend Zhangjiakou, Jiefang Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, etc.
He is present in many important Red Army battles.
In 1949, new China was born,
The little red ghost of that year has entered the year of standing,
Before the age of 34, he was born and died for the Communist Party.
After 34 years of age, he worked hard for the Communist Party to build a new China.
His life can be said to be the growth history of New China.
At the age of 35, he served as the secretary of the North Sichuan Party Committee,
The director of the administrative office and the military commissar,
He is "the youngest provincial party secretary in China."
As soon as he took office, he was faced with a forced demolition incident.
On January 8, 1952, he was the Party Secretary of the North Sichuan District.
When inspecting the construction site of the Nanchong city government office building,
Many demolished households surrounded him,
One after another complained about the problems in the demolition,
Criticize some government practices.
After he understood the truth,
Immediate instructions were given to stop construction and no demolition was allowed.
In a letter to the Mayor of Nanchong on January 10, the letter said:
"For more than a year, public houses have not only been a big waste,
And because a lot of state-owned land was recovered,
Purchased a large number of private houses, especially demolished some of them,
Many losses have been suffered on government property and prestige.
I made a bureaucratic mistake on this issue,
It should be reviewed with the people. "
The picture shows Hu Yaobang (in the front row) taking a photo with his colleagues when he was the secretary of the Party Committee of North Sichuan
In 1952, Premier Zhou personally named him for Beijing,
Acted as Secretary and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League.
On August 1, 1957, Hu Yaobang and Razdukhov, members of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Youth League, planted trees in China
In 1962, he took his post to Shaanxi,
Shaanxi was poor, poor, and backward.
He worked around the clock to solve these problems,
Soon the people exclaimed:
"Shaanxi is fat, Yaobang has lost weight!"
In 1964, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Hu Yaobang took a group photo at the 9th National Congress of the Communist Youth League
In 1966, the "Cultural Revolution" struck violently.
He was the first Central Committee member to be pulled out of the fight,
Besieged on a large scale, beaten on the ground,
But he still prefers not to bend, righteousness,
Never put yourself in the right place for security.
Later, he was sent to the "May 7th" cadre school.
He had done all the dirty work and suffered humiliation.
Until Chairman Mao suddenly spoke:
"Hu Yaobang was born of a bitter child.
I know him, what problem can he have! "
He was finally released.
In 1975, he returned to the mountain at the age of 60.
Hu Yaobang with Deng Xiaoping and Li Xiannian
Before he came out of the mountain, China was carrying his back,
The double shackles of organization and spirit go hard,
After he came out of the mountain, China really stood up!
The "Cultural Revolution" has accumulated many cases of injustice and falsehood.
Cadres and intellectuals can't afford to lift their heads.
He says:
Such a mental and organizational imprisonment,
Oppressed unfree peoples,
How is it possible to compete with developed countries in the world?
So he was just rehabilitated, and after he became the head of the Central Organization Department,
With extraordinary courage and courage,
He led the largest case of redress in China's history.
He was determined to have everything since the founding of the country,
Injustice, fake case, wrong case,
Regardless of the level of organization, which leader is determined and approved,
We must correct it in a practical manner.
Someone asked him, "What about Chairman Mao?"
His answer was decisive, with only three words:
"It's flat!"
In order to promote the redress of Zhaoxue, open the way,
He practiced the "Four No Doctrines" on cadres:
No braids, no hats, no sticks, no bags.
At all meetings he chaired, cadres spoke warmly.
His first case,
Is the famous "Sixty-One Renegade Group" case,
Thousands of people have been affected.
No one dares to touch this big case, but he dares.
He started his work, investigated the evidence,
Six months later, the case was completely vindicated after 12 years of grievances.
Suffering, looking for the Central Organization Department,
If you have any grievances, find Hu Yaobang,
It became the most familiar saying at the time.
He didn't stop there,
The steps of redressing the case of wrongdoing,
He was vindicated for the "Hu Feng Counter-Revolutionary Group" in 1955;
Rehabilitation of the cadres and the masses during the "Fourth Five-Year" incident;
For the biggest grievance in the history of New China, Liu Shaoqi vindicated.
Even the people who had him all that year,
He did not hesitate to vindicate them.
As a national leader, he wept twice for intellectuals,
In the summer of 1979, he was rehabilitated for Ma Yinchu and said with tears:
"At that time, Chairman Mao wanted to listen to Mr. Ma,
Why is China's population today breaking the 1 billion mark!
Criticize the wrong person, increase hundreds of millions,
Let us never make such a mistake again.
The Communist Party should swear,
Never rectify scientists and intellectuals! "
In February 1980, he participated in the National Screenwriting Association.
In his speech, he specifically pointed out that we must take care of the artistic team.
Speaking of excitement, he stood up, raised his clenched fist in tears,
Raising his voice, "Our party is going to swear,
Resolutely do not allow guilty charges to literary and artistic works
So the writer is counter-revolutionary! "
In 1980, Hu Yaobang, then General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, invited physicist Professor Wu Zhonghua to teach energy science to leaders of the Party Central Committee and the State Council.
He made it accessible to more than 3 million people,
Vindicated in the case of wrongdoing and falsehood during the Cultural Revolution,
550,000 "rightists" were rectified;
The sound of wailing and wailing sounded all over China.
An old intellectual said in tears:
"Without Hu Yaobang, our grievances cannot be revealed!"
But some people questioned that he had too many "corrections".
His answer was concise:
Why wasn't it too much when you first caught it?
In addition to redressing cases of wrongdoing,
He also attached great importance to the correction during the Cultural Revolution.
Distorted theories and ideas.
China was shrouded in chaos at the time,
Although the Gang of Four was brought down, the policy remains unchanged.
He realized that people's thoughts were severely imprisoned,
Should promote independent thinking and independent judgment,
Political life should be normalized and democratized,
Put an end to the patriarchal system, one word, one person has the final say.
An article published by the Guangming Daily in 1978,
Caused a national shock.
That is, "Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth."
It was Hu Yaobang who checked the article and checked it.
On the day the article was published, Xinhua News Agency reposted the full text.
"People's Daily", "Liberation Army Daily" and other 9 companies,
Central and local newspapers have also reprinted.
A large-scale, rich connotation,
A far-reaching discussion about the standard of truth,
It was launched vigorously throughout China.
People described the power of this article at the time:
"China is like a weary traveler,
Suddenly taking a stimulant,
Suddenly regained youthful vitality,
Be alive immediately. "
Important articles were to be published in editorial form.
Must be approved by leader Wang Dongxing,
But he bypassed Wang Dongxing directly,
Even from today ’s perspective,
Such a major move is also bold.
He lifted the spiritual shackles for China,
For people to think normally,
And people who have liberated their mind and body,
Eventually merged into a torrent of reform,
Made China stronger.
Do n’t overthrow the deepest fence,
It is difficult to drive the most fundamental change.
Deng Xiaoping is the chief designer of China's reform and opening up.
Little is known, but Hu Yaobang is,
The person who first proposed the theory of China's reform and opening up,
And took the lead in putting forward the strategic concept of developing western China,
He can be said to be the chief engineer of China's reform and opening up.
It was he who devoted himself to advancing China's modernization drive,
It was he who broke through layers of resistance and opened the situation of reform and opening up.
It was also he who curbed the hustle and bustle of denying the SAR at the time,
He not only proposed economic reforms,
Political reforms have also been proposed.
In 1980, he reached the pinnacle of power,
Chairman of the CPC Central Committee.
He said he hasn't changed. Hu Yaobang today,
Still the Hu Yaobang from yesterday.
He is exactly like "yesterday",
Keep the people in mind as yesterday.
he thinks,
Leading cadres did not have a thorough understanding of the actual situation,
I have n’t been to many places, I have n’t seen it,
I have no impression in my head,
How can it guide the work there?
For those responsible for leadership,
The biggest danger is to be divorced from reality.
He was seventy years old then,
But they did their best and took the lead in the investigation and investigation at the grassroots level.
He almost traveled north and south of the motherland,
For seven years as the top leader,
He has not been reunited with his family for many Chinese New Year.
But deep into the mines and backcountry,
Discuss with the cadres at the grassroots the plan to get rid of poverty
Understand the lives of the masses and spend the New Year with the people.
Erhai Lake went up and down for decades,
He was as clean as yesterday.
One person knows, the chicken and dog rise to the sky,
But after he became the supreme leader,
Still the same simplicity.
He does n’t do anything special, he does n’t show off,
Go anywhere to inspect without taking a car on the way,
Stick with everyone in the van.
He will pay for meals anywhere.
After many officials were promoted,
Will give hometown some benefits and special,
But he was very "harsh" towards his hometown.
Never seek special benefits for your hometown.
He also set a "no-right" for relatives and friends:
Relatives and friends are not allowed to go to Beijing to look for him;
Relatives and friends are not allowed to hit his signboard and go out to do business.
Even his relatives have no special treatment.
His brother has always been a farmer,
I went to Beijing to find him by train.
There is typical in the middle of the country.
There is no precedent in the world, a generation of 'huang brothers' are farmers.
The poem was bestowed in China at that time.
He solemnly told his family:
Who would use my signboard and status,
If you do something wrong outside, you are responsible for it.
I will not come forward to intercede.
He was criticized for being humiliated during the Japanese Cultural Revolution,
High position today, power is in control,
But he was as forgiving as yesterday.
The writer Lao Gui fought against him during the Cultural Revolution,
As an adult, the old ghost takes his own experience,
I wrote it to him and wanted to let him know,
Those who had imprisoned him at the fighting meeting that year,
Respect and guilt for him now,
The old ghost did not expect to get a reply,
I didn't expect him to be so busy,
Actually asked someone to tell him:
"Please tell the old ghost that the book for me was received,
Thanks to him, so don't mention the past. "
Many people who criticized him that year said,
Hu Yaobang didn't engage in conspiracy, he was very bright.
He also subverts the minds of ordinary people,
The image of a high leader,
You don't follow the rules and you don't defend yourself.
Once he received news that his father was critically ill,
In the office like a child,
Baring his chest and crying,
This is still the case even if the secretary comes in,
There is no trace of falsehood, completely disregarding the depth of politicians.
He was a famous Mr. Fashion at the time,
Is an idol in the minds of young people,
During a discussion, a college student suddenly asked him,
How to fall in love.
He answered without hesitation:
"Follow it wholeheartedly, chase it, chase it to the end."
He was also the first to wear a suit in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.
Encourage leaders who sing popular songs,
He took the lead in wearing suits and encouraged other leaders to wear them too,
These things seem normal, but they are not.
In the political environment of the time,
Is under tremendous pressure,
But he dared to be the first in the world,
Dare to be the first "crab eater"
It was he who led the tide of Chinese ideological reform,
Cultivated the Chinese people's awareness of reform and opening up,
It showed the world the image of China in the new era of reform and opening up.
During his term of office, corruption had occurred in the party.
He immediately proposed to catch major and important cases and correct the party style.
Grasp it from your side and from the center.
This speech caused a great shock,
Many senior officials have been offended.
Many people sweat for him,
But he still looked back, saying:
Can corruption and corruption be stopped?
It is related to the life and death of the party.
The greatest determination, the greatest perseverance, the greatest tenacity,
Grab it hard and stick to it.
He believes that anti-corruption,
In the center, it would rather offend individual people,
Do not offend the top things of one billion people.
He knows:
Symptoms also need to change medicine,
A new He Shu got Chen push,
There is a system to stop official corruption.
In 1984, it was promulgated centrally under his leadership.
"On the prohibition of party and government agencies,
Decisions of Party and Government Officials to Do Business
Promulgated by the central government in 1985
"About Prohibiting the Children of Leading Cadres,
Decision on spouse business,
In 1985, a suspect of a son of a Politburo member,
The case report was delivered to him,
Investigators were unable to enter the Headquarters station,
You ca n’t find the parties, you ca n’t get evidence,
As a result, the case was put on hold for a long time.
After he knew, he let the public security officers handle the case without any worries.
Afterwards, the police officers searched out at the leader's house.
A large amount of RMB cash, stolen money must be packed in sacks.
The solemnity of his law enforcement shook the country,
At that time, some corrupt officials in the party were afraid.
He firmly said:
Check whoever is corrupt, no matter if you are an "eight flag brother",
Still made great achievements,
No matter how much backstage you have, or who you have been involved with,
Not selective anti-corruption, no backdoor for the wealthy.
Many people said that while he was in charge of central work,
Is the most normal democratic political life in China,
One of the most active periods.
His integrity and courage,
Won the praise of the people.
However, just 7 years after he served as General Secretary,
In January 1987,
At the enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee,
Resigned from the post of General Secretary of the Party Central Committee,
Became the first resignation of the new China.
After his resignation, although he was frail and sick,
But still concerned about national affairs.
In addition to thinking about reading,
He is always silent for a long time,
Facing the fleeting dawn and sunset alone ...
At 7:53 on April 15, 1989,
A fiery heart that has worked hard for the country and the people,
Forever stopped beating ...
On the fifth day of his death, a reporter came to his old house.
Upon entering his bedroom, he was stunned by the scene inside,
The bedroom of the supreme leader of China,
Simple and unthinkable,
Three telephones, an ordinary iron desk calendar,
A pair of reading glasses and a dozen pencils,
Lift the sheets and look, there are patches on the mattress,
Pillows are sewn from worn white knitted vests,
Filled with some old cloth,
A celadon table lamp on the nightstand,
A layer of thick tape was wrapped around the cracked lamp.
These humble furnishings are crowded there,
In a bedroom of just 15 square meters,
It was so sighing and sad ...
He once said,
Is our history gloomy or gloomy,
Is it glorious or disgraceful,
Everyone on the stage must be tested.
History cannot be confused.
And his history is a glorious history.
The short height can accommodate the moon, the height is not dusty,
He gave a sense of reconciliation to the people,
Dominate the sky, deserve to live, hold your head up to Tiange!
"A Big Tree",
This song is well known in China.
But few people knew that it was sung to him.
Is the 28th anniversary of his departure from his people,
This once Chinese conscience,
His name, the people will never forget,
His praise will be sung forever!
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