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Everyone knows that putting green plants in the home can improve the force, but 98% of people don't know how to put it this way!

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:13:40

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Good horse with good saddle, green plants with Mercure.
Living in the reinforced concrete of the city, we all desire to see a touch of green. As a result, more and more friends will raise a few pots of green plants at home, and looking at them every day, their mood will be much clearer.
Xiao Faner would like to remind everyone that not all green plants are suitable for being placed at home.
When selecting and placing green plants, it is necessary to consider both ornamental and practicality. Choose different green plants according to the decoration and needs of different rooms.
Today, Xiao Faner will talk to you about how to choose the right green plants. By the way, I will introduce 8 "net reds" in the plant world, and provide you with a small list.
Different patterns and different green plants
Different rooms have different patterns, some of which are sun-shaded, some are well-ventilated, and some are poorly ventilated. Therefore, they are not the same pot of green plants and can be maintained in each room.
Vice versa, the same room is not suitable for all kinds of green plants.
The well-known American scientific magazine "Prevention" published an article a few years ago about different plants in different rooms.
Only by combining the characteristics of the room and the plant can the maximum practicality be exerted.
The porch is the first impression that visitors enter the home, and it also plays an important role in the transition space. Therefore, it is more suitable for placing enlarged plants, and adding a light can give a very good feeling.
living room
The living room is the longest space for family members to get together, which is why the air quality is poor. Suitable for ivy, a green plant that absorbs dust from the air. Gerbera is also a good choice. Russian experts have researched and found that it can make people more communicative and get along better.
Since most green plants breathe oxygen at night and spit out carbon dioxide, in contrast to the entrance, the bedroom is not recommended for enlarged plants. It is suitable for placing some succulent plants such as cacti and ball orchids. Their "sedum acid metabolism" happens to be Contrary to most green plants, it absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen at night.
Kitchen / bathroom
Most of the kitchens and bathrooms in the home are light and taste heavy. Suitable for white palms and spider plants, which are shade-loving and can absorb flavor.
8 kinds of net red and green plants carefully recommended
1. Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus leaves are very popular in the home improvement green plants in the past two years. The simple Scandinavian style coupled with a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves, forcing an instant upgrade. If a friend is unfamiliar with its tall name, it also has a more popular name-eucalyptus.
The thick, round leaves are very beautiful, you can go to the flower and bird market to pick a good bunch and insert it in a vase for hydroponics. Or make dried flowers is also a good choice.
2. White crane taro
Also known as white palm, it is one of the most popular indoor foliage plants in Europe. Its characteristics of moisture and shade resistance make it suitable for being placed in bathrooms. Hydroponic white palm can also adjust the indoor temperature and humidity through evapotranspiration. It can be placed next to the kitchen stove and can also help absorb harmful gases.
3. ivy
With its strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, ivy was once a green plant that must be purchased after a new home decoration. Putting three or five pots of ivy in a room of 20 square meters can easily remove a variety of harmful gases in the house. Why not?
4. Pocket coconut tree
This plant native to Mexico is named for its small and chic appearance, which resembles a tropical coconut tree. It has a certain sterilization ability and can also increase the concentration of indoor negative ions. It is called the "air purifier" in the plant world and is very suitable for being placed indoors.
5. Aloe
The appearance of aloe is very layered and its medicinal value is very high. Many families will keep a few pots of aloe vera on the balcony. After the skin is bitten by mosquitoes, they scoop a small piece. After washing, apply it to the affected area to relieve itching.
6. Mint
Mint is the love of Xiao Faner. It is placed in a pot in the study. I watched Shuxin and smelled refreshing. I mixed two or three leaves while mixing at home ... the taste is also very good (I ca n’t live with it)
7. Strelitzia
Also known as the bird of paradise, it is extremely seductive, and raising a pot in the living room is very eye-catching. The small disadvantage is that it is afraid of cold, heat, drought, and waterlogging ... well, it is not easy to raise.
8. Qin Yerong
Qin Yerong is a well-respected home green plant in foreign countries. This kind of green plant with straight stems, broad leaves and clear lines is easy to sculpt. Place it in the porch or living room to show everyone's style.
Xiao Fan'er talked to you today today. If you have a favorite green plant, go to buy it this weekend.

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