www.hg8580a.com A quote from a retired trader: No matter how fancy technology, it can't reach a moving average!

A quote from a retired trader: No matter how fancy technology, it can't reach a moving average!

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The stock market is ever-changing. Many friends have learned a lot of indicators and still ca n’t choose good stocks. The main reason is that they have n’t mastered the essence. The stock selection concepts are all conceived. Here, Hongyang will share with you some tips for common stock selection, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!
First, the role of moving averages
1.Tracking trends
Looking back at the trend in 2015, the stock price broke the 20 moving average on June 18, the 20 moving average turned downward, it briefly flattened from July 30 to August 17, briefly moved above the moving average on September 24, and continued on October 8. The 20 moving average moving head turned up, turned down on December 3, briefly turned up on December 21, and turned down on January 4, 2016. The moving average has been following the trend of stock prices.
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2. Help up and down
It is essentially the transformation of support and pressure lines. When the stock price breaks through the MA, the moving average will support the stock price, and when the stock price falls below the moving average, the moving average will have a pressure on the stock price.
In the fourth quarter of 2016, the 20-day moving average has supported the index on October 17 and November 9. It has been suppressing the index since it broke below on December 5 and did not stand above the 20-day moving average in 5 trading days. The Dayin line continued to appear on December 12.
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Significance of long and short positions
1. The long position represents the strength of many parties, the mid-line upward trend is strong, and the profit-making stage of holding stocks.
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2. The short position indicates that the short side is very strong, the downward trend of the midline is obvious, and investors are avoiding risks.
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Three or two common moving averages
1. Six lines go up
1. There are obvious main suction marks at the bottom, which are shown as the trend of Xiaoyang and Yin of the K line, and the equivalent can start to change from a mild enlargement to a huge amount, and then intervene in time.
On the 2nd, 5th, 10th, 20th, 60th, 120th, and 250-day moving averages, the long-term moving averages are arranged in sequence, and the price of each price moving average is greater than the price of the previous day, and the angle of the moving average remains upward.
3. As the price continues to increase, the transaction volume should be continuously enlarged, and the price should be effectively verified. It is best to continuously move up the chip. Only after fully changing hands, the stock price will have the motivation to continue to rise.
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Selling conditions:
1. When the price falls below the 5-day moving average, it is necessary to lighten up the position in time. When the 5-day price moving average goes down, the 10-day price moving average must be decisively eliminated. If it falls below the 20-day moving average, it must be unconditionally exited.
2. The stock price rises too quickly in the short term, the angle is too steep, and the range is large. Sell some chips to save profits.
3. The volume and price deviate from the high position in time to reduce the position and lock in profits in a timely manner. Once the classic top signals such as the black cloud cover and the cross star appear at the high level, the position should be cleared in time.
2.Yiyang wears multiple threads
The stock price continued to be sideways at a low level for a period of time, and multiple moving averages such as the 5th, 10th, and 30th were entangled. If a large Yang line appears and crosses multiple moving lines in one fell swoop, it will form a pattern of crossing the multiple lines.
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Buying point: When the Yang line is about to close, when the Yang Yang line in the multi-line pattern is about to close, the strength of many parties has been determined, and you can actively buy at this time. Stop Loss: Stock price falls below 10-day moving average
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