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Famous old Chinese medicine Wang Qi's experience collection Clinical features 2. Experience in treating male infertility

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

(1) The guiding ideology of medication is "tonifying the kidney and replenishing essence, promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, and clearing away dampness and heat". 1 Tonifying the kidney and replenishing essence: The loss of kidney essence is one of the main pathogenesis of male infertility. Zhu Danxi described "the weak, weak and infertile who can't conceive"; Qing Chen Shiduo's Dialectical Records also has the "fine empty" and "fine less" theory of male infertility, and its treatment principle is "fine add the more fine".
Therefore, nourishing kidney and filling essence is the basic Dafa. Clinical male infertility is of kidney yang deficiency and fatigue, and there are fewer people who have a life-threatening fire, so it should not be used to warm the kidneys and impotence, and the prolonged use of heat can lead to the loss of yin essence. The kidney-filling essence has three connotations: First, the kidney-filling essence is filled with essence: the kidney-yin and the kidney essence are interdependent, and both are the material basis of the kidney.
Second, Yishenqi uses spermatogenesis: Ming Nei Jing teaches: "Shenqi is rich, essence is overflowing, yin and yang are harmonious, so there is a child." Sperm.
Third, regulating qi and blood to refine essence: qi and blood depend on each other, and the essence and blood are of the same origin.
Modern research also proves that many kidney-reinforcing products have three effects: ① it has androgen and gonadotropin-like effects, and has the function of regulating hypothalamic-pituitary-gonad axis dysfunction and regulating systemic functions. ② Many kidney tonics can adjust the yin and yang by adjusting the activity and dynamic balance of the second messenger substance in the cell. ③ The essence of kidney deficiency is that the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, ovary, testis and other glands are degenerative diseases, and kidney tonic can improve its function.
2. Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis: "stasis" seen in male infertility can include "fine stasis", "blood stasis", and "chung ren stasis". The so-called "fine stasis" is "fine thick" or "fine turbidity"; "blood stasis" is more common in varicocele and testicular damage; "Chong Ren's blood stasis" is the way of Chong Ren's veins for the operation of qi and blood to regulate the heavens and the sky. , Men's imperfections, choroidal stasis are often related to Chong Ren's stasis. Drugs for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis can improve tissue blood supply and circulation, reduce inflammatory response and edema, reduce the exudation of local inflammation, inhibit fibrous hyperplasia, promote softening and shrinking of glandular tissue, improve tissue ischemia and hypoxia, and make testicular and prostate spermatic cord The blood circulation of the venous plexus is improved, the function of spermatogenic cells is readjusted, and the sperm production and vitality are improved. Therefore, the compatibility of blood-enhancing and blood-stasis medicines in kidney-reinforcing medicines can play a good role.
3. Clearing heat, dampness, and detoxification: The decrease in the sperm survival rate of men is closely related to the quality of semen. Parasexual inflammation of the seminal vesicles and prostate is a common cause. Examination shows that the rate of abnormal sperm abnormalities is high, and the number of white blood cells and pus cells in semen is increased. Ureaplasma urealyticum infection has also been found to be an important factor affecting sperm quality in recent years. Therefore, dandelion, sagebrush, and psyllium can be used to remove heat, dampness, turbidity, and detoxification. Modern pharmacological studies have also shown that these drugs have a significant inhibitory effect on microorganisms.
(2) The characteristics of the drug are "Yin and Yang blending, Buzhong Youtong, Buzhong Youqing" 1 Yin and Yang blending: Tonic kidney yang uses Epimedium, Cuscuta, etc .; Nourish kidney yin, fill essence and select Huangjing, wolfberry, cooked land Huang et al. Made yang get yin help, yin get yang and endless biochemistry. Furthermore, the emptiness of the odd scriptures is often less refined, and the epimedium and the purple river car are all products that fill the strange scriptures. The yin and yang blending is in accordance with the Chinese medicine theory of "Essence of qi and diarrhea, yin and yang are harmony, so there is child".
There is a pass in 2 supplements: spermatozoa and dysstasis, if the stasis is blocked or accumulation can cause semen abnormalities or spermatogenesis disorders, studies have shown that blood stasis syndromes such as varicocele are widely present in male infertility. For hemorheological changes and poor blood supply to the reproductive system, tonifying stasis in the kidney can enhance the efficacy.
There are clear in 3 supplements: wet and congested, and poor sperm tract are common pathological mechanisms of male infertility. According to clinical observations, chronic prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and epididymitis cause infertility. There are pus cells, white blood cells, red blood cells, etc. in the semen. Applying dandelion and scabbria to clear heat, dampness and detoxification can improve sperm quantity and quality.
In addition, while applying traditional Chinese medicine theory to guide medication, it can absorb the results of modern pharmacological research for targeted medication. The levels of zinc and manganese in the seminal plasma of male infertility patients were significantly lower than those of normal people. Huangjing and wolfberry contained higher zinc, and Epimedium contained higher manganese. It is often used in clinical applications. Animal tests on the snake bed show that this product has a sex hormone-like effect, which can extend the mating period of normal mice and the mating period of castrated mice. Epimedium can excitatory function, mainly to increase the secretion of semen. Stimulate the sensory nerves indirectly. The hive has a similar sex hormone-like effect, promotes the development of gonadal and sexual organs, and helps sperm production.
Chuanuan is rich in vitamin E. Angelica has an anti-vitamin deficiency effect, and vitamin E is closely related to fertility.

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