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State Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit-Summi City

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Sumi City, also known as Sumigou Ancient City, is located in Dachengzi Village, Yongji Street, about 4 kilometers northeast of Huadian City, Jilin Province, China. It is located on the alluvial plain of the Huifa River in the upper reaches of the Second Songhua River. It is named after the former site of Changling House in the Bohai State of the Tang Dynasty in China.
The ancient city is composed of the inner and outer cities of the city of Sumi, and the plane is in the shape of a "back". The city walls are compacted by earth, and the four corners of the inner city are higher than the city walls. Remains of the moat are also found.
Su Micheng has been verified as a land transportation hub between the Bohai State and the Tang Dynasty. It is an important clue and evidence for studying the development path of Bohai civilization and cities. It is also an important historical witness of the mutual exchanges between the Bohai State and the Tang Dynasty in politics, economy, and culture. In particular, the study of the history of urban development and the history of architecture in the Bohai State has special academic research value.
In May 2006, it was approved by the State Council as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

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