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Tongda letter trend band AA auxiliary chart formula

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The stock market is regular. Just like the natural law, it is difficult for external forces to change it. All policy factors and human factors can only cause temporary fluctuations in the market, but they will not affect the operation of the stock law. The three points are introduced below. With three points in mind, you will penetrate the entire financial market.
I. Trends
The market moves according to trends. There are long-term trends, medium-term trends, and short-term trends. The stocks must first identify the trend. Which trend do you do at that level is important. For example, the daily line is a downward trend, and the upward trend you do in time sharing can only be ultra short. The weekly line is an uptrend and the small daily decline is an opportunity. Therefore, before doing stocks, you must analyze the trend of the level you are doing, and try to follow the trend.
No matter the broader market or the individual stocks, they all move from one position to another, and then they fluctuate between positions on the premise of determining the trend. Positions must also be distinguished by level. There are position points on the monthly, weekly, and daily lines. When making a stock, it is also necessary to determine which level and which position under the trend.
Third, the law
The law mentioned here refers to the law of position points. When the market moves to the position point, it will choose the direction, either up or down. This depends on your level of technical analysis. Under what circumstances, the average and k lines of the position point What kind of conditions does the indicator have? In fact, there is a small trend conversion in a large position where a large trend is actually important.
The rules sound complicated, but they are not difficult. The best way to master the rules is statistics. What are the rules under each turning condition? A summary of your own rules.
One sand, one world, one leaf, one bodhi.
If you can grasp the above three points, whether it is stocks, futures, or foreign exchange, you will be invincible.
Source code
B1: = (HHV (H, 9) -C) / (HHV (H, 9) -LLV (LOW, 9)) * 100- 70;
B2: = SMA (B1,9,1) +100;
B3: = (C-LLV (L, 9)) / (HHV (H, 9)-LLV (L, 9)) * 100;
B4: = SMA (B3,3,1);
B5: = SMA (B4,9,1) +100;
VAR3W: = (C-LLV (L, 18)) / (HHV (H, 18) -LLV (L, 18)) * 100;
VAR4W: = SMA (VAR3W, 9,1);
A3: = EMA (A2,3);
A4W: = EMA (A3,3);
A5: = EMA (A4W, 3);
AA: = EMA (A5,6);
Pressure: HHV (band, 17), COLOR9966FF LINETHICK2;
Support: LLV (band, AA), LINETHICK2, COLOR0000FF;

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