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Look at the stature of Wall Street elites to see why they can control the global economy

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:12:11

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Maybe many friends only know the high IQ and handsome appearance of the Wall Street elites, but everyone may not think that these elites are also quite healthy!
A few days ago, the RBC in the United States organized ten annual Ironman games, from 22 to 62-year-old Wall Street elites, all sports enthusiasts participated. Within four hours, they will participate in a 400-meter run, throw football, pull-ups, 40-yard (37-meter) sprint, parallel bars, 500-meter paddle, pole-vault, 20-yard shuttle, bench press, and a 800 meters.
Let ’s take a look at the developed physique of these financial elites and see if you ca n’t sit still?
Mark Rubin, Barclays' fixed income sales, has won the title of Wall Street's best athlete for the third consecutive year.
Kamunting Street Capital LLC trader Matthew Cook sprinted for 5.31 seconds in a 40-yard sprint.
Barclays analyst Jacob Stoller ran in 4.96 seconds.
RBS Jared Sholly of RBS ran for 4.85 seconds.
Jefferies' manager Tyler Moni also looks desperate.
JPMorgan analyst Jonathan Mason ran for 4.7 seconds. He was a member of the school football team while at Harvard.
Collin Zych only took 4.4 seconds.
Robby Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets's North American stock trading boss Bobby Grubert ran in the 1:40:40 sprint in 1:01:72 minutes and sprinted for 5.2 seconds in 40 yards.
Morgan Stanley analyst Tom McCarthy, former Yale football captain, sprints 4.78 seconds for 40 yards.
UBS director Robert Befumo warms up on the runway.
B. Riley trader Emeric Twomey made 35 consecutive pushdowns.
John Osbon, founder of Osbon Capital, a trading open-end index fund, has done seven pull-ups in a row.
Osbon Capital's son Max Osbon did 19 pull-ups.
John Osbon trained and competed with his son Max, who ranked second in the presidential group.
Morgan Stanley trader Ted Finan did 29 pull-ups, and he did several more afterwards.
Mark Rubin of Barclays, rowing at 500 meters took 1: 21.50 minutes.
RBC Management Director Heather Ehrenkranz500 boated in 01: 46.05 minutes.
Neuberger Berman's regional director Rob De Angelo jumped up the project and touched 81.28 cm in height.
JP Morgan Chase's 27-year-old manager Michael Bennett did 25 bench presses.
Point72 Asset Management (formerly known as SAC Capital) analyst Greyson Clymer did 23 bench presses.
Jefferies' manager Randy Giveans did 24 bench presses.
Earlier, Duke University football team guard Phillip Alexander did 42 bench presses for the JP Morgan Chase team.
Former Yale teammates Jacob Stoller (Barclays) and Tom Mc Carthy (Morgan Stanley) watch the bench press game.
Former Harvard team captain Collin Zych, who now works at Cogent Partners in Texas, has done 26 bench presses.
Fortress Investment Group analyst Amin Gillespie did 26 bench presses.
Analysts at Jay Li, Trafelet Brokaw & Co. did 35 bench presses.
RBC Vice President Stephen Raquet pressed his leg before the 800-meter run.
Point72 Asset Management's Greyson Clymers also stretched before the 800-meter run.
These Wall Street athletes' shoes also look good.
The 400-meter run was led by Andrew Geenen of Citibank and Francis Nassau of Highbridge.
Goldman Sachs analyst Naeem Muhammed started at 400 meters.
Stephanie Setyadi of Ares Asset Management ran for 01: 04.12 in the 400 meters and 02: 46.90 in the 800 meters.
Citi's Nicholas Barone 400 meters took only 55.12 seconds.
JP Morgan Chase manager Jason Price had the strongest running time, taking only 49.41 seconds for the 400 meters and 02: 03.52 minutes for the 800 meters.
Barclays' Mark Rubin looked very focused and immediately took part in the 800-meter race.
Rubin started.
Collin Zych of Cogent Partners was desperate for the 800-meter run.
Goldman Sachs Deputy General Manager Andrew Hogue took the 53.51 seconds for the 400 meters and 02: 27.61 minutes for the 800 meters.
Former Ivy League football players Jacob Stoller (Barclays) and Jared Sholly (RBS).
UBS trader Chris Dooley
Chris Owens of Citibank completed the 800-meter run.
Ian Creighton (Jefferies, Senior Vice President) and Rob De Angelo (Neuberger Berman) before the 800-meter run.
Patrick Burke at RBC Capital Markets.
This year 21 women participated in the decathlon.
Courtney Wilson of RBC completed the 800-meter run.
S & P's Evelyn Konrad's 800-meter run was very good.
The ladies' equipment is not bad either.
Emiley Jellie (RBC) embraces her sister Marley (RBC)
Olympic decathletes Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson also participated.
JP Morgan's Philip Alexander, Jonathan Mason, and Jason Price became the first team in the company.
Standard & Poor's Evelyn Konrad, TradeLink Securities' Jennifer Lidel and Ares Management's Stephanie Setyadi won the women's top three.
Barclays' Mark Rubin has won the Wall Street Decathlon for three consecutive years, with Jay Li second and Collin Zych third.
How's it, isn't it feeling bloody? Of course, from the content of this decathlon, it is still a competition with explosive power, so we can also see that the participants are basically from the departments that need strong hormones and explosive power, such as transactions with the capital market, sales, asset management . I don't know if the brothers who are investment banks are more depressed, or if they take part in a marathon, it must be very powerful!
Seeing that these elites are sweating and participating in various sports to challenge their physical fitness, how can you easily give up your physical health? Hurry up and exercise!
After reading these, do you have the desire to exercise?
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