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Do n’t miss the amount of energy patterns once you meet them, the daily limit will be a big bull stock!

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Many new investor friends have experienced such things. When buying a stock, the stock price always hopes to rise again and again, this kind of psychology often misses the best selling point. When buying stocks fell and then fell, in order to reduce losses, they had to put up holdings at a lower price, and the stock price rose rapidly again. The main reason for this is that we don't have a good time.
As the saying goes, "quantity is the price leader", quantity is the forerunner of price, and the rise of the stock price must be matched by quantity. The enlargement of the trading volume means that the turnover rate will increase, the average holding cost will rise, and the upselling pressure will be reduced, so that the stock price will continue to rise. So next I will share some stock selection and trading rules.
First, buy a classic lot
Generally speaking, the relationship between quantity and price is like the relationship between water and ships, and the relationship between rising water and rising ships.
Classic experience: In an obvious trend, the trading volume of the stock price will gradually shrink in the process of falling. When the trading volume cannot be reduced any more, the stock price will see a staged bottom; the trading volume of the stock price will gradually increase in the rising process. When the volume can no longer be enlarged, the stock price will see a phased top. (This is the basic law, of course, there are exceptions, such as the rise of high-control stocks.)
Another example: In an obvious trend of price increase, the transaction volume decreased for 2 consecutive days, and the closing price failed to reach a new high for the previous 2 days, which may be the top of the stage. (Except for the increase of high-control stocks)
Intervention points:
1. Individual stocks start from the bottom or the platform. After 10% increase, the dealer will make a decision based on the volume of the transaction. If you think that the timing is not ripe, you will lower the stock price again, and sometimes reach the previous low. At this time, the trading volume has shrunk significantly. If there is a continuous small positive line or the bottom is gradually raised, and the trading volume is re-amplified, it indicates that a wave of rising prices will begin. After seeing the highest price, the stock price started to fall, and then reached the bottom before the start. At this time, the trading volume also rapidly shrinks, reaching the level before the start of the transaction. The trading volume has doubled from the previous day and the 5-day average, and the bottom has been successively raised. At this point, you can step in decisively.
2. The banker washed up midway through the rise of the stock. After the stock price hit a new high, it did not do a consolidation or a little consolidation, and fiercely suppressed the shock position. After a few days of adjustment adjustment, the trading volume immediately shrank. By the 3rd to 5th days, the stock price fell on the 10th line to be supported and re-up, the trading volume also doubled. At this time, the 5th line hooked from the bottom up. , Means short-term opportunities have arrived. If you make a decisive move at this time, the gains are not bad!
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Second, the classic low-volume buying method
During the end of the falling market and the period before the rise of the market, the stock price fluctuated in a narrow range at a low level, and the trading volume gradually shrank to the limit. When a certain day appeared a volume value exceeding the previous few days' highest trading volume by more than 5 times the positive volume At this time, this yang quantity is called 'low yang quantity'.
Operation points:
1. The low volume of the sun is a strong buy signal;
2. If the day before the large amount of sun is the Xiaoyang line, and the K line corresponding to the large amount of the sun is also the Xiaoyang line, you can follow up on the day when the large amount of sun appears;
3. If the day before Dayang appears is a Zhongyang line, and the K line corresponding to Dayang is another Dayang line, wait until it returns and then intervene;
4. The K line corresponding to the large amount of sun appears on the low of the weekly chart. You can buy it regardless of size.
Third, choose a good stock from the transaction stock with a ratio of> 2
Key features:
1. The volume ratio is> 2, preferably> 2.5, the stocks that have been heavy for the first time in a long time are the best;
2, change hands
3. Relative to the stocks that just started at the bottom, it is better to receive Zhongyang or Changshang on the same day. If it is Dayang, it is best to wear a number of tangled moving averages. There is strong support below, and the next day, you can choose early trading or low prices. It is always safe to intervene, after all, the first day has just broken through multiple moving averages and the next day it has turned back and fell below multiple moving averages, unless the market or individual stocks are significantly bearish;
4. The moving average, volume and MACD are best if they can almost synchronize 3 golden forks, and it is best not to exceed 1 day before and after synchronization.
5, the short-term moving average is best to have a certain upward angle, the steeper the better, to support the stock price continues to rise.
For the first time in many days, the volume is greater than 3, and the moving average tangles and diverges. The volume and MACD synchronize with the golden fork near the 0 axis. There is still a certain gain in the daily intervention of the daily limit.
Case 1: Zhejiang Dongri (600113)
Stepping together is a word of daily limit. The main goal is high. The second daily limit begins to increase volume. The volume ratio is> 3.
Case 2: Guohai Securities (000750)
There were signs of heavy volume activation the day before, and the rogue plunged for some reason the next day, and then turned back to the daily limit, handsome! Full washing, holding stocks with peace of mind, long moving averages, there will be slow bull market.
Fourth, the happiness pool
When a stock continues to fall, it is slightly heavy at the end of the decline, and the stock price stops falling. After that, there was a narrow sideways consolidation of low levels for as long as one month to three months. After that, the stock price began to run slowly upward, and the trading volume was significantly enlarged, like a pool. Once such a trend occurs in individual stocks, it generally indicates that it will continue to rise afterwards. Investors can follow up when the stock breaks up and the trading volume starts to increase. Since the "pool" appears, the stock price will rise, making investors holding the stock happy and profitable, so it is called "happiness pool".
First, you need to set the moving average time longer in order to observe the dealer from a long-term perspective. Because it takes at least 40 to 60 days for the banker to open a position, we set the moving average time at 5, 40, and 60 days.
The stock price is relatively low, and it started to fall back after being overdone in the previous period. In the return, it fell below the 40-day and 60-day moving averages, and the trading volume showed sesame points. The 40- and 60-day moving averages are like the surface of a pond. Such graphics are easy to identify, and most of them are traces left by the banker's warehousing, which can determine that there may be a market in the future.
The happiness pool is a shocking behavior after the banker has opened a position at the bottom. When the stock price is in the bottom range after a large amount of stock is opened, the banker must consider the shock position to drive out retail investors. Observe the bottom of the happiness pool must have a number of sesame points. No longer fall, and then climb up to the pool side and no longer fall below the 60 line, then it is possible to break the front head to expand the market at any time!
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