hg78910com "Long Reader" Dong Qing hides a full-scale composition template at the beginning of each issue!

"Long Reader" Dong Qing hides a full-scale composition template at the beginning of each issue!

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

"Long Reader" is a large-scale cultural and emotional program launched by CCTV
Once the readers aired, they were well received by the audience. Everyone was infected, encouraged, and enthusiastically in the emotions of real and flesh-and-blood characters. While obsessed with the show itself, we began to measure the words and deeds of the show and measure our lives.
In addition to the stories read aloud, we were pleasantly surprised to find that each opening statement of Dong Qing in "Readers Aloud" is a model of a full score composition.
Let's tease together, how to develop a true and affectionate article based on a keyword!
"Long Reader" Issue 1 Keywords: Meet
The reader is the person who reads it. In my opinion, it can be divided into two parts to understand. Reading is the dissemination of text, while people are to show life. The perfect combination of respectable life and worthy text is our Reader .
How long have you not read aloud? It's been a long time. Because many people think that reading aloud is a matter of school days, or it belongs to a small number of people.
Reading aloud belongs to everyone.
Today, this is the first time that Long Reader's program meets with the audience. Therefore, the topic words of our first program have also been specially chosen-meet.
Throughout the ages, there have been too many words describing various encounters. "Cang Cangcang, Bailu as frost, the so-called Yiren, is on the water side." This was a heart-warming encounter; "this sister, I have met before." This is a happy encounter between Baoyu and Daiyu when they first met ; "Fortunately, how are you tonight?" This is a meeting of Princess Anne in "Roman Holiday"; "Before I met you, I never thought about getting married. After meeting you, I never thought about getting married. And others. "This is between Qian Zhongshu and Yang Yan, who decided to meet in a lifetime.
So, meeting is like a magical arrangement, it is the beginning of everything. I also hope that starting today, the readers of "Long Reader" and everyone will make us feel more beautiful about each other.
"Long Reader" Issue 2 Keyword: Companionship
Why is companionship? In fact, the choice of the subject words in each issue is very careful. Sometimes a topic is discussed over and over for a long time, but companionship is the earliest identified term and it has never changed.
I think because company is very warm, it means someone in this world is willing to give you the best thing, that is time. Of course, companionship is also a very common word. Day after day, year after year, it is a habit to accompany in the end. Just like our readers, Zheng Yuanjie and Qiao Zhen talked about themselves and the company of husband and wife. , Parent-child companionship.
In this episode, what moved me the most was Yang Naibin, a child who lost his hearing at eight months, in order to make him grow up like a healthy person. His mother has been his classmate since the first day of elementary school.
Therefore, I feel that companionship is also a strength. In the world, no one is an island, lost companionship, and lost the meaning of survival, so I hope this period of the program with the theme of companionship can also bring you a beautiful companionship.
"Grass, its seed, the wind, and its leaves are shaking, and we both stand still without talking." In Gu Cheng's poem, companionship is so simple and beautiful.
And in each of our lives, we will encounter a variety of companions. For example, there is a short period of companionship between you and me. For example, our school days, and our classmates, that is Several years of companionship; there is another kind of companionship, which is the companionship of our lives that is doomed to life. That is the companionship between us and our parents, and our children.
"Long Reader" Issue 3 Keywords: Choice
Survival or destruction is an eternal multiple choice question. So that in the end, what kind of people we become may not lie in our capabilities, but in our choices.
Choice is everywhere. Facing the sea, spring blossoms are Haizi's choice; man is not born to be defeated, it is Hemingway's choice; man's inherent death, or heavier than Taishan, or lighter than Hongmao, is Sima Qian's choice.
In our program, you will see that Xu Jinglei chose challenges and changes; Yale village official Qin Yifei chose the field of hope; Red Ribbon principal Guo Xiaoping chose to care and watch; what touched me most was The Mai family, once rebellious, now chooses to understand and tolerate his rebellious son.
Choice is a process of self-reinvention time and time again, let us continue to grow and improve. If we say that life is a journey of constant choice, then when Qian Fan reads it all, what remains is a unique scenery of his own.
The subject of our episode is-choice. How many choices do people have to face in their lives, as small as what we eat today, and as big as decision-making at some critical moments.
One year, a French newspaper hosted a prize contest. One of the questions was, if the Louvre caught fire, which painting would you choose to save? In the end, the answer to the gold medal was that I chose the one closest to the door. Therefore, choice is a kind of wisdom, and our life is also the result of choosing again and again.
"Long Reader" Issue 4 Keyword: Gift
In this world, there are as many gifts as there are expressions of love.
Parents' selfless love nurturing; growth after suffering; continuous learning of accumulated wisdom, these are the best gifts.
Just like Nobel Prize winner Chemiwosh wrote in the poem "Gift": This is a happy day. I walk in the garden. I have nothing for this world. This is a gift from the poet to his soul.
In our episode, what touched me the most was Professor Zhao Jiahe from the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University. Although he left the world five years ago, a good seed he planted was reserved for The best gift for all children in this world.
Create, discover, and comprehend with a pure heart, and you have your own gift.
The subject of our program is gifts. Gift, what a wonderful word.
Looking up at the stars, the earth is a gift from the universe to mankind; staring down, one flower and one leaf, is a gift from nature to the world; a child is a gift to parents; a friend is a gift to accompany; a memory is a gift of time.
Then during our program time today, let's go together and open up gifts of different colors, but also full of emotions.
"Long Reader" Issue 5 Topic: First Time
The topic word in this issue is the first time. In this life, we have to meet many, many times for the first time.
Just like in this memory, I am deeply remembered like Liu Zhenyun. For the first time, I contributed to "Anhui Literature" and received more than 70 yuan in manuscript fees. I immediately invited my girlfriend to dinner.
Old Xu Jingqing was in the Great Hall of the People for the first time and had a concert of his own, but he waited for that day for thirty years.
Wang Xuedi became the director for the first time 20 years ago, but there were only three people left in the end of the film, making him want to cry without tears.
This is a very precious and memorable first time, because they mean our growth.
As writer Wang Zengqi said, the first time people often need courage, but the first time often has unexpected results, because it is exploration, challenge, and opportunity.
So, if your life has more firsts, it also means that our lives are richer and more colorful.
The key word for our show today is "First Time".
Our lives will experience many firsts, unforgettable and precious, it means our growth.
In fact, if you think about it, everyone is living their own lives for the first time, isn't it?
On this path of life that cannot be turned back, it is the first time that cannot be duplicated. Let us walk from yesterday to today and into the future.
"Long Reader" Issue 6 Keyword: Tears
Why is there tears in my eyes? Because of my deep love for this land.
The criteria for selecting a key word is first of all its emotional tension. I hope that all audiences will have a wealth of life associations when they hear this key word-no matter who you are, where you are, no matter what you are doing What, like tears.
In this episode, Zhang Jiamin is an old lady who has been fighting breast cancer for twenty-three years. She said: All she has done in the past is to raise her head so that tears do not shed; director Lu Chuan is a tear People with low points love tears, so sometimes he resists tears; Sichengaowa, an excellent actor who has been crying in other people's stories, this time at our scene, she shed Every tear of her belongs to herself.
Tears are colorless, but it is clear and has the richest color of life.
The theme of our episode is tears. When it comes to tears, what do you think of?
weak? Tears are sometimes weak, sometimes strong; sometimes remorse, sometimes tolerance; sometimes shyness, sometimes courage; sometimes failure, sometimes success. Just like everyone came to this world crying, and when we are about to close the curtain, we will say goodbye in the tears of others.
Today, let us feel the most authentic seal of life in the tears.
"Long Reader" Issue 7 Keyword: Farewell
Farewell is a mood, and farewell is a decision.
The wild geese flying south are a farewell to the cold north;
Autumn leaves are a farewell to the hot summer;
The rainy season is a farewell to drought;
Rainbow is a farewell to wind and rain;
After the resurgence of mountains and rivers, Liu Anhuaming said goodbye to the lost;
"The evening breeze blows the willow flute, the setting sun is outside the mountains;
Every farewell, there is a story, or passion burning, or beautiful and touching, or thrilling.
Farewell is not forgetting, but turning, farewell is not giving up, but beginning!
Haizi said: "In the end, we all have to travel far and farewell to the young and tender ourselves. The farewell is the path of ascetic growth in the same direction."
"Although the Shanmeng League is here, the Jinshu is difficult to find," this is a painful farewell between Lu You and Tang Yan.
"I don't fight with anyone, I don't bother with anyone. My hands are warmed by the fire of life, and the fire has withered, and I'm ready to leave." This is Mr. Yang Yun's calm and detached farewell to the world.
In this episode, the writer Cao Wenxuan is memorable. He said to us goodbye to his hometown and father. It also makes us seem to understand a truth "literature has been written for hundreds of years and thousands of years, in fact, it is an article: life, death, farewell".
Farewell is the end and the beginning, it is pain and hope.
Facing farewell, the best attitude is to say goodbye!
"Long Reader" Eighth Topic: Courage
Just as Zweig said, "Courage is the light that blooms in adversity. It is a wealth. With courage, there is an opportunity for change."
Yue Fei ’s thirty-famous name and earth, Wen Tianxiang's left to take the heart and shine, Beethoven choked the throat of fate, if Helen Keller gave me three days of light.
All these courage are bred in the annals of history and passed on in the story.
Courage is sometimes a flash of thought, sometimes a lifetime of obsession. Courage is that after you see the truth of life, you still love life.
The key word in this issue of "Long Reader" is-courage. Courage is the most vivid color in our lives, and many words praise it.
Shakespeare said "there is virtue and courage, and an upright person will not be timid."
Imagine that if history loses courage, it will lose the heroes who rewrite it; if life loses courage, many days will become pale and weak.
In this program time, let us experience the courage of one reader after another.
The most important thing in writing is: true feelings
Feelings can be moving, pens can express emotions, and an excellent composition must inevitably resonate strongly with readers.
The opening words of Lang readers have one thing in common: true feelings.
These opening remarks are well-deserved masterpieces. Worth collecting and reading for students! It is worthy of the teacher to list the composition template for teaching and teaching.

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