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Bike sharing starts life and death speed, why is Hellobike coming first?

Information source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:35:09

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Recently, there was a paragraph about bike sharing. Someone asked an investor: "What is the biggest problem facing bike sharing at present?" The investor replied: "The color is not enough." In fact, this paragraph is not an exaggeration. So far, bike sharing The total amount of financing in the field has exceeded 7 billion yuan, and the battle for color sharing bicycles has begun. In cities like Beijing, it can be seen that a new color of bike sharing has become the norm.
The momentum of shared travel is tantamount to the hottest air outlet at the moment. Shared bicycle entrepreneurs are joining the battle, and many brands have directly entered the first-tier cities and Mobike and Ofo. Some hope to take part in it, and some simply brush the presence and play the role of escort. In addition to the first echelon of Mobike and ofo, the echelon and the camp also quickly formed. The latecomers, with the help of the market and the mouth of the wind, have been flexing their muscles, trying to occupy a place before the industry shuffles.
Recently, I noticed a shared bike: Hellobike. At present, apart from Mobike and Ofo targeting the market of first-tier cities, no brand has its own advantageous city. Although this shared bike It is not too early to enter the game, but at the beginning, we set our sights on second-tier cities and gradually refined their role in the second-tier leader through the refined operation of second-tier cities. Currently, there are only about 200 employees in Hellobike nationwide, but in more than half a year, 700,000 bicycles have been deployed in 16 second-tier cities such as Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Wuhan, which are all intelligent except Mobike and ofo. Sum of bicycle companies.
The smoke of shared bicycles is pervasive. How can post-80s serial entrepreneurs break the game?
(Hellobike co-founder and CEO Yang Lei)
Capturing 100 cities and launching about 5 million bicycles is the "small goal" of founder Yang Lei of Hellobike this year. Hellobike CEO Yang Lei was born in 1988 and is a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Yang Lei, who has a deep understanding of commerce and travel, began to pay close attention to this emerging mode of travel when the bike-sharing first entered the market.
"At the time, the cycling experience on the market was not good enough, and caring for users was not enough. As a continuous entrepreneur in the field of travel, I think I can do better," Yang Lei said. In this way, Hellobike was established in September last year, and the Series A financing was completed two months later.
Later, the shared bicycles that joined the battle did not have the sought-after capital of Mobike and Ofo, nor did they compete with the number of bicycles and user weight. Under the pressure of market competition, uncertain prospects, and capital embarrassment, "speed of life and death" is staged. How to stand out in this competition or how to survive is a question Yang Lei has to think about.
1. Product is the essence, user experience is the first element
团队在正式投放前,单车就已经经过了十多轮的样车测试和迭代。 User experience is the most widely discussed topic in the early days of shared bicycles. Therefore, Yang Lei put user experience first in the early days of the startup. In order to provide users with more ergonomic bicycles, the Hellobike team It has already passed more than ten rounds of prototype tests and iterations.
The cost of the Hellobike bicycle is controlled at about 800 yuan. The material and parts of the Hellobike are not much different from those of Mobike, but the key to keeping the cost low is the production process and production process. "Mobike pursues uniqueness and uses an eccentric structure design to increase the cost of spare parts in order to meet the structural strength. Moreover, because of the eccentric structure, there are a lot of non-standard parts, so the cost is increased. Hellobike uses a symmetrical design, which can The use of standard parts, so the cost is relatively low. "Yang Lei said.
Hellobike focuses on the "smart system". The GPS lock on the body has been patented. The lock embeds GPS module, SIM card, and six-axis gyroscope and other hardware to transmit the vehicle position in real time. Find the faulty bicycle more accurately, and it can still be used normally in extreme weather; solar power allows riding for half an hour to meet the power consumption of a day, which greatly shortens the power generation time ...
2. How to do differentiated operations based on user pain points?
The reason why Hellobike has formed its brand awareness in the second-tier cities is that its differentiated scene operation contributes. Some people understand the competition of bicycle sharing as whoever has more money and can build more cars faster, and can occupy and monopolize the market first. In this regard, the COO Hanmei of the Hellobike team does not agree that the vehicle launch density is only one of them. The convenience of product operation, the comfort of riding the vehicle, and the good rate of the vehicle are all important.
During the investigation, the team found that after the subway and buses were suspended, the night travel demand was still huge. Therefore, the first thing officially announced after the launch of Hellobike is that the night ride (23:00-06:00) is free, and everything is It goes without saying. Changing rides for free in 15 minutes can be said to meet the different needs of users in different scenarios of shared bicycles. Next, Hellobike should explore more scenarios to gain more potential users.
According to Yang Lei, although Hellobike has entered 16 cities and has a total of more than 200 employees, the number of shared bicycles is almost the sum of the market sales of other brands except Mobike and Ofo. From this point of view, Hellobike ’s Operational efficiency should not be underestimated.
"If you do n’t use GPS smart lock, you have to lay a lot of people online. From a technical perspective, he ca n’t find the vehicle accurately, so the demand for manpower is high, and Hellobike has GPS information and user code scanning information. In terms of technology, We can more accurately position the vehicle. "Yang Lei said. For example, Hellobike launched nearly 100,000 bicycles in Hangzhou, but the team has only one city manager, one marketing manager, vehicle operation supervisor, and seven vehicle operation specialists. In my opinion, such a flexible and efficient team is not very common in the bicycle sharing army.
3. What exactly is Hellobike's most reliable moat?
Hellobike's founding team can be called the "Ali Army". COO Hanmei has worked for Alibaba for more than 10 years, and was the national head of the foreign card business of Alipay International Department; CTO Jiang Wei was the core technical expert of Taobao middleware and senior R & D manager of Ctrip framework department. Technical SVP Li Kaizhuo was a senior R & D manager of Ctrip Basics Division and a technical expert at Ericsson (China) R & D Center; the head of smart lock R & D was responsible for the R & D of a measurement and control subsystem of the China spaceship. In Yang Lei's words, the Mobike team talks about feel, and Hellobike doesn't talk about it. "They are a bit like the National Army. We are the Communist Army. My city manager was still moving the car a second ago, and I was interviewed by the media one second later. If the city is opened, the city manager will start immediately and the efficiency will be very high. "
Hellobike's hardware development took only two months, but in the case of orders of three million orders per day, Hellobike has not experienced a major systemic failure. Such speed and quality depend to a large extent on its Ali team's powerful team. The reason why the Ali Legion is full of wolfness is mainly because of their team culture. Adhering to the values of "customer first, embrace change, teamwork, passion, dedication, integrity", a group of like-minded people have done an extraordinary thing with the most ordinary mindset.
Sixteen cities have been captured in half a year. Why is Hellobike a "hetero" in bike sharing?
Compared with shared bikes that are rushing in first-tier cities, Hellobike has chosen battlefields in second- and third-tier cities since its inception. "Hellobike is somewhat similar to the early ideas of the Communist Party." Yang Lei said.
1. The countryside surrounds the city
Of the more than 400 cities in China, many factors have to be ruled out for reasons such as climate and topography. In terms of terrain, the most common use environment for bicycles is still flat land, which determines that many cities, including some cities in the northwestern region, are not suitable for bicycle development. The most important climatic reason, especially the low temperature in northeast China, is generally not It is suitable for cycling, and the cities north of the Yellow River are generally short in terms of rideable time, which will put more pressure on them. Yang Lei believes: "There are about 200 cities suitable for cycling in the country. It is not necessary to squeeze the market of first-tier cities. At present, the second-tier and third-tier cities have less competition pressure, and can maintain a high volume while maintaining the same volume. Coverage, which is their natural advantage.
2. Being recognized by the government is important
The pressure in first-tier cities is increasing sharply, which is a status quo in the bicycle sharing industry. In order to survive in the fiercely competitive environment, the new realm and institutional guarantee provided by the government to the market cannot be ignored. Only the organic combination of the corporate government and the government can promote the healthy development of the entire industry. As far as I personally observe many shared bicycles entering the market in the early stages, I only think about how to acquire more users and how to monopolize the market quickly. I rarely think about the impact of over-investment on public management.
Compared with other shared bicycles that cause a lot of trouble for government public transportation management, Hellobike has placed the relationship with the government in a very important position from the beginning. Therefore, Hellobike has begun to cooperate with relevant government regulations in Nanjing, Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen and other cities, and has achieved significant results. From local to overall, I believe that the virtual parking point technology in Fuzhou will extend to all areas of Hellobike. Xiamen and other cities proactively introduced Hellobike. What they value is that it not only solves the last three kilometers of smart travel, but also does not “add traffic jam” to public transportation. Hellobike began exploring the development and management of user parking and other management technologies last year, such as electronic fence technology, which incorporates parking spots into electronic fences. Only by entering this fence, users can complete car return and lock, and cannot be locked outside the fence. Hellobike's first "virtual parking spot" technology in the industry was reported on March 11th in the central two sets of financial channels "First Time". Hellobike's Fuzhou area intends to use "virtual parking spot" technology, which is currently being praised by CCTV for standard parking.
3. Don't hold your thighs or stand in line
At the end of September last year, Zhu Xiaohu, an investor of OFO Jinshajiang Venture Capital, and Panda Capital had initiated a bet, which led to the famous "90 days to end the battle." Since then, the two bikes have been invested by the giants. Mobike has appeared in the third-party service "Jiugongge" on the "WeChat Wallet" page. Ofo will also connect to Didi, and the bike battle will rise.

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