m.hg98069.com U.S. media explodes Chinese space engine to achieve major breakthrough: or will be used in next-generation fighters

U.S. media explodes Chinese space engine to achieve major breakthrough: or will be used in next-generation fighters

Source: Time: 2020-01-07 18:11:26

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The space engine is likened to the heart of an airplane, because it is also called "the flower of industry" for its very important role. The space engine will greatly affect the development of a country's space industry. Although China has recently developed five generations of the F-20 and F31, its engines are not domestic, but "Russian heart". However, some media recently said that China ’s domestic fifth-generation fighter F-20 will use a domestic heart, and China ’s aero-engine researcher Chen Xiangbao said that China is already preparing for the next-generation fighter engine.
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At the same time, the well-known American media "Defense Weekly" made a special report on the Chinese engine, which reported that a newly researched Chinese WS-10G engine with an accelerated thrust of 15 tons has an unparalleled advanced digital control system. Advantage, and this is likely to be tailored for the six generations. This engine is made of high-temperature titanium alloy. In order to achieve smokeless combustion, its combustion chamber uses 22 double cone nozzles and 22 small vortex cups to spray and atomize. At the same time, its blades are also manufactured by a special process. The adjustment plates of the main and auxiliary nozzles are hinged in three sections, and all these can be described as painstaking efforts by Chinese scientists. At the same time, the J-10 and Su-27 also began to equip domestic engines WS-10 turbofan engines and conduct performance research. There is also a WS-15 engine under active development.
Before China purchased a Russian engine, it had to buy its fighter and then unload it for research, but it is not only Russia, all countries cannot sell their latest fighters and engines to other countries, and the most hateful is that Russia has recently prevented China from learning Its technology even welded the engine to death. However, China does not have the slightest experience in the design of aerospace engines. Therefore, no matter how advanced the fighter aircraft is, it is necessary to use Russian aerospace engines. It is precisely because of this that Russian engines have been restricting the Chinese aerospace industry. China's WS-10 turbofan engine and WS-15 engine were also developed with the assistance of Ukraine, which just makes up for the vacuum state of Chinese engines
Only when your fighter is equipped with its own engine will it not be controlled by others, and the aviation industry can slowly get on track! After all, China ’s aerospace engine technology started too late and has a big gap with developed countries, so China must not only learn but also innovate!
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