044hg.com Learn the status of the entire car through the steering wheel, this skill must be able to!

Learn the status of the entire car through the steering wheel, this skill must be able to!

Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:35:04

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If you want to say that the highest level of driving is, I am afraid that it is still "one person and one car". Do you really understand your car? If you really realize that there are any slight faults in the car, you can gain insight immediately. Obviously, you are not far from the car god!
In fact, there are some tricks, such as the efficient use of the steering wheel as an auto accessory, you can quickly find the crux of the car, and every so-called preliminary judgment is inseparable from the result!
How to use the steering wheel to identify car failures?
I cannot turn the steering wheel
It is probably caused by the brake light control wire harness falling off, or the wires and the directional pole tube being entangled.
Two, struggling to turn
One possibility is poor bearing lubrication, one may be that the ball joints of the steering tie rods and tie rods are too tight or lack of lubricating oil, and the other is that the steering shaft and the sleeve are bent, causing seizure.
Third, numb hands during driving.
Some owners feel slightly numb hands when driving at high speed. What is the reason for this? It is very simple, the dynamic balance of the directional transmission is damaged, and the transmission shaft and its spline shaft and spline sleeve are excessively worn. Imagine that the car has lost its balance. Can it still drive normally? It's normal to be dangling!
Fourth, jitter
There are several cases of jitter, and we will explain them one by one.
1. Shake when playing the steering wheel. If there is only a jitter in the direction of the direction, this situation is most likely that the timing belt is too loose or too tight, and everyone should go to the repair shop to adjust it in time.
2. Jitter appears at high speeds. This situation is mostly due to a problem with the transmission system of the car. It is recommended to go to a repair shop to check whether the positioning angle of each tire is in a standard state. If not, adjust it as soon as possible.
3. Suddenly stepping on the brakes while shaking at high speeds. This should be a problem with the brake discs and brake pads. It is likely that the owner pressed the brakes too hard when driving, causing the brake discs and brake pads to overheat and deformed after cooling. In this case, by replacing the brake discs, The brake pads can be solved.
4. Jitter under potholes. This kind of jitter may be ignored by many people, thinking it is normal, but it is not. The shaking of the steering wheel in potholes is generally caused by the serious wear of the tie rod head, or the tires become irregular due to wear and tear. You should go to a repair shop to check and replace the defective parts as soon as possible.
5. Jitter at a specific speed. This situation may be caused by a variety of reasons, such as wheel deformation, unstable tire pressure, and improper balance weight ratio. At this time, it is recommended that the owner should perform dynamic balancing of the tire in time.
V. Deviation
The steering wheel deviation should also be divided into situations:
1. If it starts to deviate after driving for a period of time, it is usually because of a problem with the chassis and suspension;
2. If it is always off-track, it is likely that there is a problem with your car tires.
Six, steering effort
1. If it has been laborious, it is mostly due to insufficient tire pressure;
2. If it is just strenuous to hit the steering wheel for the first time when the car starts, it should be that the valve in the steering gear is stuck, making the oil not smooth.
There are abnormal sounds
If you hear a "click" sound or other periodic abnormal sounds, and some abnormal vibrations when driving in the direction of normal medium speed, it is recommended to check the dynamic balance of the directional drive, the drive shaft and its splines Whether the shaft and spline sleeve are loose or worn.
In the end, I remind you once again that the steering wheel is a vital part of the car's driving process. If there is a problem, you must check it as soon as possible. There is no small matter in the safety. You must be careful!
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