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Characters with pathology and diseases

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Five Elements Sun: Wood, Fire
1. There is a lot of fire in Jiamu, and he often commits neurological diseases.
2. The Japanese stems are made of wood. The fleeting years and the Sun pillars rush against each other, and there are many injuries.
3, A and B see Geng Xin in front, avoid head and face. Geng Xinke A and B have head and face injuries and are out of phase.
4. A and B have no roots. They are afraid of applying for the money, killing them together, and fixing their eyes.
5, the wood was injured by gold, pain in the bones and ribs.
6, Mu Taiwang and the disease is suspicious, the tiger snake snake suck.
7, wood is too weak or dead, and more dizziness, dizziness, qi and blood dysfunction, thinning of two diarrhea and thinning, neuralgia, if severe, hepatobiliary diseases, leg and foot injuries.
8. Mizuki is born too prosperous, should pay more attention to stomach deficiency, nausea, bad breath, gas, and have appetite loss, physical weakness, weak pulse, abdominal weakness, lack of blood color and other diseases.
9. Mizuki wins, hurting the spleen and stomach.
10. There is much golden water and the wood is decaying, and the wood is very weak, and there is no fire dredging, which is prone to gallstones and baldness. 11, the soil is more wooden, the life is too dry, the wood is very weak, the hair is split or broken.
12. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis B and A, B, and E represent wood and sympathetic nerves. The water is floating, and the wood is very weak, which is prone to wet spleen. Severe cases often lead to skin atrophy, and light cases are bald.
13, the fire is more wood burning, the wood is weak, either liver deficiency or red eyes, often red eyes. 1
4. Bazi wood is used for liking, but was injured by Qiang Jinke Chong. Most of them have sympathetic obstacles, otherwise they have liver and gallbladder disease, and prevent car accident and trauma.
15. Jiashen and Yiyi, pediatric liver disease.
1. The fire was damaged by water and the eyes were dark.
2, four pillars of fire, juvenile pus and blood disease.
3, the fire is too strong and the disease is the night sleep upside down, snake wounds burned.
4, the fire is too weak or dead, easy to suffer from heart disease, septicemia, arthritis, athlete's foot, eye disease and other diseases, young or positive age, the main stomach is not good.
5, wood and fire are born too strong, susceptible to rising fire and gas, red eyes, migraine, tinnitus, dizziness, dizziness, heart pressure, breathing shortness and other symptoms, in addition to constipation, lower limb numbness, rheumatism and so on.
6. When the C fire is overwhelming, it will definitely involve the small intestine, vision, eye diseases, and brain nerves.
7. Binghuo represents the small intestine, and Gengjin represents the large intestine. If Bingeng is weak in the four columns, and the soil and water are particularly strong, there are many intestinal diseases.
8. There are many water stagnation in the four pillars, extremely weak C-fire, brain nerve stimulation and excitement, and mental illness. The water and soil are weak and the fire is hidden, the C fire is very weak or the wounded official is strong and the C fire is weak in life, there are neurosis and schizophrenia.
9, the fatal situation Cinghuo Wang, Geng Jin weak, usually good vision, but poor ear function, insensitivity or often tinnitus. 10, the fate of Ding Huo fire into the warehouse, susceptible to heart disease, and then punished by punishment, due to heart disease surgery.
11. Ding Huo is weak and strong, and there is anemia. This is because Ding Huo was leaked by the soil, which caused the deficiency of Qi and blood. Ding Huo represents the heart's blood, hitting strong water to overcome weak fire, is prone to hypertension or tachycardia.
12, Ding Huo is strong and rustic, often with lower blood pressure, slower heartbeat, uncomfortable heart, gasping.
13, Bingdinghuo people, transported to the land of Shen Zhen, the main mouth sores.
14. When Shen Xun was sentenced to imprisonment, he suffered from limbs. There are Shen characters and slang characters on the column. Arms are sick or injured, or arthritis, periarthritis, and the like. The dry and supportive sounds can cause serious harm.
15, no fire in winter, cold in the lower limbs.
Five Elements Yin: gold, water
1. The large intestine is diseased, and propidin damages Gengxin.
2. Geng Xin reported to Shen Yan's side, and the soldiers were killed. The pillars have the characters Geng, Xin, Shen, and Ji, and there is a disaster of blood light, a disaster of injured limbs, and killing. In response, the fire in the pillar is more or more than the sound of fire
3, Qiu Jinsheng noon, Bing Huo revealed, transported to the south, blood wound spring road.
4. The Sanhe Vulcan exuberantly overcomes the disease of the head, face and blood.
5, Xin Jinhai date, every month Lintong, water transportation first, must prevent eye disease.
6, Jin Wei met Huo Wang, blood disease is undoubted. Gold's lungs, shocked by fire, wine became sick.
7, Jin Yuwangshui, hurt the bones and diseases.
8. The soil and metal are born too prosperous, and often have qi deficiency, often full stomach, constipation, thirst and other symptoms
9, Jin Taiwang and the sick main blade wounded.
10. Jin is too weak or dead, pay more attention to Qi deficiency, cough, dry skin, pain in the joints, bleeding from the large intestine, blood in the stool, and often suffer from poor breathing and frequent colds. If severe, you may get lung disease.
11. Gold is smashed by fire, and there is something wrong with the respiratory system (because Jin's main lung). If there is wood to help smash gold, then the wood is cold, so he often catches a cold. Gold failure can not produce water, then the nose does not hang when you have a cold 12, Xinjin represents the lungs and bronchial tubes, and the soil is buried with thick gold. If Xinjin is weak and humid, it is prone to lung cancer or tuberculosis. If the dry soil is heavy, they are susceptible to pneumonia and pneumonia.
13, Xin Jin weak encounters strong water and excessive leakage, easy to catch a cold, burn first, then cold, thick sputum and easy to cough. Xin Jin is weak and strong, and most often develop laryngitis when he catches a cold. He has a dry mouth, a cough, and then fears cold and heat.
14. When the female's life is weak, after the pregnancy, the child is most vulnerable to backache, back pain, and crunchy food. When Xin Jin is weak, after giving birth, she is prone to dental problems or chest tightness. She likes soft and crisp foods and has a special scent.
15. Those who are weak in water and strong in gold or buried in gold have bronchitis, nasal congestion, and cough.
16, when hit Binggengwangwang, again when the dry earth and gold often have constipation hemorrhoids.
17, life is weak and weak, but also encountered strong wood and strong water to steal, bones are brittle but not solid, easy to bones and injuries. Gengjin represents bone and Xinjin represents teeth. Strong wood comes to Gengjin or strong fire to gengjin, multiple main bone injuries; strong wood comes to Xinjin or strong fire to gxin, multiple main tooth inflammation or oral problems.
18, Jinduo stagnation, Geng Jinqiangren weak water, susceptible to bladder stones. If Geng Jinqiang is weak, it is susceptible to kidney stones.
19. Gengyin and Xin Yan, he was afraid of adults with dysentery.
20, Xin Hai, Xin Yan born, see the second day or time, the main head face disease or lack of lips.
21, Xin Choujin saw Bing Wuhuo, the main pain in the deep limbs.
22, Jinshui injured officials, cold cough, hot phlegm.
1. Fire earth coke dry deciduous water, eyes without pupils, eye diseases.
2. The golden water is blighted, and the kidney will be weak.
3, Rengui plus Tuwang, lower limb wasting.
4, Hai Zi plus noon, eyes disease.
5. There are many hernias in the column, the main hernia.
6, water is too weak or dead, prone to nephritis, cerebral hemorrhage, myopia, urinary system diseases.
7, Xiayuan cold disease must be water damage.
8. The water is too busy and the disease is drowning and dying.
9, run down pure, run back to life, Shenqing bone show, such as or ride to the southeast, the stroke is lost
10, gold and water are born too strong, should pay more attention to Qi stagnation, asthma, cough, nasal congestion, slight irritability, often consciously under the chest trauma, and breathing irritation, thirst
11. There is a rheumatism in the column in Haiduo (and the monthly order is also Hai). Because Haizhong Renshui Jiamu, wood can represent nerves, soaked in water is rheumatic neuralgia. 12. Renshui represents the bladder and deciduous water represents the kidneys. Those with high water levels, lack of water, or weak soils are susceptible to bladder and kidney diseases.
13, male life deciduous fall into the library and every time the punishment breaks, or deciduous fall into the library and the long-term fumigation of high fire, will suffer from kidney deficiency or kidney water deficiency.
14, male life was born in winter, the water and gas freeze, the four pillars do not see wood to pass water, no fire to melt frozen ice. Kidney water freezes, leading to impotence and premature ejaculation, which becomes more severe in winter.
15, the life of the water in the prosperous gold, or Mu Wang water failure, those who will be suffering from diabetes in their later years.
16. Six deceased people are born, the earthly branch is full of ugliness, there is no soil in the game, the main flow is uncertain. If you are in a place of detention, you will have kidney disease.
Five Elements Neutral: Soil
1, Jiji Ji Yin Yin, off the prison and suffered a serious illness. There are people who have worked in the family or in the family, and there are people who are dying from the earth. Some people in the host's family suffer from extremities, paralysis, or people lying in bed. Dry for the day or for yourself to prevent your own disease. 2. One kill, three fortunes, two fires, the main head disease (jiri).
3, the sun and the moon, Vulcan no air, water and gold, eyes closed.
4, fire and soil are born too strong, often feel symptoms of full stomach, although the amount of food is not abnormal, but a little bit of food, feeling full or heavy pressure, gas, nausea and so on.
5. The land of Tuxu Muwang will hurt the spleen and stomach.
6. If the fire and earth are steaming, they will become bald and blind.
7, Tumu Sheng will be disabled.
8. Tudu disease
9, the soil is too weak or dead, there are yellowing, reduced food, limb laziness, sleepiness, sleepiness, thoughtfulness, dislike of movement, and often edema, beriberi, bad breath, toothache. If it is more serious, it may cause digestive system and skin diseases. 10. Four-column or two-year-old athletes encounter two-day rush or two-wind rush, which is prone to stomach, spleen, and willow disease.
11. Four pillars or years old meet two ugly rushes, and when two ugly rushes, they are susceptible to spleen disease or liver qi disorder and edema. Or there is a small problem of poor diet and insufficient gas.
12. Erythrombotic fire is weak, and the humidity in the bureau is too heavy, which is prone to stomach ulcers and gastric bleeding. If Emu soil is exterminated by Jiamu Ke, or hydrated with decyl, and Emu soil is a person who likes to be washed with God, he also has stomach bleeding.
13. Weak soil, Jinwangduo, too deflated, suffering from sagging stomach.
14. The weak fire in the four pillars, or the weak water in the soil is a sign of susceptibility to skin diseases.
15. There is soil in the door, and the waist and feet must stagnate. I have been stunned and stunned, and I see it every day. This is affected by moisture, and the Lord's waist and feet stagnate.
16. Renchen and Wuchen are the only positions of the heavenly ancestors, their own fate or Renshuiming, and Fengyin sapwood, and every other one, the main intestine hernia, acute abdomen, and menstrual hemorrhage in women.
17. For those who are not ugly, the main limbs are difficult to recover.
18, Chen is a tadpole, Tadashi is Taichong, Chen Xuan sees each other, the main pain in the waist and feet.
19, the ugly noon is killed, the main illness is qi and abdomen.
20. If the child is not harmed, the child will suffer from spleen and stomach disease when the water is not soil.
21, the soil is too busy, the main landslide caused by the disease, the mud collapsed the wall
Disease icon
A and B: The body represents the limbs.
A: Head, shoulders, feet.
A and B: Internal organs represent liver
A and B: In nature, it represents all wood products, wood, forests, woods, etc.
Protinine: The body represents body temperature.
C: Eyes, foreheads.
Ding: Chin.
Protinine: The internal organs represent the heart, cardiovascular, and cerebral blood vessels.
Bing Ding: Represents all things that glow, heat, and red in nature.
Ego: The body represents the fat layer, muscles, internal organs, and spleen and stomach.
Wu Ji: Represents earthenware, ground, and crust in nature.
Geng Xin: The body represents bones and skeleton.
G: Anterior sternum.
Sim: Ribs.
Gengxin: Internal organs: lungs, trachea, intestines; in nature: all white hard metal objects.
Rengui: The body represents liquid things; the internal organs: blood, kidney, lymph, brain, spinal cord, tears, saliva, and glandular secretions. Rengui represents water in nature.
Yin Yan: Same as A and B, except for Yin: chest, waist, and tail.
卯: cervical spine.
Hai Zi: Tong Rengui.
Shen Xun: Same as Geng Xin, the difference: Shen Xun stands for knife and iron.
Shen Jin: sharp knife, small knife.
酉 Gold: Wide sword, big sword.
Noon: with Bing Ding; the most obvious sign of noon: cerebral thrombosis.
Chen Chou: Diabetes, fever, fever, swamps, pits.
Wei: rheumatic diseases. When the stumbling block is fierce, arthritis; when the stumbling block is fierce, heart disease occurs.
Disease theory
Illness refers to the abnormality and variation of health, which is the category that is opposed to health. Disease, which is impaired health, has adverse reactions.
In essence, everything that is not in harmony with the evolution of the universe, not camera, or orderly is a disease. Illness stands for reverse power.
Disease, on the one hand, it is born out of health and damages it, becoming a healthy neoplasm; on the other hand, as a healthy twin brother, it stimulates the development and evolution of health. Illness plays the dual role of killer and training.
Human disease is a comprehensive reflection of diseases of the universe, diseases of nature, and diseases of society. The illness of a person proves the health of a person, the strength of a person, the preciousness and value of health, and the vulnerability of unhealthyness. It shows that the disease is cruel, terrible, and sinful.
Why do people get sick? Being sick is against the universe and nature and society. The opposite is disease. Violation of the universe, that is, violation of the heavens, the disease of the sky. Violation of nature, that is, violation of all things, all things sick. Violation of society, that is, civilization, civilization is sick. Illness is the punishment and alert to the arrogance and ignorance of spiritual things. The cause and effect of the transfer of natural diseases to human beings make it an ominous fortune; the environment of natural diseases and diseases, immersing people in the surface, planting lesions;
A normal person and a healthy person should not be sick, they should not be sick, they should not be sick. The human body is extremely sophisticated. It is a self-regulating, self-controlling, self-developing body that looks outside and coordinates inside. There is a very complete system. However, when this system attempts to surpass, attempts to incline, and attempts to deviate from its relationship with the outside, its internal discomfort becomes apparent, and if the discomfort increases, it becomes sick and becomes ill. Balance creates imbalance.
In a small scope, human's internal organs, human respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and nervous systems, human facial features, limbs, flesh, hair, blood, and acupuncture points, any of these lesions are the part, the facial features and External discomforts, imbalances, disorders, and disorders are all deviations from the health agenda.
Why do people deviate from this? Because it violates the health mechanism and mechanism, it puts forward too high requirements on physiology and psychology, exceeds the load that it can bear, and demands extra expenses. The source of the disease comes in, giving it a chance to breed.
Humans are amphibians. One is natural and the other is social. As human beings in nature, the five internal organs of the human body correspond to the heavens and the earth at four o'clock, the sound, the color, the taste, the sense, the gold, wood, water, and soil, the cold, hot, hot, and humid, the balance of yin and yang, the grass, wood, fruit, and solid, and the epidermis Corresponds to pulse, corresponds to meridian, corresponds to hair. As human beings in the society, the five internal organs are divided into psychological characteristics such as happiness, anger, sadness, fear, and fear, which correspond to gods, souls, minds, spirits, and spirits. Natural diseases and social diseases intermingle with each other, infiltrate and influence each other, causing modern people to have more complicated pathologies, diseases, more incurable diseases, and greater health pressure.
Personally, if there are any signs or symptoms, you should find the cause of natural diseases, natural diseases, and social diseases. It's just that it varies from person to person.
Why does a person get this kind of disease but not that kind of disease, why does a person get sick at this moment and no disease at all, a person's expression, color, body language, expression language, organ language, a person's health status records his entire history, Heart, virtue and luck reveal their character, habits, thoughts and energy. Illness is its misfortune, indisputability, powerlessness, and helplessness. Illness is its secret leakage. Illness is the most profound destiny among various destinies.
Modern medicine, regardless of Western medicine or Chinese medicine, is a single treatment of disease. It is the disease and the disease. It is an effective but far from enough cure. This is why modern medicine is becoming more developed, and diseases are increasing. People have a fear of illness.
If you have a disease, if you have a disease on your liver, and you have a lesion, why not find out the reason, why you are sick on the liver, what are the factors that cause liver mutations and abnormalities. According to Chinese medicine, the liver hides blood, the liver is drained, the liver is the main tendon, the liver is clear, the liver is the foot Jueyin yin, the liver is angry, and the anger also hurts the liver. Disease to protest. Nature? Social? Physiological? Psychological? Any disease must have a cause, any cause, and a derivative disease. Liver likes warm, happy and happy. How do you make it fretful, inverse, and horizontal. Eating problems, wind and cold problems, temperament problems, temperament and personality problems, or other liver diseases. The symptoms were combed, integrated, and clear, and the disease was cured in half.
Human being is a Qi field, heart qi, liver qi, temper qi, kidney qi, lung qi, blood qi, essence qi, soul qi, strength, even the qi of mountains and rivers, the qi of Mizutani food and medicine. Qi gathers into shape, and Qi diffuses into nothingness. Qi is the refinement and miniaturization of matter. When a person gets sick, why is he unwell, why is the disease manifested, and why is the disease always written on the person's face. Why local symptoms spread. It turned out that the sickness was scattered into qi, and the qi was scattered all around, forming a sickness of human.
Sickness is evil, and it overcomes righteousness. People all have such feelings and experiences. When you are sick and discouraged, you will become weak and weak.
The two kinds of qi are fighting and overcoming. Man, at the time, this subtle battle was going on at any time. Energy and information are transforming, from slight to obvious, from obvious to obvious. If the evil is basically positive, it is the disease that is vital and the cancer is formed.
Therefore, the treatment of diseases should be based on ventilation, smooth air, and smooth air. It is good for medicine or surgery. If you ignore the mystery of the human body and do not start with the most subtle combing, it is difficult to heal, and it is more difficult to deal with incurable diseases. law.
Of course, this is only a low-level form of healing. The advanced form of true healing is that the vitality of the universe is combined with the essence of all things, which not only fills the body with righteousness, relaxes the veins, and makes the blood vivid, but also, more importantly, the person becomes energetic, atmospheric and fairy. The so-called cosmic energy is the "emptiness" of the universe, the "empty" of the universe, and the primitive gods of the universe. Everything is born of it. It is the healthiest, most spiritual, most essential thing in the universe, and therefore the most subtle and most energy-rich. We are born as human beings, and we are overwhelmed by the load of reality. When we are more and more "real", more and more "tangible" soaked, entangled, and hurried, our "virtual" , Our primitive god will be less and less. Our limbs, our internal organs, our internal organs, our inner and outer surfaces, our emotions, souls, thoughts, and concepts will lead to numbness, and our interests, needs, and greed will bind us to the chariot of disease. As a result, punishment continues. Practice has proved that in modern society, social diseases are far greater than natural diseases. Wars, battles, calculations, competition for resources, interests, power, anxiety, worry, fear, indulgence, environmental damage, misinterpretation of positive, etc., etc., sickness, just like our regular customers, sickness, just Like our shadow, we can't hide from it. If you do n’t see him, the disease has become a landscape of modern society, a spectacular, overwhelming pill, overwhelming advertising, and a crowded hospital. All this shows exactly.
I have had some diseases before, and I have been tossing in the hospital and infiltrating the tablets. However, the disease has just passed, and the disease has come back again, such as an indestructible lingering ghost and an old enemy who cannot be separated. At the end of 2001, at the beginning of a new millennium, I finally realized that it is better to ask for help than others. I realized that the disease is not in the heart but in the heart. Later, with his pursuit and practice of health theory, he further proved that the magical nature is youth, the vitality and vitality are vitality, and the Taoist heaven and earth are not committed. No heart disease is no physical illness, no disease is happiness, is good luck, is a blessing. In recent years, not only is he physically and mentally ill, and he is free from all kinds of illnesses, at the same time, he has the ability to regulate the illness of others, and to regulate the illness of others. Indisputable facts cure your vascular sclerosis, prostatitis, lumbar protrusion, periarthritis and other difficult diseases.
It is more worth mentioning that in the past, the energy, economy, and spirit were greatly impaired, but the efficacy was very small, and he became a blind follower of doctors and medical theories. And through smoothness, reason, law, consciousness, and divine communication, money does not cost a penny, God does not consume a trace, and the Yuan God multiplies, his expression is boosted, and I do not know that people will be strong until late.
At present, as far as China is concerned, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry are booming. At first glance, this is the progress of social civilization and the improvement of life, but calmly think that this is not the result of a surge in disease. A SARS, the wind is rumbling, everyone is trembling. Looking at many people, they are less than half a year old, but they are sparse and faltering. Looking at the look again, its color is dim and seldom bright. Its voice, its limbs, its information, more than detention, lack of self-confidence, the head is tall, the shoulders are crowded, and all kinds of people, where the health comes from, is worried about the disease.
Actual case
Robbery Day Officer
Dry making: Gui Jia Ren Ji
He is not tall, 167 cm, and he is fat. He has a strong possessiveness, so his temper is very violent.
Look at the money very seriously.
Because of the role of the Son, something will happen whenever the Lord is rich.
The lord is a person with many friends, but most of the friends are losers.
There are a lot of moles on the left face, which are the same elephant. According to his mother, there was no ambition at birth. Long after birth, small, more than thirty.
Not educated, technical secondary school.
Live on the first floor.
Dry making: Bing Yinxin
Dayun: Ren Yin, Gui Chen, Jia Chen, Yi Wu, Bing Wu, Ding Wei Wu Shen
5 years old
Average family background
The skin is yellowish, 177 cm in length, and fat.
like to make friends
I didn't study at a key university, two colleges.
There was a short emotional experience in 0405.
Introduced in May 2007, but failed
Severe kidney disease
Place of birth: Wuhan
Gregorian calendar: 13:47 on September 27, 1990
Lunar Calendar: The Gungwu Year [Roadside Soil] August 9th
Bai Lu: 05:38, September 08, 1990
Han Lu: 21:14 on October 08, 1990
Departure: Destiny begins to depart 3 years, 9 months, 7 days and 6 hours after birth
Delivery: The delivery is delivered at 19:00 on July 4, 1994
The official stands shoulder to shoulder with the Lord and God
Dry production: Gengyi decyl (Chen Yikong)
Wu Wei Wei Wei
Ding Shishen Xin Seven Kills B Shoulder B Shoulder
Wealthy Wealth Wealthy Wealth
Ding Shi Shen
Universiade: Ding Hai, Ding Hai, Wu Zi, Geng Yin, Xin Yin, Ren Chen, Gui Yang
4 years 14 years 24 years 34 years 44 years 54 years 64 years 74 years
Otsuki was qiless in the month, and was sitting in the tomb, as a tomb, not in the middle of the roots, compared with the dryness of the sky, Qi could not pass, and could not be combined. It takes a long time to sit in the afternoon, and I can't help Guishui in the distance, so this is a very obvious character.
His mother's health is not good, mainly due to the kidney (feedback is uremia), meanwhile, the stomach is cold and eats less (feedback is)
The mother's head at home (feedback is) is used as a hindrance
My father's stomach is also problematic, but not big (feedback is)
The child is very kind (feedback is)
Easily injured
Digestive function, there is a problem, it will appear after 24
The most obvious problem with this character is that the deciduous water is seriously affected.At the same time, it is reflected in the inadequacy of the brain. Therefore, he has an average academic background and does not like to go to school and use his brain.
Mingzhu ’s own kidney is also very problematic. The problem occurs in the year of soil. Earth-like tumors, gui is yin is right, so the problem is in the right kidney, and gui is the right kidney tumor. (Feedback: Right kidney has a large cyst)
Three generations of Feng Shui have a problem
God of Fortune
Dry making: Geng Ren Xin Ji (Shen Yunkong)
Shen Wuxiu
Geng Jie Cai Ding Seven Killing Geng Jie Cai Guishi
Ren hurt the official, the god C, the official officer, Xinbi shoulders
Wu Zhengyin Wu Zhengyin
Universiade: Gui Weijia, Shen Yiyi, Bingyi, Ding Hai, Wu Zizi, Geng Yin
0 years 10 years 20 years 30 years 40 years 50 years 60 years 70 years
The gold fire was at war, gold water was not circulating, and the problem of congenital feng shui was obvious.
He is extremely intelligent, with fair complexion, good at socializing with others, and can gain the power of friends through comparison.
I have had roots in the ugly soil, but the ugly wife and the wife's palace, the diarrhea, the fire was ordered, so the mother was diabetic.
Shin was injured and had injuries to his legs and feet.
Partial wealth is not present, father cancer, wood is nerve, fibroid, neck, (feedback is lymphoma.)
Good luck in 2004.
There were lovers from 2004 to 2005, and a girlfriend at the beginning of 2004.
My brother has a lover who is dead.
Note: This life will be defeated alone, and every soil will die. It will be ugly next year, and the tomb of Xinjin will also ...
A character that could become a rich man
Partial fortune is being printed
Dry production: Bingxin Rengeng (Shen Yunkong)
Afternoon lunch
Ding Zhengcai Guicai Cai Ding Zhengcai Xin Zhengyin
Xin Zhengyin, Zheng Zhengyin, Ding Zhengcai
My official officer
Universiade: Ren Yin Gui, Jia Chen, Yi Wu, Bing Wu, Ding Weiwu, Shen Ji 酉
Renshui was sitting on a fortune.Partial fortune was done in the middle of the year, but Zhengcai was not found.In her life, there were 4 women, one in the bright place and three in the dark.
Marriage and marriage, marriage is ruined.
Xin Dainian's oral lawsuit
Ding Hain, ibid.
The Lunar New Year lunar calendar is the same as April, and there are many villains.
The company's door has poor feng shui.
Fatal liver, poor lungs.
Note: This eight-character wealth is very good.If the development is good, the rich.
The horizontal dead character falling from a height
The Lord Is Wealth
Dry making: Geng Ren, Gui Ren (Chen Yukong)
Ding Biancai
Seven kills, seven kills, Ding Piancai
Universiade: Gui Weijia, Shen Yiyi, Bingyi, Ding Hai, Wu Zizi, Geng Yin
10 years 20 years 30 years 40 years 50 years 60 years 70 years 80 years
This battle of water and fire, fierce temperament, Yin Wugen, so very low education, terrestrial fire, two annihilation of heaven and stem, can not be found, Gui Weiyun in Ding Hainian, Ding Renhe, Hei Weiwei, Gui weakness, died.
His brother ordered:
Chief Official Robbery Day
Dry-Making: Pennon Decadium (Chen Yukong)
Chen Yiyin
Horizontal character
Kun Zao: Gui Jia Xin Gui (Noon, Wei)
子 卯 巳
Dayun Yi Chou Bing Yin Ding Yan Wu Chen Ji Yang Geng Wu Xin Wei Renshen
Age 1 11 21 31 41 51 61 71
Year 1994 2004 2014 2024 2034 2044 2054 2064
Died in the ugly year
Suicide by hanging
There has been a mental problem.

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