hg78910com Taking a congratulatory letter as an example to discuss the "ideological height, artistic height, and leadership height" of the official document

Taking a congratulatory letter as an example to discuss the "ideological height, artistic height, and leadership height" of the official document

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I. Obtaining the "ideological height" of official documents from the correct understanding of objective things
The height of thought is the depth and correctness of the subject of the official document, which comes from the author's correct understanding of objective things. Only by observing things deeply, thinking deeply, clarifying the nature and relationships of things, and deeply grasping the intrinsic properties and development rules of things, can we see things that have never been seen before, and form extraordinary or unique insights, thus making the subject of official documents Profound and correct. "With its faintness, it makes people noticeable" is beyond the ideological level.
Objective things are tortuous and complicated. To correctly reflect them, we must comprehensively observe and deeply understand them-analyze, compare, and study from various perspectives such as front and back, vertical and horizontal, space-time, and each other. Deep and thoughtful; review and investigate from a high place, a big place, a distant place, and a deep place, so that the understanding is as objective as possible. For example, at present, Internet sites in China have stepped up their efforts to combat pornography. On this work, people generally agree that they are good at combating pornography. However, specific to each website host, there are many different attitudes and ideas: some worry , Restricting netizens to post freely, is this against the free and open spirit of the Internet? Some people think that since the state has issued a document, it is not realistic for the website to be implemented. Others think that any business, including websites, needs to operate Take some social responsibilities, etc. However, if we think about this issue from a larger and more distant perspective, we will draw different conclusions. That is, fundamentally, the Communist Party of China must represent the direction of advanced culture; and the "Internet yellow disaster" deviates from the spirit. Civilization is by no means the direction of the development of advanced culture, and it must be resolutely and thoroughly wiped out. This kind of understanding can be regarded as correct and in place, and it is conducive to unifying different understandings. Therefore, only by comprehensively understanding things can we get correct answers and profoundness.
To correctly understand objective things, you must have a correct ideological point of view and a high level of knowledge, and you must master a sharp ideological weapon. This ideological weapon is Marxist world outlook and methodology. Marxism and its achievements in China—Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of the "Three Represents," and the concept of scientific development are the guiding ideology and theoretical roots of leading organs at all levels, as well as the source of high ideology. By studying the party's theory and line, principles, and policies, and grasping the basic principles, you can continue to strengthen your ability to correctly understand objective things, improve the level of policy theory, and then increase your ability to hold high-level official thinking.
2. Obtain the "artistic height" of official documents from the pursuit of "solemnity"
Solemnity is an aesthetic feeling of official document writing; it is the author's full use of writing skills in the writing process, through the careful selection of materials, the structure is rigorous, natural, complete, unified and the language is accurate, concise, easy, and decent It is a kind of writing effect obtained by comprehensive synthesis; it is a relatively high state of art. Because the solemn spirit is very in line with the requirements of the leadership traits-the mission's responsibilities, responsibilities, and capabilities determine the leadership traits, such as a deep and rigorous understanding of things, an accurate and thorough grasp of facts, The attitude towards work is serious and serious, etc .; this personality trait is reflected in the aesthetic grasp of official document writing, and it also requires that the official document has solemn and atmospheric characteristics. Fully reflecting the personality characteristics of the leading organs can also make official document writing reach a higher state of art. Any recklessness and stinginess do not meet the general requirements of official document writing, nor do they meet the character traits of leading organs.
In order to achieve a solemn and magnificent official document, in addition to insisting on correct stances, viewpoints, and methods in thinking, the key is to be proficient in applying the basic techniques of official document writing, and to be handy in establishing the subject matter, planning layout, formal expression, and language use. Taking into account coordination, sophisticated and smooth, full of beauty. In particular, we must grasp the following points:
First, material selection must be authentic and reliable. Accurate material can be the authoritative life of the official document, so try to quit falsehood. Once false facts appear in official documents, there is no solemnity to speak of. Therefore, the basic facts and data of the application of official documents must be investigated and verified, otherwise they would rather not be used.
Second, the chapter structure must be rigorous, natural, complete, and unified. Document writing does not pursue the external form of Qiaoqiao, but requires complete structure, smooth logical relations, clear levels, and non-repetition and upside-down of the content, so that it appears more generous.
Third, the way of expression is mainly narrative description and argument, and careful use of description and lyricism.
Fourth, the language is accurate, concise, easy, and decent, reflecting the solemn beauty of words. Avoid "over-spoken words" and use caution with the words "most", "very", and "serious".
3. Obtain the "leadership height" of the official document from the mastery of the strategic intentions and work deployment of the leading organs
In daily work, some departmental work, professional work, and specific work are often in a big background, big strategy, and big process. Only by understanding this big background, big strategy, and big process can we face all kinds of complexity. Situation, stand at the height of leadership, effectively grasp and correctly handle these local and specific issues. According to this law of leadership work, authors of official documents must be familiar with the overall work situation, grasp the leadership intentions, and grasp the main points of the work in order to consciously think about problems from the overall situation of work, and consciously stand to the leadership perspective to analyze and make judgments. What leaders think, what they say, reach the height of leadership.
Mastering the strategic intentions and work deployment of the leading organs requires the drafters of the official documents to go deep into the actual work, track the leadership work, and fully grasp the situation; through participating in meetings, reading documents, collecting work trends, and following leadership activities, etc., to understand the mastery of certain aspects of work in a timely manner. Planning plans, opinions and policies, and overall progress, and understanding of leadership analysis and problem-solving thinking methods and observation perspectives are all necessary to achieve leadership height.
For example, when an enterprise group establishes an information service subsidiary and invites government leaders to speak at the unveiling ceremony, what and how to speak in this speech encounters a high degree of certainty. The author analyzes and recognizes that in order to implement the scientific outlook on development and achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic development, the government must adjust the economic structure and change the mode of economic development, grasp advanced manufacturing in one hand, and vigorously develop modern service industry in the other. The development of modern service industry is the government Established major strategic initiatives. The modern information service industry is a part of the modern service industry, and it is more basic and strategic than services such as finance and logistics. Obviously, the establishment of the information service company is conducive to the development of modern service industry, and it is a strong promotion of economic structural adjustment. Holding this height, the writing of the lecture was successfully completed. And the success factor is inseparable from the knowledge and control of the provincial government's latest economic development strategy deployment. Without these knowledge and control, it is very difficult to maintain a high level when drafting leadership speeches.
Attachment: Case study
Three "heights" of a congratulatory letter
** The first implementation of "Village-to-Village Broadband" in administrative villages across the country, the Ministry of Information Industry specifically sent a congratulatory letter to the Provincial Communications Administration. Try a "height" analysis.
The congratulatory letter is as follows:
** Provincial Communications Administration:
I am pleased to hear that the province has implemented the “Village-to-Village Broadband” in the administrative villages after implementing the “Village-to-Village” in the natural villages. I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the telecommunications industry in the province. The Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, relevant departments, and all sectors of society in the development of the communications industry expressed their sincere thanks and expressed their sincere condolences to the telecom industry cadres and workers throughout the province!
With the strong leadership and strong support of party committees and governments at all levels in the province, the telecommunications industry in the province, especially the telecommunications companies in the province, concentrated human, material and financial resources to overcome difficulties, work hard, and work solidly to successfully complete the "Village Village Broadband The mission has contributed to the economic and social development of the province, and has accumulated experience and contributed to the development of rural communications and informatization in the country.
Vigorously developing rural communications and advancing rural informatization construction are of great significance for promoting rural economic and social development, helping the peasants to get rid of poverty and becoming rich, achieving coordinated urban and rural development, and promoting the construction of a new socialist countryside. The communication department must closely focus on the requirements of the construction of a new socialist countryside, increase the construction of infrastructure, strengthen the construction of comprehensive information service platforms in rural areas and the development and utilization of information resources, speed up the construction of agricultural-related websites, and understand the party and state policies and policies for farmers. Learn scientific and cultural knowledge, grasp market information, and provide advanced technology platforms and means to continuously improve the level of rural communication services and informatization. It is hoped that under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, the telecommunications industry will continue to work hard and make new and greater contributions to promoting the economic and social development of the **.
Ministry of Information Industry
September 18, 2007
The congratulatory letter is not long and is divided into three levels. First of all, it expresses its congratulations, then affirms the achievements, and finally puts forward requirements and hopes. The article is more in line with the status of the legal author of the Ministry of Information Industry, and has considerable momentum and strength. The key to writing success is proper grasp of "height".
The first is to accurately position the relationship and the exact details-grasp the leadership height.
When expressing their attitudes to those who have contributed to "Village to Broadband", the congratulations not only congratulated the telecommunications industry in the province, but also thanked the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, relevant departments and all sectors of society; The staff expressed their condolences-this consideration is thoughtful, necessary and correct, which fully reflects the systemic thinking and overall height of the leadership. When affirming the results, objectively evaluate the gains and losses, the sentence "the province's communications industry, especially the provincial telecommunications company", is more accurate-no doubt, the "Village Village Broadband" project is mainly completed by the provincial telecommunications company, but At the height of the Ministry of Information Industry, the achievements of provincial telecommunications companies should be the achievements of the entire telecommunications industry. In short, by straightening out the relationship and grasping the details, the article has a high level of leadership.
Second, a deep understanding of the nature of the event, revealing the significance of the event-grasping the height of thought.
The development of broadband in rural areas may at first seem to be a very specific business task; however, the author points out that "Village Connect Broadband" is an integral part of "developing rural communications and advancing rural informatization" and revealing that it "helps the majority of farmers The masses have lifted poverty and become rich, realized coordinated development of urban and rural areas, and promoted the construction of a new socialist countryside.
Third, proficient use of writing techniques, and strive for grandeur-grasp the height of art.
In writing, the congratulatory letter is complete in structure, clear in layers, concise in language, precise in expression, fluent in writing, and full of beauty, which reflects the solemn and magnificent characteristics of the leading organs and their official documents. For example, use words such as congratulations, gratitude, and condolences accurately: Congratulations to the province's communications industry because the main body of the achievement is the province's communications industry; to express its gratitude to the provincial party committee and provincial government and relevant departments and all sectors of society The support of the provincial and provincial governments, relevant departments, and all sectors of society to care about the development of the communications industry is also a support to the work of the Ministry of Information Industry; condolences to the telecommunications industry cadres and employees are due to the hard work of telecommunications employees to perform their duties, clearly distinguish, appropriate.
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